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Saturday, June 30, 2012

451. Stall 10

There are 2 cold drink shops selling 'Cendol' & 'Rojak' in Taman Tunku at the moment.  MI like this one.  It's clean, it has friendly staff & gives fast service.  MI don't mind to pay a  bit more for the food they serve for all these good qualities.

The shop is called 'Stall 10'. It's in Taman Tunku and situated at the new shoplots along the main road to SMK Taman Tunku.  This evening instead of going to City Fan in Miri to have our usual brisk walk, Zu, myself and Alif went along this road area instead.  And after our brisk walk, we went to this shop to have some cold drinks.

This is how it looks inside the shop and you can choose the varieties of items to eat from the board.

We ate a plate of 'Rojak Buah' RM10

Zu and Alif shared a bowl of 'Special'

MI had a bowl of 'Kacang Cendol', my favorite.

Alif was also given a scoop of chocolate icecream with some chocolate rice.  FREE! we didn't know what was the occasion, but seemed like they gave the other small children the same thing.

What I like about this shop is that, they provide these 2 small bottles of sugar solutions, one (clear color) is white sugar solution (gula pasir) and the other (black color) is gula apong. If you find your Cendol isn't sweet enough then just pour some more from either bottle.

The workers or the staff are young girls, a few Chinese girls and a few Malay girls.  MI noticed they worked hard and diligently serve the customers.  And friendly too :)

These are also some snacks beside the drinks, like fried fish balls, fried chicken buttocks and pandan chicken.

                             Lastly, before going home, a pose from Alif and mom.

So if any of you who happens to pass by or be in Taman Tunku let MI know and maybe we have a drink together here?


Thursday, June 28, 2012

450. Simple Moment with Alif

My grandson, 4 year old Alif  loves to throw bread crumbs to the fish at the ponds in City Fan. That's what he does each time after we had our brisk walk there. So, each time we drive there, his mom Zu will bring along some outdated bread or left over bread.

We went for our brisk walk again this evening.  Alif always make a lot of noise when he sees the fishes ate his bread crumbs. And MI couldn't resist taking some pictures of him :)

      Alif throwing his breadcrumb saying,' Fish, fish, come! come!

      He says,' Cepat! Cepat!'

                       One fish took his bite

                         He..he  he...makan nya ma! makan nya!' he said.

                     Some fish in the pond.

Have a nice Evening!



Friday, June 22, 2012

449. A Simple Heart

MI just finished seeing episode 99 and episode 100 of 'A Simple Heart' at channel ONE  at Astro.  It's a korean drama.

Episode 99 :
Yoo Hee has a heated argument with Hee Sook over Jung Sun.
Ji Hwan is not aware of a lorry speeding towards him when he is running from Yoo II.

Episode 100 :
Jung Yong is informed Yoo II is seriously injured because he has shielded Ji Hwan from getting hit by the lorry.  Ji Hwan regains consiousness.

Ji Hwan (Ahn Jae Mo) and Dan Bi (Lim Ye Won) got married against the wishes of their parents.  Dan Bi's relationship with her in-laws becomes strained.  To make matters worse, Lee Mi Jin (Park Tam Hee) Ji Hwan's first love, re-enters his life.
Dab Bi finds her marriage in tatters when a dark secret between the families begin to unravel.

Will Love & Trust be enough to salvage their marriage? 
What is the dark Secret?

That was the Program Synopsis, but right now as at where MI has been following this drama,  the 'dark Secret' has been unraveled. And that was Yoo II, Dan Bi's father was Soon Hee's (Dan Bi's mother in-law) ex wife before she (Soon Hee) marries Ji Hwan's father.

MI admits this drama is long and made MI went in tears when watching it he he...but still MI wants to see it.

Noormy says, ' Ma sikboh nangga cita ya klak nanggis ma'.

I am sure like Noormy, many of you don't like this drama :p

Right now MI is thinking, this drama is long and has a dark secret, emotional, almost heart wrenching when watching it  and yet  it's called 'A Simple Heart'? LOL.. I am sure you won't know what MI is talking about, so let's wait till MI reaches the last episode, episode 104 :)

       Ahn Jae Mo as Ji Hwan

     Lim Ye Won as Dan Bi

     Park Tam Hee as Lee Mi Jin

Have a Great Weekend with your families :D


Monday, June 18, 2012

448. Snow White and the Huntsman

Yesterday, on Sunday,  Mi went to see 'Snow White and the Huntsman' at Merdeka Mall Cineplex. It was Aya who initiate the idea seeing the movie. It's been quite a long time MI had been inside a cinema, for almost half a year I think. Noormy went too as it was her day off as well. MI enjoyed 'Snow White and the Huntsman' quite a bit. It's better than I anticipated actually but then it dwells on Theron and not Stewart who I have a hard time not seeing as  Bella Swann, alas :)
Charlize Theron

Kristen Stewart

Have you seen this movie?


Saturday, June 16, 2012

447. When Frying Fish

MI doesn't like frying fish. That's one thing in cooking that MI hates. It makes my kitchen messy and there's cooking oil smell everywhere he he...

When Zu my eldest daughter have not moved out yet, MI always ask her to fry the fish and MI will cook the other food. If not her, then hubby will do the frying.  And he's good at it. Good means the fish doesn't got stuck to the oil when you try to get it out. But still, my kitchen got messy.

Lately Zu has moved out, so now MI is 'minus' one 'pembantu'.  Today I have to fry some 'Ikan Pasong' because MI wants to eat them fried :p

MI started to think hard how hubby does it. MI noticed he always uses very little oil and the fire very low. That's exactly what MI did, and Wallaaaa...no more sticking to my pan. But still messy :(  even when MI placed some old newspaper around the pan.

MI cooked the rest of the food first,  cooked 'Sayur Petola' & the ' Beef Soup'.  All done, then MI got ready to fry the fish.  I like to use lots of  'Adabi Turmeric Powder' over the fish and some salt.

I think hubby uses less oil than MI did ha ha...
MI made the fire low, and really made the cooking oil hot before placing the fish in.  The fish took 'sometime' to get fried.  So at the same time MI did my laundry.  MI will know if one side of the fish is cooked, that's  when I could easily scoop it to turn to the other side.

Hishh, macam belajar memasak dalam kindergarten pulak.  Tapi betul ni...before MI uses a lot of oil for frying, macam 'deep fried'.

Tapi kalau goreng macam ni, less oil, more economical, sedap tah pulak, lebih garing!

              "Ikan Pasong Goreng'

Bila dah ada ikan goreng macam ni, MI tak nak Sup dah...makan kering jer...
Dengan nasi panas, sayur petola dan ikan goreng dah cukup !



Thursday, June 14, 2012

446. Late Lunch

I had a late lunch  this afternoon. The vendor from TM came to upgrade my Streamyx and stayed from 12noon until 2.30pm. There were a lot of catches here and there and he had to telephone his boss at TM or to KL saying they have to use a new port and not the present one otherwise he can't upgrade to 2Mpbs. So definitely I was delayed.

Lucky, my cooking didn't take long today. The rest of the family ate on time but I took lunch only at 3pm.

What's for lunch was -

                         'Bean Sprout cooked with Ikan Bilis, sliced large onion and chilli'

and then I sliced 1 large onion, 3 cili padi, add in some ikan bilis. Place them in a small bowl.  Sprinkle some dark soy sauce plus a little bit of vinegar. I am sure not many of you can eat this.  But MI and son like to eat this with hot white rice.

                     Appetizer - 'Ikan Bilis with Large Onions'

The main dish was this ' Chicken Wings Soup with dried Dates. The dried dates made the soup a little sweet so don't add too much. When eating the hot soup, sprinkle some fried sliced onions in it.  The onions will make it more delicious.

                    'Chicken Wings Soup with Dried Dates'

After blogging this,  I need a quick shower.  MI smells ha ha...

So, how many of you are using Streamyx 2mpbs or have upgraded to Streamyx 2mpbs (correct spelling?) ?
MI anxious to know how good it is.  The vendor said I have to wait 24 hrs before that speed to be effective and that's until tomorrow around noon.

I guess I have to keep my fingers crossed.

BTW, MI hopes you have had  a good lunch  :D



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

445. For Dinner

This morning after breakfast out with hubby, I cooked 1 whole chicken (moderate size) with dark soy sauce. Aya is on PM duty so she 'tapau' some of it with rice to work. Come lunch time, Farouk came to eat, Noormy who woke up also ate as she is going to work at 1.30pm. Farouk said he wanted to 'tapau' some rice with it for his girl friend. Then hubby came and we had lunch together. After washing the dishes I peeped into the pot of  'Chicken Ketchup' and saw only a few pieces of chicken left he he.

Hish I told myself, I think I have to cook some food for dinner.  Aya will come home from work at 1030pm and surely will ask what's for dinner (supper?) & Noormy will come back from work at 1130pm and also wants to eat. Sigh, seem like both my girls are  workaholic like their dad.

Hubby is on night duty and as usual will 'tapau' some food to work. He doesn't like to eat rice without soup so I decided to stay in the kitchen to cook 'Chicken Breast with Mushroom with dark Soy Sauce'.  That's a long name but to cook it is so simple.

1.  Cut breast of Chicken into thin slices, washed and drip dry in a sieve.  Put aside.

 2.  Soak 4 pieces of dried Mushroom in a bowl of water. Later sliced and put aside.

3.  Ground 3 garlic, 1 small red onion, 2" ginger and  slice 2 bulbs of lemon grass.

4.  In a pot, heat up some cooking oil.

5.  Add in the grounded ingredients and lemon grass. Stir and add half a cup of water to avoid ingredients getting burnt.

6.  Add in 2 flat teaspoonful of Adabi's 'Perencah sup' powder. Continue stirring.

7.  Add in the sliced Chicken breast.

8.  Add in  1/2 to 3/4 cup of dark Soy sauce.

9.  Add in the sliced mushroom.

10. Add in 1 tablespoon of Tomato sauce & 1 tablespoon of Sugar.

11. Add in half of a big onion (sliced) & lastly 1 cup of water.

12. Boil until chicken breast is tender and gravy slightly thick.

           My Chicken Breast with Mushroom with Dark Soy Sauce

P/s. When cooking with dark soy sauce, MI doesn't add salt to the food as the dark soy sauce is salty.



Sunday, June 10, 2012

444. Insyallah

Today genap dekat 2 bulan MI tak masuk blogging. Betul-betul rasa bersalah ni.... :)

But MI is still the same, alive and kicking.  MI owe you all ONE big apology for not coming here and letting you all know MI is fine ok.

For that, MI so very sorry.

MI still love you all!

p/s.  First thing MI did just now when first entering  here, was to change the image of this blog.  Doing it , MI made a promise to myself that this time MI will go slow in whatever MI does from now on..

Do take care, MI will see you in the next post?  Insyallah..

This is MI favorite cake. It's called 'Kek Hati Pari', a popular cake in Sarawak & this was baked by MI eldest daughter ZU. MI loves eating slices of it with a hot cup of tea in the evenings :)