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Friday, October 28, 2011

422. Sambal Belacan

Macam2 cara nak buat 'Sambal Belacan' Mak isah rasa...Yang ini Mak isah buat bila buat entri yang lepas sebab nak makan dengan Kari Kepala Ikan.

Dan Entri ni istimewa untuk blogger friend 'Luciana' because she asked me my 'Sambal Belacan' recipe he he... Thanks for asking my dear :D

Simple je...

1. 15 - 20 Cili Padi

2. 2 Sudu Besar Belacan (Shrimp Paste) * Belacan buat sendiri...hubby yang buat :)

3. Ground well ingredients 1. and 2. in a 'Lesung Batu'.

Lesung Batu

4. Slice 3 'Limau Kasturi' into 4 or more slices and add into the 'Lesung Batu'. Press lightly the juice and mix well.

Limau Kasturi

5. Serve with your other dishes.

P.S. If for 'Ulam' with young mangoes or others, usually I will add in more 'Belacan' and also some 'Ikan Bilis' or 'Pusu' (dry anchovies).

Wash the 'Ikan Bilis' and pound well with the 'Belacan'.

Usually if for 'Ulam' with mangoes, Mak isah will not add too much Cili Padi but more 'Belacan'. Then it will be nicer to eat and not so hot!


Monday, October 24, 2011

421. Bemasak & GT

SIL came back from offshore 2 days ago. He brought home this huge fish.
He said this is called 'Ikan Bemasak' or sometimes people called it 'GT'. I have no idea, I thought at first it is 'Ikan Belokok'. That's what me and hubby called it or fishes that look like it. Smaller of course.

Do you have another name for this fish?

This was the head...

It's tail part...taken near...

Hubby helped cut the fish into small parts using his Company's machine (a machine used to cut chicken parts).

He told me when he weigh the fish on the scale it weighs over 9 kilos.

Today I cooked it's head into Curry he he...

So..we ate 'Curry Fish Head' for lunch today :)

Curry Fish Head (2 pictures)

To cook...it's simple :)

1. Clean the cut fish head parts under tap water, put into a sieve and place aside to drip dry.

2. Blend 3 red onions, 4 garlic, 2" ginger with some water in an electric blender.

3. Pour some cooking oil in a pot.

4. When hot pour in the blended ingredients and let boiled. Add one stalk of lightly grounded lemongrass.

5. Add in 2 tablespoons of blended dried red chillies or according to taste.

6. Add a small packet of 'Rempah Tumis' and some curry leaves (optional).

7. Add 5 tablespoons of 'Babas' curry powder. Add in 1 packet of 'Cocolin' coconut powder. *Both mixed with some water to dilute*

8. Add in the fish and add salt to taste.

9. Let boiled quickly and then off fire.

Vegetable for today was 'Kangkong Tumis Belacan', which Aya (who is offduty) offered to cook.

I thought if there is Curry there must be ' Sambal Belacan' ...so I made this :D

Last but not least, this Soy sauce, add some lime juice and cut cilli padi to it, to eat the fish head with.

What can I say.... we had a Yummy lunch today!


Friday, October 14, 2011

420. Fried Fish Balls with Spicy Gravy

This is quite a new recipe in my family. Surprisingly the children like it. Usually I cooked fish ball soup when I am lazy to spend too much time in the kitchen on a particular day.

Like today ha ha...

I asked Zu my eldest daughter to roast a chicken whilst I cooked this. Even Mak isah 'malas' nak ground the onions. I have seen Zu blend some ginger, red onions and garlic in my blender. She blended quite a lot and more than enough. And it was to cook a hot spicy gravy to eat with the roasted chicken later.

What I did was, I poured a little cooking oil onto a frying pan.

When boiled, I scooped some of the blended ingredients (ginger, red onions & garlic) which was enough to make some gravy, and poured into the frying pan.

Add 2 tablespoons of blended dried chillies or according to your taste.

Stir under moderate fire for 5 minutes while adding a little water.

Add a tablespoon of tomato sauce or more according to taste.

Add half a teaspoon of sugar or to taste.

Add salt to taste.

Pour on to the plate of fried fish balls (which are already fried in oil earlier).

Pour some cut 'daun bawang' for garnish.

Enjoy it with hot white rice.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

419. Merry Weekend!

Streamyx has been really down in my area for couple of weeks. It was really frustrating when I couldn't open sites and when I wanted to move to another site the round 'thing' went round and round!
To occupy some of my time...I went back to viewing some old Korean dvds that belonged to my 2 daughters he he...

So thus, this post is back dated....

*Crossed fingers my net is okay while I am writing this post* :p

Mak isah just want to share some pictures on hubby's birthday, last 26 September. Btw, he's 63 this year :D

As like last year, he requested to eat dinner at Singapore Chicken Rice near to Mega Hotel, Miri. Now there is another SCR branch which has opened at the Boulevard Complex. I have been there, but still like this spot near to Mega Hotel.

Happy 63rd birthday 'ling' (short for darling) :P

As usual, we reserved a table before coming to the eatery.

Alif asking me, 'Apa Alif mok makan popo?' (he called me 'popo' )

Farouk and Noormy choosing what to eat from the menu.

Food, food has come!

Noormy posing with her dad :)
Aya came late as she was only off duty at 8pm.

But dinner went well.

And most important family ties were strenghthened with laughter, happiness and love.

Have a merry weekend everyone!

Mak isah.