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Sunday, January 30, 2011

372. Bubur Nasi Santan

Kalau hari Ahad, memang Mak isah masak simple je, rasa nak cuti jugak he he...

Dari pagi dah hujan hingga ke petang...nak jemor kain pun dah tak dapat, bertimbun-timbun kain baju yang telah dimesin belum lagi disidai.

I saw some cold rice which I put in the fridge the night before, so I just cooked 'Bubur Nasi Santan'. To eat it with I made the same appetizer that I have made in this post, 'Kerabu Sayur Masin'.

Bubur Nasi Santan

To prepare :

1. Cook into porridge some leftover rice (or rice).

2. When porridge is cooked, add in a packet of 'Cocolin' powdered coconut milk (already dissolved in water).

3. Add some thinly sliced ginger, 3 sliced garlic & some lightly pounded dried prawns (udang kering) in.

4. Add salt & ajinomoto to taste.

5. Stir well.

6. Serve hot with an appetizer.

p/s. Thank you for asking if Mak isah's headache was okay...and yes! Mak isah okay now!

Muahh..! & Enjoy your weekdays!


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Friday, January 28, 2011

371. Masak Lemak Nangka Muda

Rasa pening sikit rasa kepala Mak isah...baru lepas sapu minyak angin kat kepala ni... rasa lega sedikit he he...

I think it was due to waking up too early this morning, going for my brisk walk then home to cook and then looking after Alif in the afternoon. That was not so bad but earlier on, I went out for dinner at SCR (Singapore Chicken Rice ) restaurant with hubby, Zu and Alif.

Now I can't sleep and decided to blog :p

Hubby was off from night duty every Thursday of the week. And usually he 'puasa' (fasting) every Thursday too. We often go out for dinner together on a Thursday evening like earlier on. This time he asked me to invite Zu and family but her hubby couldn't come along so it was only the four of us.

It was a good dinner despite Alif's mischief :) We went home at 9pm.

Back to what I cooked after my brisk walk this morning.

I cooked 'Masak Lemak Nangka Muda'.

So how many of you like to eat Nangka muda?

Masak Lemak Nangka Muda

To prepare & cook :

1. I boiled the 2 packets of Nangka Muda (young jackfruit) for 15 minutes. Pour the young 'Nangka' into a sieve to dry and throw away the water.
These were bought by hubby when he went up to Bakong for work the day before.

2. Ground 3 garlic, 2 shallots and 1 tablespoon belacan (shrimp paste).

3. Add in some dry chili paste (according to your taste of how hot), 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder & 1 crushed lemon grass.

4. Saute items 2 & 3 with a little cooking oil.

5. Stir well until aromatic.

6. Add in the 'Nangka Muda'.

7. Add in 2 packets of 'Cocolin' Coconut Powder (which is already mix with some water).

8. Add water same level as the 'Nangka Muda' or a little more.

9. Let boiled.

10. Add salt and ajinomoto to taste.

Eat with hot rice and some Fried Salted Fish!

Tips : Nangka Muda direbus supaya menghilangkan getah.

Now Mak isah have to crash in bed he he...hubby asked Mak isah to join him brisk walk uphill (next to Taman Awam Miri) early in the morning later.

I've had my brisk walk earlier on today so I won't overdo it later. Sshhh.....I just want to keep hubby company :p

Love you all!


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

370. Meat, Tanghoon & Salted Mustard Soup

I don't really like to cook meat too often nowadays. So when there are meat in the house, I tend to mix it with some other items in a dish.

I have some meat, a packet of glass noodles (Tang hoon) & a packet of bought Salted Mustard in the fridge. As I went out this morning, time was running a little late so I decided to cook something very simple. It was already 1030am, my son would be coming home for lunch and I have to take another shower (after the cooking) before playing with Alif by 115pm. His mother will be going to her tailoring class by 130pm.

I cooked one soup and made one simple appetizer.

Hubby was too busy with work today to buy vegetable and I too didn't buy any this morning.

Meat, Tanghoon and Salted Mustard Soup

To cook :

1. Saute 3 grounded garlic, one inch ginger and 1 small shallot with very little cooking oil.

2. When aromatic, add in the thinly small sliced red meat (after cleaning).

3. Add in some water (probably same level as the meat) and let boiled until meat are slightly tender. Water should be added once in a while while waiting for the meat to be tender.

4. Add in the finely chopped Salted Mustard.

5. Add in the cut Tanghoon or glass noodles (which are soaked in water to soften).

6. Add salt (not too much as the mustard is salty) and ajinomoto to taste.

7. Serve hot with rice.

Kerabu Sayur Masin (appetizer)

Actually I didn't make use of the whole packet of Salted Mustard for my soup dish up there. I divided the chopped Sayur Masin into half and made one half of it into this 'Kerabu'.

A simple one to prepare, and I don't know if you are as lazy as Mak isah is today...as it has been raining non stop since late morning!
When the weather's cold anything will be eaten as everybody are hungry on a wet day huh? :p

1. In a bowl, add in the chopped salted mustard.

2. Add some anchovies and one sliced big onion.

3. Add some sliced 5 - 6 hot red or green cili padi.

4. Mix well.

* You may add some lime juice if you want.

It was really appetizing!


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Monday, January 24, 2011

369. Kai Choy

Do you recognize this vegetable? It's 'Kai Choy' (Mustard Cabbage) or I called it 'Sayur Pahit' because it is a little bit bitter in taste.

I posted on how to make your own 'Sayur Masin' (Salted Mustard) out of this 'Kai Choy' here. Go on have a look and try make your own :)

Well, hubby got me 3 ikat (bundle) of them 'Kai Choy' for only RM2. There weren't any other vegetable in the fridge so I decided to have a go and cooked them with some anchovies.

I was skeptical as I know the 2 other girls won't eat anything bitter but hubby kept saying it will taste nice.

It was nice!

And crispy when you chewed the cut stems. The girls ate it and hubby loved it :)

Have you tried it?

My Cooked Mustard Cabbage (Sayur Pahit) with Anchovies

Mustard Cabbage or Sayur Pahit

To prepare :

Wash each stem of the vegetable under running water to remove any soil.

Cut into small pieces, wash again and drip dry in a sieve.

To cook :

1. Heat a little bit of oil then throw in 7 - 8 anchovies in. Stir until the anchovies turned a little brown.

2. Add in 1 grounded shallot, 4 garlic and 1 red/green chilli (optional). Stir again.

3. Add in the washed, cut vegetable in.

4. Stir well.

5. Add salt and ajinomoto to taste. You may add a little water if you want to.

6. Serve hot with rice and your main dish.

Try it!

Tip - If you cooked anchovies first into your hot oil and let them turned a little brown, then only add in your grounded onions, the anchovies are nicer to eat.

Have a good week :)

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

368. Hello

Hello Everybody!!

Mak isah hasn't been updating this blog for the past 4 weeks. PLEASE accept Mak isah sincere apology. Mak isah do feel bad about this but please believe Mak isah, I have been missing you all that's for sure.

Thank you for returning here, giving comments, even though Mak isah has been missing doing my entries.

So first....

Let me wish you all ( hope this isn't too late :p) A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 !!!

Mak isah has been quite okay in health but has been a little busy over here ( I know it isn't a good excuse) but had been doing this and that...plus routine in everyday life seemed to change a little bit so Mak isah took a little more time in adjusting to it that's why.

Now rest assured, Mak isah seemed settled :)

Funny eh, when the mind and physical needs adjustment, Mak isah punya minda nak blog kena block!

Tapi Mak isah tetap tak lupa pada you all! Bila waktu malam dah letih tu...rindu pada you all!

Let's hope you all been making good resolutions for the good year 2011 !

1. Mak isah has been celebrating my 59th birthday on 26th December last year. And as I have said in my previous post here, both me and hubby have been dreaming of getting a second car, we did :) We got the car on the 29th December. Now I have a car to drive on my very own, no more sharing the other car with my daughter Aya he he...

A Car of my Own

2. For the next 6 months, I have to baby sit Alif in the afternoons Mondays to Fridays only as his mom Zu has decided to learn tailoring and get a certificate for it. Zu started class 4th January last.

3. Mak isah has scheduled briskwalking to be a Must every morning on alternate days of the week for half an hour - 45 minutes. Mak isah has been doing this diligently :p since 1st January.

4. My weekly maid has been missing from work since Christmas and now decided to come back to me ha ha... I love cooking but hates cleaning the dusty ceiling fans and the toilets so I said okay to her. She came last Thursday.

You see these were the adjustments Mak isah had to make, quite time consuming and when night fall came I practically crawled to bed he he...

My no.5 will be I will commit regularly to my blogging this year :)

For now, let me wish all you MY DEAREST BLOGGER FRIENDS who will be celebrating this coming celebration a VERY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!


Mak isah