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Monday, July 23, 2012

455. e Spring

Hello dears,  :D

Have you heard about this e-spring water?

Noormy, my youngest daughter is a distributor for AMWAY now, so this was how MI know about this e-spring water. As an agent she is entitled to a 3 days TRIAL  for this e-spring to be installed in MI kitchen.

This is how it looks like, this is the gadget that contains the catridge inside which is used to purify the tap water in MI kitchen.
 then it goes to this little box,
 From that little box comes out 2 big white wires that get connected to the white nozzle that's attached to MI kitchen water tap.

Now the ordinary tap water came in 2 ways, one is a shower run like this,

 and  a straight run like here,

 and this is the purified water which comes out from the most left knob of the tap,
 and MI can see the dripping of the water here as well.

Down here is a video from You Tube which tells more about this water. I hope the video works :D

Tomorrow is the last day of the 3 days TRIAL period.

Should MI buy this?



Thursday, July 19, 2012

454. A Sarawakian Voice

I was in the middle of cleaning my ceiling fans but was slowed down when hearing to this Sarawakian lass sing this song. She has a beautiful voice which mesmerized MI :D

Monday, July 16, 2012

453. What's Today

For lunch today MI cooked these...

                               'Chicken Breast Ketchup'

                               'Prawn Sauced'

                               Homemade Salted Mustard

 All in small portions because for example the big prawns, Noormy & Farouk can't eat them as they are both allergic to this seafood.

 So for both of them MI cooked the 'Chicken Breast Ketchup'.

 The homemade 'Kimchi' (the children nickname for it ha ha..), or the salted mustard everybody can eat.

 And at 2pm MI and Soraya are off to town again.

Coming back from town at 4pm, MI ate this agar-agar (jelly) from my refrigerator he he...

Refreshing to the throat!



Sunday, July 8, 2012

452. Crocodile Farm

MI went to the 'Crocodile Farm' at Kuala Baram this afternoon. Not alone but with Alif, his mom Zu and Noormy.

 Alif screamed with fright and in awe when we were inside but later was delighted he did come with us. We didn't only see crocodile there but other animals too.

MI too tired to relate in words after the long walk around the farm so let you enjoy the pictures yea?

A Wishing Well...Noormy made a Wish :D

Alif loves fishes.

Resting for a while.....

Squirrels...whom Alif called 'Chipmunks'

Alif was scared but still wants to see the crocodiles.
Lastly a picture with snakes...