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Saturday, May 30, 2009

73. 1 Night Stay

In a few hours time we'll be checking in at Marriot & Spa Resort Miri for a 1 night stay there. We, are myself accompanying Zu & Alif as yesterday was Zu's birthday.

And then we are having a buffet breakfast on Sunday morning with the rest of the family.

So, I won't be blogging for today and tomorrow. But there'll surely be some pictures to be posted here when I come back!

Enjoy your weekend, till then


Thursday, May 28, 2009

72. Happy Birthday



It's my eldest daughter's birthday in a few hours time. She will be 32 years old, still my loving small girl. Time simply flies.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

71. Flowers

Some more additions to my gardening hobby :)



Monday, May 25, 2009

70. Noodle Soup

Last Wednesday I ate a delicious bowl of 'Noodle Soup' at Jasmine Cafe so I decided to cook some more of my own on Sunday.

And I did. See?? All done by yours truly, he he...

I woke up early to prepare the ingredients...

1 kilo of yellow noodles (enough for the whole family)

1 kilo of prawns (skin peeled)

These are fried red onions and sliced fish cakes

Sliced spinach

'Taugeh' or Bean sprouts

Finally the soup itself, with pounded garlic & small red onions plus chopped chicken wings

For garnishing, thinly sliced onion sprouts and 'chili padi'

Wah, we had 'Noodle Soup' as our main meal on Sunday :)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

69. My 'Can't Wait' Mangoes


Looks delicious? Well, those are mangoes from my mango tree at the back of my kitchen that I was telling you I can't wait for them to ripen up the other day!

I love eating them.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

68. My First Pots

I've started again one of my long lost hobby and that was planting flowers or green plants.

I started with this simple green vine

Next to it, this plant will have a purple flower when it's bigger. Don't ask me what's the name okay, because I don't know :)

This is where I place the flower pots. at the back of my kitchen. I have a very small space at the back of my kitchen and as you can see in the picture, I have to place the pots near to Wiwi's cage and the washing machine and where my mop is :p

But still I'll plant some more. And I intend to go slow.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

67. Noodle Soup

I ate this tasty 'Noodle Soup' at Jasmine Cafe which make me want to cook it myself, maybe this coming Sunday.


When I ate it, I tried hard to remember the ingredients in it. It should be simple I said to myself.
In it there were noodles of course, the other ingredients were sliced fish cakes, some prawns, bean sprouts, spinach, minced chicken, and to make it tastier they garnished it with some sliced 'Daun Bawang', some fried sliced small onions and some sliced red chillies.

The taste was just right for me. Surely I am going to cook some at home this coming Sunday.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

66. Alone

Sometimes it is nice to go out for a drink, eat something and be alone for a couple of hours. I am someone who can sit at a coffee table and eat alone that's why. I know you'll be surprise to hear this, indeed I do, I am quite comfortable eating alone lol... Surprise eh? :p

Yea I do that when the house gets a bit crowdy and I needed to be alone for a while, not doing anything, just sort of like meditating..if you know what I mean.

One of the cafes that I often go to is this cafe called 'Awang Mahyan Cafe'. It is near to the Bintang Megamall, it's situated among a row of shops next to it and this cafe is right next to the 'Astro' office. I know, if you are living in my hometown you'd know.

Anyway I went there one evening, I was supposed to pick Aya from work at 9pm, I went out of the house early, about 815pm and went there. I parked near the shop right next to where I was sitting, not in the shop but outside where they had placed a couple of chairs and tables.

I was thirsty so a glass of hot 'Teh O' is just fine to quench my thirst.
A glass of 'Teh O' RM1.20

I was feeling a little hungry so I ordered a plate of 'Fried Noodles'
'Fried Noodles' RM3.50

I sat there eating while hearing some music from my hp.

View of the place from where I was sitting.

I feel really relaxed.


Monday, May 18, 2009

65. All Because

I stayed home the whole day, only going out early this morning to the Taman Tunku bread shop 'Dahlia Bakery' to buy some bread, buns and a fruit cake. A disappointment though, because the butter buns and the fruit cake are too dry in their textures.

I have time to read the papers today.
It is very disturbing to know that 2 confirmed cases of the Influenza A(HINI) were found in Malaysia since May 13th. Thank goodness these 2 confirmed cases are said both now were in stable condition and showing positive improvement.

The first case was a young student who arrived on a Malaysian Airlines flight MH091 at KLIA from Newark, New Jersey (USA) at 7.15am on May 13th. Though this young student is in a stable condition now the Health Ministry is yet trying to track down 24 other passengers who were on the same flight. There were 119 passengers on that flight. They too have to be screened by the health department and quarantine in their homes for at least 7 days.
The second confirmed case was in the same flight as the young student who later left for Penang on a Air Asia flight AK5358 that left the LCCT Terminal at 11am the same day.

So now the Health Ministry also had to screen 101 other passengers and 5 crew members on that same flight to Penang.

More disturbing out of all these passengers, 6 of them arrived in Kuching, 2 in Miri and 1 to Sibu.

It went on like a chain... and all because of 1 passenger...

All I can say is stricter procedures and checks on incoming flights should be done at the airports.

This is definitely not a good year to travel.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

64. The Winner

Part from an article front page from The Borneo Bulletin dated 18 May (Monday)

'Mohd Hafiz Mohd Suip scored a first in Akademi Fantasia history when he became the first Sarawakian to win Astro's much-lauded singing competition.
'I'm very happy to win this for Bumi Kenyalang', he said during an after-show press conference. More fondly known as Hafiz, the 19 yr old Hospitality and Tourism management student beat his four contenders (Aril, Akim,Yazid and Isma) in the show's season finale held at Bukit Jalil Stadium Saturday night.'I have to thank my fans from all over Malaysia and especially Sarawak for voting for me. I am going to remember you forever. This victory means a lot to me. Thank you to my family for praying for my success from the beginning.' Hafiz said.

Way to go Hafiz, way to go!
Best of Luck to you!


I've just finished watching the final concert of the top Malaysian reality show of the 'Akademi Fantasia 7' one hour ago, and the winner is Hafiz! My favourite!

Hafiz (full name: Mohd Hafiz bin Mohd Suip)

I voted for him, and it was not because he is from Sarawak but because I know Hafiz has the best vocal among the 5 contestants.

I am proud of you Hafiz!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!


Friday, May 15, 2009

63. While I Was Blogging...

I am feeling hungry right now, and looking at the time it is 12.27am!

Noormy, my youngest daughter has just come back from work. She's on afternoon duty at Marriot & Spa Resort today, finishing at 12midnight. I always worry if she is on afternoon duties, coming back in the middle of the night. Good thing Os, her boyfriend fetches her each time if she is late coming home. Lots of work she told me just now so I 'shoo' her to shower first before chatting with me or doing anything else. I said if she's hungry I will accompany her to the kitchen later. I am hungry too lol..


Noormy is asleep now. We've been eating and talking, so I stopped blogging just now and left my laptop on. I went downstairs to the kitchen with her, fried 2 eggs for both of us and then we ate rice and the curried fish I cooked this afternoon with the eggs.
While eating Noormy talked about her work today. She told me something happened during her friend's shift 2 days ago. At that time her friend Nabila was working on night shift. A man approached her at the counter and asked to changed about 500 US dollars to Ringgit Malaysia. He also checked into a room in the resort. Guests often come to the counter to change the money rates. Later he told her he will come back to the counter to pay for the room, that was after getting the RM1,600 rate from the US money he wished to exchange.
Today, they discovered the US money were counterfeits. Looking back at their CCTV at the counter seemed like the man had tried to avoid the camera by standing at the far end of the counter which the camera could not get the full view of his face.
He escaped with the money without paying the room!

What happened is now it is a police case.

I advised Noormy to be more careful after what had happened to her colleague. She has to double checked any cash she handles with her Supervisor on duty next time just to make sure things come out all right. The most important she has to be observant of suspicious characters approaching her at the counter in future.

I worry especially if she works midnight or afternoon shifts. But I am sure she's smart enough not to be fooled like her colleague.

For anyone who is working with the public at any counters no matter what type of counters, be it hotels, resorts or banks, be very careful and be observant to others and things around you.

Have a nice day at work.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

62. Can't Wait

I can't wait for my 2 trees of mangoes to get ripe! so I can eat them. I have 2 types of mango trees, the one in front of my house is a bit elongated in shape, which are very sweet when ripe.

The other mango tree which grows near my kitchen bears rounder in shape fruits, which look like the shape of apples. When ripe they are not really sweet and not really sour. If you know what I am talking about :p
These are the ones, and I think I am the only one who like them, my family members like the sweet mangoes that I was talking about earlier on.

On another note, I also can't wait to watch the final 'Akademi Fantasia 7' concert this Saturday. That's 2 day's time!

Read more of this top Malaysian reality show here :

And read more about my favourite 'Akademi Fantasia 7' Juara to be here on his blog :

I can't wait!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

61. Rain

It rained the whole day today.

This is a picture taken from inside my car of today's bad weather.

As usual I always feel more hungry when it rains. So on our way back after picking Zu from work, the 3 of us (with Alif) stopped at an Indian Mamak shop near Sevay Morsjaya to drink 'Teh Tarik', ate 'Roti Canai' with some 'Curry Gravy'.

Roti Canai RM2.00

A hot glass of Teh Tarik & Curry Gravy to dip the Roti Canai in

Zu ordered a second helping of 'Roti Canai' and I ordered a plate of 'Mee Mamak'

Mee Mamak RM3.50

Can you imagine I finished the whole plate? Like I said, I am always more hungry on a rainy day, he he...

Another favourite Indian Mamak shop of mine is called 'Restoran Al-Asna Sdn Bhd.'
Now this shop is situated a bit further from where I am staying, about 6km away, but I prefer the 'Curry Lamb' they cooked here. Nice and they give a very generous amount for a plate of RM4.00.

Curry Lamb RM4.00

And I like to eat the Curry Lamb with this 'Martabak Daging' RM5.50

These are all Indian food, and I love Indian food. They are very filling and I have to watch my diet lol...

Let's hope it will be sunshine tomorrow :)


Monday, May 11, 2009

60. Mother's Day

I love 'Mother's Day'. To me, this celebration is for every mother no matter what race is she. It was yesterday the 10th May. It is when I receive little simple gifts from my family members hence I feel their love.

A day earlier to Mother's Day I receive a warm hug from my son, Farouk. He said,'Happy Mother's Day mom, I love you'. I get hugs from him now and then but that was special because it was on Mother's Day :)

The next morning Zu, my eldest daughter gave me 2 bottles of Fruiser handwash from the Pharmacy, one flavoured 'Strawberry' and the other 'Apple'.

Fruiser Flavoured Handwash

My 3rd daughter Aya bought me a pink 'Dunlop' t shirt & later 'chea' me to eat at Sugarbun this favourite dish of mine, the 'Fish Head Assam Claypot'.

A Pink T Shirt

Fish Head Asam (Oops can't see the fish head, it got buried in the asam soup)
eaten with white rice

She also brought back an original CD soundtrack songs by James Blunt.

My youngest daughter Noormy and her boyfriend Os bought me a box of 'Big Apple Donuts & Coffee'

and a belt to use for my jeans (just what I need)

And hubby gave me some cash to spend on whatever I like he said.
So, I bought myself a cute Adidas sporty bag.

To end the day Zu and Alif and I sat at 'Awang Mahyan Cafe' eating 'Ikan Tilapia Nasi Lalapan'.

with rice

I don't only receive but I also give too :p
I bought T shirts for the children. 2 pieces for Zu, 1 each for Aya and Noormy and gave a Nike shorts for Farouk.

Even Alif got a gift, a toy from 'Toyruz Department'.

Simple cheap gifts from the hearts, but what a day! It's full of love :)

I hope you mothers out there enjoyed your Mother's Day too!