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Monday, December 28, 2009

212. Eight Times

Today was quite a hectic day for me. Hectic means I was out driving too often. At 130pm I sent Noormy to work. And at 4pm, I drove down to town wanting to have a haircut. So I was at Dewie Saloon for an hour. When done I looked at my watch and saw it was almost 530pm. I called up Zu and asked if she and Alif would like a car ride when I got home later. She said yes, so I drove home. Aya was off so I asked her to come along too.
By 6pm all 4 of us got inside the car and I drove to town. My first stop was at the Imperial Mall Boulevard Supermarket counter as I wanted to claim my RM20 voucher which I can't claim anymore by next year. Much to my disappointment my boulevard membership card has expired (which I don't know, as the expiry date will only show in their counter's computer). So, I had to pay RM10 in order to renew my card and claim the RM20 as well ha ha...

My throat was asking for a drink so I drove to 'Muara Restaurant'. In the end we were all eating 'Nasi Lalapan' as well.

Nasi Lalapan means a plate of rice served with this - a plate of 'Paha Ayam Goreng' with some 'Ulam-ulam' like cabbage, boiled 'Pucuk Bandung', sliced 'Tauhu Goreng', 'Tempe Goreng, boiled 'Long Beans' & sliced cucumber. All these were eaten with 'Sambal Belacan'.

Together with rice they also serve a bowl of soup with it

It was just plain soup

Situation at dinner would have been so good if not for the mosquitoes biting at my feet! Aya said next time we go eat there when it is daylight loll...

Anyway we arrived home around 9pm. I quickly cleaned up the kitchen sink of dirty plates then went upstairs to take a good shower and afterward rest for a while. I would be fetching Noormy from work later at 12mn.

That would be 8 times driving to town & back home.


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Saturday, December 26, 2009

211. Birthday

So it is my 58th birthday today!

But I felt my birthday started last night. Noormy 'belanja' me to 'Siamese Secret' eating 'Lamb Chop'.

While waiting for the 2 plates of lamb chops, we ordered this so called dish 'Money Bags' and lol...they really look like money in a bag. Have a look at the 2 pictures below.

Money Bag

I took one and took a closer snap at it. Actually inside this 'wantan' wrapping is some minced beef. Cute isn't it? It was delicious too when dipped in the chilli sauce.

The adorable delicious 'Lamb Chop' to follow :p

As for drinks, Noormy drank 'Vanilla Shake' and I ordered 'Iced lemon Tea' and the glasses were huge.


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

210. Christmas



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

209. Sushi Time

Once in a while we would go and eat Sushi at the Sushi King restaurant at Bintang Mega Mall. At the entrace it has a huge signboard saying Sushi King.

Signboard at the entrance of the restaurant.

Going there this evening was initiated by Aya. She longed to eat sushi she said so 5 of us went, that's myself, Aya, Noormy, Zu and Alif, Zu's 1 year 9 months boy.

These food has been quite new to me so I will try to describe as much as I can. I have been to the restaurant 3 times. The types of sushi were priced according to the colour of plate they were in.

Golden Balls RM4 per plate colored light pink (so far these are our favourite)

Tomago RM2 per plate colored blue (these were egg omellete over the rice)

Takoyaki RM6.90 this was ordered by Zu, very delicious and it was scallops balls with cheese over them

Kappa Maki RM2 per plate colored blue ( rice with fillings of cucumber and sesame seeds wrapped in seaweed)

Kanpyo Maki RM2 per plate colored blue ( rice with seasoned watermelon fillings wrapped in seaweed)

Free flow of hot chinese tea

I ate those that I have mentioned above but I didn't know the names of some others that Aya, Noormy or Zu eaten. Definitely the golden balls were still our favourite.

So, by the time all were done you can see how high those plates were.

See what I mean? All stacked up after counting the plates and then waiting for the bill to come.

A grinning Alif enjoying his time with mom and aunties

Alif with his mom Zu

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

208. Soon Celebrations

If you are in town at any supermarkets now, you can see decorations of the on coming festival seasons, that is Christmas & Chinese New Year.

Christmas is just around the corner, on the 25 December. Though Chinese New Year is to be celebrated in February 2010 ( I think), one can already see, feel that celebration coming because the decorations for both celebrations are sold together now. You can see this by looking at these 2 pictures below. Christmas trees and the round yellow and red or multicolor flowers are sold beside each other.

That was what I saw when we (hubby & myself, Alif with his mom Zu) went to the Mall today. Alif really enjoyed watching the people and the decorations around him.

Alif sitting and being pushed in the food trolley.

Now these are 'Namseng Mandarin Oranges' a symbolic noting that the Chinese New Year celebrations is coming. They are much smaller than ordinary oranges. They look cute and easy to peel. And I am sure everyone not only the Chinese wants to buy and eat them. That include me, I find them sweet and delicious.

Namseng Mandarin Oranges

Soon it will be another year gone and we are entering 2010...hopefully a better year and a blessed one.

Have a good Sunday evening,


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

207. Sayur Paku

This is the vegetable we called 'Paku'. I talked about another vegetable of the same family the other day which was called 'Midin' the other day. Well, today I cooked this the same way that I cooked the 'Sayur Midin'.

And it was delicious!

The 'Paku' after I cut them, ready to be washed and cooked.

Saute grounded chillies, belacan paste, 2 shallots and 2 garlic in some oil. When cooked, just add the washed 'Paku', stir well and when soft add salt to taste.

Today I added some small fresh prawns to these 'Paku'. And it even more delicious!


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Monday, December 14, 2009

206. Sweet Corns

Today I had some sweet corns for desert. I prefer them skinned and boiled with a little salt. When the water boiled 15 - 20 minutes later, just take them off from the boiling water and let them cool in a siever.

I love sweet corns.

The sweet corns skinned and ready to be boiled in water.


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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

205. Long Wait

I got sick as soon as after sending my youngest daughter to the MGH the other day. And I am sure it was because due to me not consuming enough fluids and not eating when I was hungry at that time.

What happened that day was Noormy was supposed to be on duty at 11am that Sunday. But she got up from bed still feeling nauseated and when she was about to go to work she said she couldn't stand properly as she was feeling giddy. She has vomitted during the night, I thought she would feel better in the morning but she was not.

It was Sunday. We rushed to see her one of her panel doctors, Dr Dorothy but we missed, she was closed for the Sunday at 12noon. Then I rushed her to see Dr Arif but it was after 12noon they said he was rushing for his meeting and they were closed for the day too.

So no where else to go I brought her to the General Hospital A & E (Accident & Emergency).

After registering and paying a dollar, we were told to go and placed her particulars at the basket near ROOM 3. Did you see the trolley beside the door? Yep that's where the paper was placed...soon there were others too on top of it.

There were many people and there weren't enough chairs to sit. I got to sit in one chair and Noormy said she will sit on the floor and wait.

Oh yes, we waited for 2 whole hours before we could see a male nurse. He prescribed her a bottle of Magnesium Trisilicate and when I asked Noormy to be given a sick leave for the day, she was told to wait outside ROOM 1 (patients are seen by a medical doctor in this room).
An hour passed, still Noormy's name wasn't called yet until Noormy said she couldn't wait any longer as she feels nauseated again and would feel better if she can lie down. So after taking the Magnesium Trisilicate we just head for home.

During the 3 hours wait, there was this tv on but showing this Tamil Talk. Hmm...how many of us can understand Tamil?

It was during that 3 hours wait that I forgot to drink and missed my lunch. I was too worried for Noormy.

Hence I got sick too.

That long wait and getting sick were not a good experience at all.


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Sunday, December 6, 2009

204. Not Well

Sorry for the long absence folks, I had not been well for the whole week. The last time I had this sort of 'down with bad cough & flu' was in April. For the whole week, each day I slept so early and like a log the whole night through.