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Friday, December 30, 2011

432. So..

The saloon car was turning to the right, without signalling. The Hilux was driving straight. And straight into it!

So. leaving that whole scratched mark. It happened at the same time, hitting the sides of the the saloon car while the saloon car was moving!

This happened at around 8pm in this secluded area (there weren't any car at around this area at that time of night) near the Maybank Atm machines at Center Point Miri. I was waiting in the car with Alif while Zu withdrew some money from the ATM.

Never blame the bad traffic if one gets into a car accident, this shows it is the driver's fault.

New Year 2012 is around the corner so please be safe everyone! in whatever you do, wherever you are!

Happy New Year 2012!

Mak isah.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

431. Eating on Boxing Day

Last Boxing Day was my 60th birthday. I know..this is a past dated post but December has always been a very special month of the year for me. It is my youngest daughter (Noormy) birthday, my Persian cat. Wiwi's birthday and especially it is my birthday month! ...and well, now can I imagine this? I am 60 years old!

Yet..my heart still remains as young LOL..

This year's birthday I spent a day out with Aya my 3rd daughter, who was off on that day. I planned the day just doing nothing.

Yet both of us ate so much on that day :D

We ate 'Sushi King' at Bintang Mega Mall, sat there for hours eating and talking comfortably.

Sushi that we ate... ( I hope you like sushi)

I ordered this 'Vanilla Icecream Shake' . I was so thirsty and it was delicious!

We both drank a whole jug of this hot 'Green Tea'

Some more sushi.. these 'Golden Eggs' was so filling...

I like this one, it had a taste of crab eggs, some salmon, rice, cheese and mayonaise, stripped cucumber and wrapped with seaweed skin.

Just imagine, we sat in the sushi restaurant from 2pm until 4pm. Before that we were at Servay Hypermarket shopping for jeans, slacks & jackets with hoods (which I can't find any cheaper in Miri).

At 430pm we drove to Permymall near Emart a good distance from town. Permymall is a new supermarket which has a big 'Giant supermarket' in it.

My legs were aching and my buttocks were sore due to walking and walking in the buildings.

It was 630pm when we both decided to go back. But not before we stopped at the new 'Singapore Chicken Rice Xpress' restaurant near the Permymall entrance and
ate all these....

Both of us drank Hot Tea and Iced Barley water.

Gosh, weren't we so very full!

Friday, December 23, 2011

430. Alif's Usu Birthday

On Noormy's 22nd birthday  we stayed one night at Marriot & Spa Resort Miri. It was fun doing it with the girls and especially Alif my only grandson. 

He refers to the hotel at his 'Usu house' ha ha...reason, Noormy works there. He prefers this hotel rather than the one we stayed in KK.

See...there he was up and sitting on the bed he shared with his mom Zu, watching Disneys channel at Astro. 

Then he will go to the other bed and cuddled up with his 'Usu' (aunt) for a while.

Zu cooked some food to bring to the hotel and eat in the room that evening. I told Zu, let's cook and bring some food for Noormy when we checked in at 12noon. Noormy would be hungry after her night duty the night before and she had checked in earlier that morning after off duty from night shift.

Well,  Zu cooked homemade fried chicken wings...
Zu cooked fried Bihoon

Not enough of those Zu ordered room service for these food ha ha...memang kuat makan!

Besides getting an angpow of RM200 from us, Noormy got a new watch as well.

The beach at Marriot & Spa Resort Hotel has quite a view...

Alif with his mom Zu enjoying Korean music over his headphones near the poolside.

Alif after a swim with Auntie Aya.

Around 8pm that night birthday girl was out with us having dinner.

Eating her favorite dish, 'Lamb Chop'!

This 'TomYam' dish which I had was delicious!

 Zu's dish 'Bihoon Soup' was not as good.

Rise and shine early in the morning, after a good night sleep.

But the rest were lazy bumps LOL...

So, quietly Noormy and me...we ordered room service for breakfast...Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Chicken Fingers and my favorite Marriots' Bubor'

Then it was time to go back home after check out from the hotel.

Alif asking 'When he can go to his Usu's house again??

Happy Birthday Usu!


Friday, December 2, 2011

429. Just Another Side Dish

This is just another side dish or rather 'pembuka selera' just like my 'Sambal Nasi Lemak' in my previous post :D But Mak isah not sure if any of you eat or make this sort of dish to add up with your main meals. Mak isah does sometimes, that is if the main dish that I cooked are very simple ones like some vegetable soup.

Today for lunch Mak isah cooked some cabbage soup and fried some chicken wings. So...to 'buka selera makan' Mak isah made this side dish here.

Simply wash some anchovies, drip dry and place in a plate or glass bowl.

Cut up some hot chili padi. Add in.

Slice some big onion (optional). Add in.

Scoop a table spoon fresh belacan (hubby made this as we eat our own self made shrimp paste).

Cut 4 - 5 pieces of 'limau kasturi' and press the juice out onto the belacan.

Mix and eat like 'Sambal Belacan'.

Ever tried this? :D


Thursday, December 1, 2011

428. Sambal Nasi Lemak

I know this friend of my son Farouk. He's called Ah Chong working together with him in the same company. Each year when comes Hari Raya he will request me to make 'Umai Ikan' or 'Sambal Nasi Lemak' to eat with the variety of food that I serve on my table for my guests. He will come on the first day to eat especially these 2 items.

Last week he requested Farouk to let me know if I can make and sell to him some 'Sambal Nasi Lemak' . He said he wants to eat it with his regular meals.

Last month I did give him a bottle of the sambal to try. Now he wants to buy he he...

This dish is a common item in my household. Every now and then either myself or Aya will make it. And well, not necessarily we eat the sambal with nasi lemak, we eat it with practically anything like with bread, or with hard boiled eggs and with ordinary rice during everyday meals. It can be stored in a container and placed in the fridge.

So last evening I made Sambal Nasi Lemak and stored them in these 2 used Prego bottle containers for Ah Chong , Cute? :D
and some placed in this container for our own consumption.

BTW, Ah Chong wants it hot ha ha...isshh...for sure hubby and SIL will grumble as both of them cannot 'tahan' eating hot stuffs.

You can view this Sambal Nasi Lemak recipe in my previous post here :)

Have a Good 1st December!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

427. Sambal Udang Kering Campur Telor

I made this yesterday evening as a side dish for dinner the first time after a long time. Aya forgot and said why it was that I never made it before. I said I did. She didn't remember.

Today before lunch she asked if I can make the same side dish one more time. I asked, ' do you like it?' She said,' yes of course'. Ha ha.. and I did.

Mak isah don't know if any of you are allergic to prawns or dry prawns. I hope not too many though. Noormy is allergic to fresh prawns nowadays. But with dried prawns she's okay.

I bought these dry prawns during my last short visit in KK for RM35 per kilo. Do you think it is cheap? But in Miri it costs more than that.

You can make this dish hot or not hot. I made it real hot by adding 10 - 12 chilli padi beside adding a tablespoon of blended dried chillies.

1. Wash a handful of dried prawns and drip dry in a sieve.

2. Heat some cooking oil in a frying pan.

3. Throw in grounded 2 small red onions & 3 garlic plus a tablespoon of blended dried chillies.

4. Stir well. Add in 1 egg and continue stirring.

5. Add in grounded 12 chilli padi with the lightly grounded dried prawns as well.

6. Stir and add salt to taste.

7. Serve as a side dish with hot rice.


This can also be eaten with white bread or use as a filling for puffs.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

426. A Small Radio

This morning Mak isah woke up early. I was trying to go out by 8am, to drive Aya's car to the car wash station beside 'Warung Puteri'.

When hubby came home from night duty, he said he wanted to go with me. I said okay. We had breakfast at Warung Puteri restaurant and waited while Aya's car to be washed.

On our way out, hubby suddenly asked if we can drive around town to look for a small radio for him. He wanted to play radio as well as music while he work as a driver during the day. He wants to listen to some music so he wouldn't be so lonely while driving his lorry.

Oh by the way if you are wondering why he 'came home from night duty' and 'as a driver during the day', it's because he have 2 jobs. At night he is a 'Night Supervisor' at a Petrol Shell Station and during the day he is a lorry driver sending fresh 'Hj Mos' chicken to the rural areas like Bakong, Niah & Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort Miri. I don't know where he has the energy but that's what he does. And Mak isah can see he likes what he is doing.

Back to the radio, he doesn't like having earphones plug into his ears when listening to radio and he wants me to get Cliff Richards and Elvis Presley old time favorites for him to listen to.

So, I thought a small radio with an antennae will do just fine. As for his Cliff Richards and Elvis Presley songs, I definitely need to download the songs from my laptop for him. For that I need a radio which has a 'USB' plug?

After an hour and a half scouring some hp shops (it's where you can get small radios you know) he finally agreed to buy this one (in this picture).

There are so many shapes and colors, a long one, round like a ball, like a triangle and comes in red, black, pink, yellow or purple.

This radio is white in color, square shaped, about 4 inches square and 5 inches tall. Cute and small kan? Oh when this picture was taken, it is charging, you can see the radio wire going to my laptop USB.

We have tried to look and play some radio stations earlier while in the car and with the antennae, the receptions are good.

Here in this last picture you can see the USB Host hole, where he can plug in his pen drive full of his Cliff Richards and Elvis Presley songs for him to listen later on.

On the way back I asked him if he is satisfied with his small radio. He said yes. I am glad :)

Happy weekend everyone!