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Saturday, June 1, 2013

458. A Little Bit Busier

Good Morning All!

It is Gawai Day for those who are celebrating the joyful day and it is a holiday for everyone!

MI posting partly some of the things that have kept MI a little bit busier like I said last night   :)

Ha ha...see..MI have been selling these homemade Makmor Balls from home, supposed to be all year round basis  and especially busier making, baking them during festive seasons like recently taking orders for 'Gawai' celebration, the previouse 'Chinese New Year' and coming soon the 'Hari Raya Eid'.

Share you some pictures which MI took during cooking, after baking and before delivering them :)

Enjoy your Weekend !

Friday, May 31, 2013

457. Happy Gawai with Lots of Love

Aduiii...It has been 7 months since I last blogged here. To all my dearest blogger friends, welcome me back! he he...

Okayyy..MI been well, just a tiny bit busier trying to cope with schedules at home and with beloved family.

But..here I am!  to wish all who will be celebrating 'Gawai' festival tomorrow 1st June, do stay safe yea?

Lots of love,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

456. Fitting In

I do not know when it was that I really sat down and thought about how I looked in front of others.

One thing, I know very well that I was gradually putting on weight since...I do not really know exactly when. Subconsciously aware of it, I tried briskwalking and it was on and off.  And the weight is still creeping on me. I am someone like when I have set doing something and enjoyed it then it will just go on and on. So why didn't I go on and on about my briskwalking? I didn't enjoyed it!  I felt that I had to do my briskwalking to lose weight. Which is just isn't me .

A week after Hari Raya Aidil Eid, Noormy my youngest daughter messaged me from work and said,' Mom, help me. I really really want to lose weight. Can you find some aerobic classes going on in town? I really don't like what I see when I stand in front of the mirror.' So off I went. I just had to help her.  She wants to lose weight and look good in her wedding attire in the near future.

I am very familiar about aerobic classes and how I think it should be conducted. There weren't many in town, not like in the olden days...my days :D It seemed such a long time ago (when I was working full time)  since I last did my aerobics.

I came to this cardio and dance fitness class who called themselves 'Misa Luvi Cardio and Dance Fitness Centre'. I like it and the 3 girls who are sisters running the studio are very friendly. And the payment is reasonable. Of all 3 places the I went I like this one.

Well, to cut the story short not only Noormy and Aya goes there now.  I do too LOL..Three times a week.  And has been going there for the last 2 months.

Regardless of my age(can you imagine me a Senior dancing with all these young girls?)  , I find I enjoy doing aerobics and dancing. It made me feel young and more energetic. Losing weight just flow with it. I didn't think or worry too much on that aspect because I know I am losing weight gradually now. 

So for those of you out there..who has been wondering where MI has disappeared to. This is what I have been doing. Fitting my aerobic classes into one of my everyday regime just like cooking for the family.

I needed time to get my perspective right ha ha...

Below is one example of the dance routine that we do at the studio (as shown in the video). I hope you can view it.

If you can't, just go to your YOU TUBE, search for MISA LUVI, definitely you can find this studio that I go to.

So if you are in Miri, come and join us. Let's have some fun while losing weight!

This studio is for everybody regardless of age!

Love you all!

Monday, July 23, 2012

455. e Spring

Hello dears,  :D

Have you heard about this e-spring water?

Noormy, my youngest daughter is a distributor for AMWAY now, so this was how MI know about this e-spring water. As an agent she is entitled to a 3 days TRIAL  for this e-spring to be installed in MI kitchen.

This is how it looks like, this is the gadget that contains the catridge inside which is used to purify the tap water in MI kitchen.
 then it goes to this little box,
 From that little box comes out 2 big white wires that get connected to the white nozzle that's attached to MI kitchen water tap.

Now the ordinary tap water came in 2 ways, one is a shower run like this,

 and  a straight run like here,

 and this is the purified water which comes out from the most left knob of the tap,
 and MI can see the dripping of the water here as well.

Down here is a video from You Tube which tells more about this water. I hope the video works :D

Tomorrow is the last day of the 3 days TRIAL period.

Should MI buy this?