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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

320. Asam Binjai

Have you ever eaten these fruits?

They are called 'Asam Binjai'.

I can't find them sold in any of the two 'Tamu Muhibbah' here in town. Yesterday hubby brought them home and I asked where did he buy them. He said he was passing Kpg Luak near Bakam area he saw the fruits being sold by some ladies on the roadside and remembered I used to crave for these fruits when I was carrying my 3rd girl Aya.

I asked,' are they the sweet type?' He said,' the ladies said they are quite masam (sour)'.

When I peeled the skin off one and took one piece to eat, it was soooooo masam!

LOL... I had craved for the sweet ones of course!

I do not know much about these fruits. What I know was they are 2 types, one is sour and the other sweet. And all I remembered was I first discovered it in the 'Tamu Muhibbah' in Brunei years ago when I was visiting my father there. At that time I was carrying Aya. After that first bite, I kept returning to the 'Tamu Muhibbah' each morning to buy them. And those were the sweet ones of course!

Asam Binjai

The children has never eaten them before, each passed the kitchen table, looked at the fruits and asked what fruit were those. Zu tasted it and said 'so masam'! Noormy wouldn't even touch it.

I was cracking my mind what to do with them and suddenly thought of making 'Sambal Asam Binjai' out of them.

So what I did was slice the soft white fruit into small pieces. I couldn't chop them thinly like a young mango as the flesh were too soft.

To make the 'Sambal Asam Binjai' -

I grounded 3 big red chillies and about 12 very small 'cili padi'.
Add a flat tablespoon of 'belacan' (shrimp paste).
Finely ground the above ingredients.
Add in some anchovies.
Ground them lightly (not too fine).

Add into the plate of slice 'Asam Binjai'.

Add a pinch of salt and ajinomoto.

Sprinkle some sugar to taste.

Mix lightly and well.

When I make chopped 'Sambal Asam' with these same ingredients I always cool it in the fridge first before eating. So I did likewise with this 'Sambal Asam Binjai'.

I find them just as tasty and hot!

And I ate most of it! LOL...

So tell me, is there any other ways of eating this SOUR 'Asam Binjai'? :)

Before mixing the grounded ingredients

My homemade 'Sambal Asam Binjai'.


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

319. Something New

In my last post, I was requested by Josh to join this 'Giveaway Scout', I mean add my blog to this Giveaway Scout a couple of days ago.

This is something new to me.

I went to the site to find out and read some easy rules here.

I read that 'Giveaway Scout' is a giveaway search engine. When I subscribe means I receive updates on the latest giveaways on the web. and when I add my blog to this 'Giveaway Scout' my giveaways will be exposed to their large network or users.

I've agreed because I was promised these -

Two ways to include your giveaways on our website:
  1. Submit your blog (done). Upon approval we'll scan your blog regularly for giveaways and list them (free)
  2. Promote your blog in a sponsored position to get higher traffic to your giveaways fast. Sponsored listings get up to 10 times the traffic of regular listings. (Click here to learn more about this option)
Since this is all FREE and I get higher traffic, I thought why not?

And by reading other people's giveaways it would give me some ideas about other people's giveaways as well :)

Next all I need to do is just add their widget to my sidebar that's all.


Oh btw, please note that my recent 2 giveaways and any future giveaways that I blog on this blog would be entirely my own and they were not sponsored by anybody :)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

318. Chicken Wings Kari Adabi

Out of curiosity, have you ever fry chicken wings with salt and curry 'Adabi' powder instead of salt and turmeric powder?

I did. And it tasted just as nice except the fried chicken wings would taste a bit 'hot hot' :) Just a bit.

My monthly kitchen ration will always include a packet of turmeric powder and a packet of 'kari Adabi'. These are a must. It always happens that almost near the end of a month I ran out of my turmeric powder first.

Yesterday I have 13 chicken wings which I wanted to eat, fried...but ran out of turmeric powder! And I was too lazy to go to the nearest shop ( only a few minutes away) to buy it when in the middle of cooking time.

So what I did was marinate my chicken wings with salt and 'Kari Adabi'! Of course you all know what a packet of 'Kari Adabi' looks like kan?

Then just deep fried the chicken wings...

My Marinated Chicken Wings with Kari Adabi

My Fried Chicken Wings with Kari Adabi

They tasted as good! Except they have a darker color of course!

Try it if you run out of turmeric powder :)

Have a Lovely Happy Sunday Everyone!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

317. A Bus Ride

Have you ever tried to take a bus ride?

Yesterday I did. With Alif and Zu. It has been a long time since I get on a bus. Yesterday morning I told Zu, let's take off from selling Cendol and bring Alif for his first trip on a bus. Not far :p just to town, to Bintang Mega Mall. I was curious to watch what's Alif reactions would be. And a walk at Bintang Mega Mall would do him good, in fact would do all the three of us good. I was feeling kinda tired and needed some fresh air myself.

Prior to going I asked Zu to make sure Alif had his afternoon nap. He slept for an hour and woke up at 4pm. I slept too (something I'd missed for such a long time, since selling Cendol!) from 3pm. I woke up at 5pm.

We set off to the nearest 'pondok' bus stop near home and waited there. While waiting, I said to Alif in local Sarawak Malay, ' Mauk nait bus?'. He said,' Sik mok, takut'. Hish, when in the car his mouth 'bising' kept on saying,' bus! bus!'.

10 minutes later we were on a bus. The driver was friendly and told us he only charged us (Zu and myself) RM3 each for the bus fare, otherwise it was RM3.30 each. Wow, I told him when I last get on a bus to Bintang Mega Mall 8 months ago it was only RM2.40 per person.

I chose to sit on the most front so Alif could see the road in front and could see the bus front door opened each time a passenger got on or got off it. He wanted to sit with 'Popo' (he calls me that) :p . At first he was so tense, I could feel it when I held him in my arms. After 10 minutes talking and telling him to relax he was okay a bit.

After paying RM6, Zu was given 2 tickets. I do not know why it was titled 'Miri Belait'. I presumed it was the Company's name who owned the local buses in Miri. The bus was clean and air conditioned. Very comfortable. Okay, it was worth the money we paid for the journey.

Our Bus Ticket

We sat on the most front seat, so we could see the road.

Road going out of Taman Tunku

Good. I noticed they had put up these important phone numbers ...

Alif, at first all tense up

Arriving Bintang Mega Mall half an hour later, we first had some drinks and some fried noodles at 'Mahyan Restoran' before entering the Mall.

At Mahyan Restoran or Cafe, Alif sitting next to his mom, smiling and looking relaxed dah :)

At 645pm we entered the Bintang Mega Mall and let Alif walked around. He was excited to see people and things around him. He just love walking on the marble or tiled floor of the mall.

He loves trying the swing at the Marrybrown

and watching the other kids playing the balloons in the playroom

Marrybrown at Bintang Mega Mall. It was pretty quiet, which was good and it gave us a chance to try the swing without even eating there :p

We were stuck there at Marrybrown on the ground floor with Alif going in and out watching other kids play until 730pm.

Then we went to POPULAR bookstore to browse some books. Alif loves books and even sat on the floor to look at the toddlers' books.

I bought him these books for his mum to read to him during bedtime and which he wouldn't let go until we reached home.

Btw, we returned home with Aya who were off work at 815pm, by car. I think one bus ride in a day is enough for Alif. We can try again another day. He will get used to it, I am sure :)


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

316. Bamboo Shoots or Rebung

Sayings say that eating too much bamboo shoots or 'Rebung' is ' cold'. That is why women in confinement (after giving birth to a baby) is not allowed to take this.

I like to eat this food. And most of my family members had begun to like it too. Of late I have cooked it several times already. This was because hubby bought some on his way driving back from outstation like Niah or Bekenu. And my weekly maid who came every Thursday brought some for me too. She told me she has one bamboo tree near her house which always have many shoots.

So, 'apa lagi...I cook la in whichever ways I want with them'.

Usually when hubby brought home or when my maid gave me, the skin of the shoots were already peeled or cut. So all I have to do was sliced them and first boiled them with water in a pot. Then I poured away the water and dry the sliced shoots in a siever.

My sliced boiled bamboo shoots in a siever

To cook, simple je... :)

Saute grounded -

3 small shallots
2 garlic
3 big red chillies
3 cili padi (very small but hot chillies)
1 full teaspoon belacan (shrimp paste)
15 pieces udang kering (dried prawns)

in a pot,

like this...

Add in the sliced bamboo shoots.

Add some water, approximately 3 glasses or how much soup you want.

Bring to boil.

Add salt and ajinomoto to taste.

If you do not want the soup too hot just lessen the chillies or even omit the small cili padi.

My homemade Bamboo Shoots Soup or Sup Rebung

I think I cooked 'Rebung' two or three times in a row for a week. I either cooked it like above with soup or cooked it dry(without soup), in the same way like any other vegetables. I also cooked it the same way as above but by adding a packet of powdered coconut milk to it. That is called 'Masak Lemak Rebung'.

I am sure there are many other ways of cooking this bamboo shoots (Rebung).

My homemade Masak Lemak Rebung (Bamboo Shoots)

These dishes were eaten hot with rice and some fried Ikan Kembung (fried Mackerel).



P/s. This is how the young bamboo shoots look like before their skins is peeled or cut off.
(picture is from the internet)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

315. A Simple Fried Rice & Some News

For breakfast this morning, I cooked 'Fried Rice'. Hubby was going to outstation to send the Company's Halal Chicken to the 'Rainforest Restaurant'. He needed to eat something heavy to start off the day.

As usual, I always cooked simple and quick :) Then we have breakfast together around 920am before the rest of the children (those who are having off days) woke up.

Today I sliced the ingredients instead of grounding them.

Saute half sliced large onion and one sliced red chilli. Then I add a packet of this Mee Sedap packet ingredient to it. Stir a minute or two before adding my left over rice in the rice cooker.

Fry and stir well. Add some salt and ajinomoto to taste.

There! My simple Fried Rice for breakfast. We ate this with a bowl of left over vegetable soup and some salted fish!

Hubby dislike to see us throwing good food away. He is very particular when we eat in the plate we must finish whatever we dished out from the pot. So even now when all my children are grown up, when we eat at the table, they will not waste food which are on their plates!

These are the Mee Sedap packet ingredients. My children likes to eat Mee Sedap but did not want to add the packet which contains the 'Bawang Goreng' (fried onions). So what I did was, put them in one place and when making fried rice or soup I will add a packet or two to the dish. You can even add a packet or two if you are frying noodles.

Packets of Mee Sedap Ingredients

I hope you don't throw yours away!

Oh, on another note, I have just read today's papers. One interesting topic catches my eyes, '1M'SIA RETIREMENT SAVINGS SCHEME NOW OPEN TO HOUSEWIVES'.
- The Borneo Post - KUALA LUMPUR -
'The 1 malaysia Retirement Savings Scheme has been opened to housewives, and they can deposit as little as RM50 a month, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced yesterday.

EPF Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Azlan Zainol said in a statement that just like the self-employed contributors of the scheme, housewives could also opt to deposit a minimum of RM50 of a maximum of RM5,000 when they could afford to.

The scheme, which was launched in January, enables contributors to receive annual dividends declared by the EPF, in addition to a 5% contribution from the government subject to a maximum of RM60 per year over 5 years from this year. It has so far attracted 14,786 individuals who have contributed a total of RM13.2 million.

The scheme is designed to provide individuals without a fixed monthly income with a degree of financial security in their old age.
The scheme is becoming popular with taxi drivers, fishermen, farmers, hawkers, petty traders, artistes and freelancers such as disc jockeys, said Azlan. Those interested to apply for the scheme can fill the KWSP 16G (1M) Form which is available at any EPF branch nationwide or can be downloaded from the myEPF website at www.kwsp.gov.my.

The forms are to be returned at any EPF branch or by mail.
However, individuals who are not EPF members have to register with the EPF first by completing the KWSP 3 Form and submitting it to the EPF before applying for the scheme. Existing EPF members, who turned self-employed, are also eligible and may opt for this new scheme.

Savings for the scheme can be deposited via cash or cheque using the KWSP6A(2) Form at any EPF Payment Counter nationwide and withdrawals are governed by the present EPF withdrawal procedures and conditions.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the nearest EPF branch or EPF Call Center at 03-8922 6000 or the EPF website. - Bernama.

I found out that housewives can contribute until the age of 75!

Now, how interesting can that be?


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Monday, July 19, 2010

314. I am Back!

I have been missing for a couple of days, I know :p I have been crashing to bed early lately so missed the writing and the blog walking. I hope I wasn't missing a lot of things though he he...

But it's sure nice to be back!

When there is a lot of things on my mind and when I think I have to do so many things at one time , I feel I lost control of my life. Then I need to sit down to write things up - like ' Things I need to remember' or ' To do List' or even jot things down in my Standing Monthly Calendar.

Do you ever feel like I do?

So...to overcome this - this happens when I am too busy and I missed my 10 minutes meditation in the morning, I NEED to be ALONE and AWAY from the house, not for long, maybe just for half an hour or so :)

At 9am I sent Aya to work at Bintang Mega Mall, telling her I need the car today. Then I turned to 'Sylvia Road' ( traffic light at Dewan Masyarakat), you'd know where the road is if you are a Mirian, to come to this place doing 'Car Wash'. Yes... I was looking for a place which does car wash and which is situated near an eatery where I can sit and have a glass of 'Teh' panas!

I took this picture (below here) from where I was sitting drinking a glass of 'Teh' panas. On the right, (in this picture) there is a small road to go in, and behind it ( in front of the row of chairs) that's where the boys will wash the cars. After washing they will parked the cars (as shown in pic) for the owner to collect his or her car after paying.

The Car Wash Shop

And you'd know what I did while the boys are cleaning the car? Just what I needed, sit to write down all the things jumbled up in my mind!

Don't laugh...this was what I did, ate a bun, drank a glass of 'Teh' and wrote in my diary all the things and items from scraps of papers which I had scribbled on!

I sat for 45 minutes in the shop 're arranging' my mind LOL...
I felt good after that, feeling more 'organised' , paid for the tea then the car and later drove home.

Warung Puteri, the name of the eatery shop that I went to.

Now I am feeling so much better and 'bersemangat' to finish the day's housework and then sell 'Cendol' ! :p

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

313. Old But Handsome

On Tuesday evening, my 5 year old 'Cendol' Ice Machine got a new look!

Why, because my son-in-law came home on that evening and asked if he could paint my ice machine with another colour! I said,' Of course Ok!'.

So, he set off to work immediately. I think he finished the work (painting all over the 'old' green colour) almost midnight.

But he was called back to the ship (he works offshore) as there was no one in charge of the small barge that night. And he didn't come back home until Thursday morning!

The first thing when I woke up on Wednesday morning was to check how it looked like after the painting he did. All the parts were dismantled and to my dismay the paint was still sticky to my fingers, means not really dried up yet. And even if the paint had dried up, my son-in-law wasn't around until Thursday to put back all the parts together. Zu and I wouldn't know how!

So I couldn't open my stall on Wednesday! Hish I thought, too many off days already. I was off last Saturday, then on Monday now Wednesday! Too many off days like this 'nanti sure kena gulung tikar' he he...

Okay, my son-in-law came around 9am on Thursday and he said he was going to put back all the dismantle parts then. Meanwhile after really checking on the paint we both agreed it was still rather 'printy' (if I press my finger on the paint I left my fingerprint on it) and my son-in-law said I better leave it another day again to dry.

I was pretty disappointed, I had got every thing ready and done with the preparations in the kitchen. Then I thought about it again. I said to myself,' Oh well, all right, another day.' I was in the 'what to do' mood already.

So today not selling too :(

I continued my housework in the kitchen.

An hour later I went to the front door when my son-in-law called me to have a look at the machine.

I was pleased with what I saw :) My ice machine looked as good as new!

See, Isn't it 'handsome' and has a new look now? :) okay, okay, 2 complete days not selling! It certainly was worth it ha ha...

This colour... I like it. Now that 'steel' looking thing on the right is the motor of the ice machine. When 'on' and connected to the electric plug, that motor moves the drill down onto the ice that makes the ice move round over the sharp blade underneath it. Ha ha.. I am not sure if you understand what I try to explain :p But that's what it does.

Whatever...to a 'Cendol' seller like me, I MUST protect that 'motor' from ever getting wet, by water or by rain. That is why I always 'bandaged' it (motor) with plastic and taped when the ice machine is in 'operation' and at all times. If the motor gets wet it will not function and the ice machine will not be of any use to me.

The 'old' green colour which have got rusty. Not very nice looking. No wonder my son-in-law wanted to paint it.

Now... I like!!


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

312. A Movie Day

Do you often go out alone or eat alone?

Eating 'Mcdonalds' porridge at 'Sugarbun'

I do.

Yesterday I had a nice time. I've always enjoyed going out alone. It's when I feel free.

In the morning I sent Aya (my 3rd daughter) to work, telling her I need to use the car. She was on morning duty (9am - 8pm) so I would fetch her around 8pm.

It was just one of those days that I felt I needed a day to myself.

But it was always my nature leaving the house only after finishing all the day's housework - from cleaning my cats' cages, feeding them, cooking for lunch, laundry, sweeping or mopping the floor and cleaning the sinks and kitchen. I can't enjoy my outing if I hadn't done all those first :)

By 130pm I was done with all those. And I was already up stair to take a good shower, dressed and rest for a while before I go out.

I told Zu I was going out to see a movie. I said a 'movie' but in my head, I was also thinking if I have enough time, I would need a hair trim as well or...sitting at 'Starbucks' sipping a cup of hot brewed coffee. Mind you, I have been off coffee for the past 6 months so I don't know why I was thinking of sitting at 'Starbucks'. I guess what I really needed was just be alone.

Before I drove off at 320pm, I also carried a novel 'Drop Dead Beautiful' by Jackie Collins, my Nike water container and of course my purse and hp. I've had a heavy breakfast so I just grabbed 2 pieces of buns (already in a plastic each) with me. Those would fill up my stomach while watching the movie later on.

Reaching the Cinemaplex at Bintang Mega Mall I was in time to buy the 415pm show. One ticket for that day cost RM9 per person. No, I didn't see 'Eclipse' but 'Predators'. I needed some action movie to see at that particular time. I have seen the 'Predators' trailer advertisement and to me not bad at all.

So munching the buns and drinking my water I sat alone enjoying the packed action thriller movie. You'll be surprised what 'chit chats' and gossips I heard of those seated behind me or in front of me just before the movie started he he...

The show finished at 6pm. And you know what, then I felt like seeing 'Eclipse' LOL...
It's next show would be at 7pm, so before buying the ticket I walked to Aya's office (she worked in one of the shops as Section Head) to asked if she could wait up for me. It was because she worked until 8pm but my movie would finished at 915pm. Goody, goody :) she said she didn't mind as she got some work to finish too.

That's how I landed seeing 2 movies in one evening LOL...

It was cold in the cinema hall during the first movie. Later while waiting for 'Eclipse' to start I bought a pack of hot porridge from 'McDonalds' for RM4.50, a bottle of mineral water at 'Giant' for RM0.79 to fill into my Nike water container but I sat at 'Sugarbun' table to eat it he he...
Malas (lazy) to go back to 'Mcdonalds' on 2nd floor and 'Sugarbun' is on Ground floor as 'Giant'.

I even have time to read my novel while eating my porridge. At times like that when I am eating alone, I don't mind the buzz and the noise, and chatters of the people around me. I was entirely in a world of my own and enjoying myself. At times you do catch me 'cuci mata' ha ha ha...

I did asked my girls and my son if they mind or feel at ease eating alone outside. Zu, Farouk and Noormy said they are okay with it except Aya. Aya said she'll feel embarassed or shy.

10 minutes before the movie started I use the lift to go to the Cinemaplex at 3rd floor.

What a day!

But there wasn't time to go to the saloon or visit 'Starbucks'.

Another day perhaps :p

p/s. I got this article somewhere some time ago, I don't think it can help Aya though :). She always need one of us to go with her when comes to eating outside.


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

311. A Quite Hectic Saturday

I had a quite hectic Saturday. I was out from 130pm until 630pm in the evening. I still feel tired even today, on Sunday.

I suppose all of you are aware that 'Eclipse' is now showing in town. Zu (my eldest daughter) is just crazy about this 'Twilight Episodes'...so..when she asked if I can help see to Alif (her son) so she can go to see the movie, I had agreed.

So we both took 'off' from selling 'Cendol' and we went out. As Aya was off for a day and Noormy was on midnight shift, I dragged these two along as well LOL...
The idea was they could tag along so indirectly could help me looked after Alif too!

Zu was supposed to see the movie at 230pm but when we reached the cinemaplex at Bintang Mega Mall with her, it was full, no seats, so she bought a ticket for the 430pm show time.

My 2 daughters, Aya and Noormy aren't that 'crazy' about this movie, they had planned to see it next Tuesday on their off days. Only Zu couldn't wait :p

Twilight - Eclipse

So after buying her ticket, we had 2 whole hours before her movie started. It was only 230pm. I suggested we have something to eat first, I knew we were all hungry as it was such a rush rush going to town earlier on. We had left the house at 130pm trying to get a ticket for the 230pm show. We had a late breakfast and we had missed lunch.

Bintang Mega Mall only offers fast food eateries. Zu and I felt like eating rice so the only choice was 'Sugarbun'. So four of us with Alif, sat there until 4pm eating 'Assam Fish' and 'Eco Fish'.

There were too many people and there was a large crowd at the Sugarbun area. Everyone were eating and chattering. The noise was tremendous. And it was starting to give me a headache. I don't like crowded areas, it was hard to relax when eating in a noisy atmosphere. Noormy said it was Saturday that was why there was a lot of people around especially youngsters. Saturdays was their day.

We left the table at 4pm. Zu head towards the Cinemaplex while we went to the 4th floor to the car park. Alif was due for his afternoon nap and the only way to make him less excited and go to sleep was a car ride in the car while drinking milk from his bottle :)

While he slept I could just drive to the Pet Shop to get some litter sand and 'Wiskas' for my cats.

Alif having his nap in the car

Oh, btw, have you tasted these 'Donashi'?

These were from 'BigApple Donuts & Coffee' , much smaller than the ordinary 'Big Apple' donuts. I think because they were small and decorated like a 'shushi' that's why they were called 'Donashi'. They looked so cute too! I like them better than the ordinary Big Apple donuts, not too sweet and they have fillings inside as well as the decorations on top.

28 pieces of Donashi for RM28 per pack

So 'sempat' (in time) I grabbed one pack on my way up to the 4th floor LOL...

The rest of the time waiting for Zu was spent in the car. After buying my cats' stuffs I drove up to as far as Piasau Bridge and then back to Seberkas Roundabout. There, we stopped by 'Selihah Restoran' to have some drinks.. and to have a second helping at the ' Lamantak, Linut or Embuyat' ha ha ha...

It was while we were there, Zu text me to say she's done and that I could pick her up.

It was a day full of eating! I ate so much! The girls too. You'd know how it feels, attending to a 2 year old chattering lively little boy, our stomachs full, feeling tired, all we want then was go home and rest.

The next time Zu wants to see a movie and asked me to accompany Alif, I think I will stay home.


310. The Winner...

...is MERRYN of Home is Where the Heart is....!!

Congratulations Merryn!! YOU are the Winner for this July Giveaway !

I don't hava an email address for you so please contact me at blindperfect@yahoo.com so I can have your address to send you the POPULAR gift vouchers.

People, do visit Merryn. She is a happy lady, a happy stay at home mum who loves to blog.

Till then, have a wonderful Sunday everyone!