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Friday, July 31, 2009

113. Continued

Continued from last post...

Walking along the roads towards the Sarawak river to see the Regatta, I took some of these pictures. These were only some of the views...there were other happenings of course.

This was some stalls selling some goods...

So many goods and things...

So many hats and bags...

Langsat Indonesia...? but I tasted it, quite sweet.

I bought some 'Kacang Kuda' to munch...

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112. A Trip

This was last night! I was busy choosing my clothes and packing them into my travelling bag.

But today I am in Kuching!

I was on flight MH2903 and much to my dismay...they served me with a small cup of orange juice and
A small packet of 'Kacang Masin'(salted peanut) ha ha ha..

Anyway I am in Kuching...

At 2pm I was at Kuching waterfront 'gi look2 see2 if the 'so much talked about' Kuching Regatta' was still going on. It has been years since I last saw one.

I was lucky to catch one race.
So I snapped some pictures...

This 'perahu' of men were just getting ready for the race

The race just starting...



Overall, I didn't know who or which 'perahu' won the race, as the commentator was too far away from me and I could not hear a word he said. Plus it was so hot out in the sun that I could barely pay attention or care to what he was saying lol..

But I can tell you it was an outing, not only there is a regatta going on, Kuching people were also busy putting up tents selling food, things and promoting stuffs.


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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

111. Today...

It's 1030am. I am waiting for Noormy to finish her breakfast, so I can send her to work, while Alif is still sleeping. Aya is off today so I can leave him with her for a while. I am sleepy myself, woke up at 630 this morning. I am feeling kinda excited because Friday I will be going to Kuching with hubby to 'jenggok' (see) mom-in-law. She isn't feeling quite well lately so I thought it's best I go too to pay her a visit. Back to 'feeling kinda excited'...well, it isn't the trip lol..it's the going there and also trying my new Vodafone Celcom Broadband. So this Friday I am going to bring along my BenQ, my vodafone celcom broadband in my bag. I prefer staying indoors fiddling with my laptop rather than going out. Lately there is an uprise of this A H1N1 in Kuching and Miri. And that worries me a lot.

This evening at about 630pm I asked Aya to accompany me going to Bintang Mega Mall to look for a bag for my BenQ. I didn't like it's original bag that the shop gave me because it looks thick and clumsy. Now I need one since I am going to carry my laptop to Kuching this Friday. I just need a thinner one to hold my BenQ. And I got one!

Look! isn't it cute?

I bought the bag at 'PC Image' on the 3rd floor. I like this bag because I can use my BenQ without taking it from the bag (like in the pic above), and when it is zipped I can carry it by a small handle it has or carry it in my arms. Very convenient. It is just for the BenQ so maybe my vodafone and my charger will have to go into my 'Adidas' handbag.

I was at 'Starbucks Coffee' to show off my new laptop bag later. Actually I was also trying my Celcom Vodafone Broadband as well. The internet was good there.

Starbucks Coffee at Bintang Mega Mall.

I drank 'Hot Brewed Coffee' RM7.50

Aya drank 'Raspberry BC Tea' RM13.50

It was relaxing to be there. It was not the drinks we had that were nice but the atmosphere and surroundings at Starbucks Coffee is. I personally feel the coffee I had is too 'kaw' (thick) that it was bitter by the time it was cold. And tasting Aya's raspberry drink, I find it was too 'masam' (sour). Sorry, I hope any 'Starbucks Coffee' workers or management aren't reading this :) . Perhaps my taste totally different from the people who frequent this place.

Anyway, we stayed and enjoyed being there for about an hour then head to 'Sugarbun' at Imperial Mall to have some fish.

It was a nice evening.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

110. A Long Day & a Mess

Last Monday (yesterday) was such a very long day for me. I and Alif spent almost the whole day in the car. We went shopping for a laptop for Noormy! Of oourse la, Noormy went too :p

We did look around paxen and viewed almost all the shops that sell laptops. Make me wonder there were so many brands now selling in town eh. Actually Noormy had her eyes on one hp compaq the other day at SenQ, paxen, but of all days they had to close for the morning saying they need to download a number of things. With Alif tagging we couldn't afford to linger and waste too much time in case he gets tired. Then I need to return to the car to prepare his milk feed or make him go to sleep in his car seat.

In the end we ended up at the computer shop called 'Amiden Computer Centre Sdn Bhd' at Jalan Bulan Sabit, where I bought my BenQ and where Aya bought her Fujitsu laptop. I still prefer to buy there because the shop have their own technicians and well the lady (her name is Samantha) will spend time to explain to you and let you compare a couple of laptops first.

And that was what she did with Noormy, had previously done with me and Aya before. She had a 'Compaq' laptop, a 'Dell' laptop and an 'Acer' laptops to show to Noormy.
Later Noormy had just to choose between the Dell and the Acer. The Dell was only 1 year guarantee. 2GB, and free Dos.
The Acer, a promotion for that unit, 3 years guarantee, 4GB, and a Window Vista licenced.

Noormy chose the Acer. And I think she made a good choice.
Her Acer laptop still in plastic!

I myself had wanted the shop to register me for a Celcom broadband. I paid RM299 and they did all the registration for me and help run the vodafone later on. So by this afternoon I can try it and see whether it is working. Like my wireless streamyx, I have to pay RM68 starting from next month.

My 'Vodafone HSDP 7.2mbps Data card'

We reached home around 5pm. As soon as home I told Noormy to try whether her laptop works with my streamyx at home. The girl technician had done it once at the shop and it worked. Later Noormy said she couldn't connect. I said now what. I tried my BenQ, I could get in but couldn't browse at all. Same with Aya's fujitsu laptop.
What a mess I said. Then Zu came home to bring the old pc cpu and said she had reformatted and it was okay now but need my help to connect the necessary wires at the back. Her technician had installed a 'Wireless G Desktop Adaptor' at the back of the cpu.
When connected it was the same, also couldn't browse the internet.

The Wireless G Desktop Adaptor

Then I had to call Zu's technician to help out. It was already 8pm when I called him. He came but he couldn't do much too and in the end he just made a report to TM and asked me to wait see if tomorrow it will ok. Ahh... that oost me another RM25.

Zu's desktop computer, now she had moved it from my room to downstair.

After all that mess TM called me as early as 745am this morning to ask if my internet was okay or not. I said I tried this morning at 6am and it seemed okay. The man called 'Shah' said it was because their gateway to KL wasn't good that was why I couldn't connect yesterday.

Sometimes Streamyx can be very irritating, a while ago I remember I couldn't get into the internet for 4 whole days.

I am glad I can today.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

109. Aya 'Belanja'

Today it's Aya's off day. We (Myself, Aya & Noormy) went to eat 'Nasi Lalapan' at a different eatery which is called 'Muara Restoran'. It is situated very near the Miri river at the Waterfront area.

The place was airy and from where I sat I could watched some boys fishing (I don't know for fish or crabs) near the riverside. Quite a nice place to sit, and quite a nice view too.

When we reached there they were plenty of people. I met one of my friends eating 'Nasi Lalapan Ikan Bawal'. I discovered that if you choose 'Ikan Bawal' the fish will be weigh before they cook it for you, meaning the bigger the fish is the higher is the price, he he...

I talked about 'Nasi Lalapan' too in my no.95 post recently. But I ate that at 'Mahyan Cafe'. And what I ate there was 'Nasi Lalapan Ikan Tilapia', which is to me taste much nicer than 'Ikan Bawal'. Plus the cost is fixed for Rm10.00.

I had a feeling Noormy thought we were going to 'Mahyan Cafe' today and she was a little disappointed. But the eating was on Aya's so she just followed and ate ha ha...

In the end all 3 of us ate 'Nasi Lalapan Ayam Goreng' (fried chicken) and the good part was all were given the thigh part of a chicken. I think this was standard.

'Nasi Lalapan Ayam Gorend' RM9.00
consists of fried chicken leg, sambal with tomato paste, tauhu & tempe, some cucumber and long beans as well as white cabbage, pucuk daun ubi. They also gave a small bowl of 'Sup Kosong'.

As usual we finished clean our plates then only gave our opinions to each other lol...

I agreed with Noormy, we both will still go to 'Mahyan Cafe' for our 'Nasi Lalapan'. But Aya prefered this one as they gave more of the 'Sambal'.

We sat for an hour there. Later we dropped by at Bintang Mega Mall, just 'kayo-kayo' (walking around) then off to the vet to get Zu's cat home. A'ahh... pretty tiring for the feet after walking around eh?


Friday, July 24, 2009

108. Don't Like To Cook

I had supper a while ago, at 11pm! At home and with Aya who had just returned home from her afternoon duty. My supper was just a bowl of 'Masak Asam Batang Keladi'. Earlier this evening hubby cooked it. If you must know, this is one vege that I don't like to cook, well unless I had to. Actually the 'Batang-batang Keladi' were given to me by my weekly helper. She plants a lot of vegetables and one of them is this. She gave me a handful last Thursday when she came to clean the house.

After eating there was some leftover so I poured it into a glass big bowl with a lid and stored it in the refrigerator. It can still be eaten tomorrow. I think it is good practice not to waste food.

This is 'Masak Asam Batang Keladi'.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

107. Sunset

I was sleepy. I was clicking on some old pictures in my laptop and found these. They were taken during a sunset at Marina Bay a year ago.

(Left click on your mouse to enlarge)








I've always enjoyed sunsets.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

106. Missed

Just a few days ago I read in the local papers that there was a promotion of new dishes at 'Kaya & Toast' here.

Kaya & Toast
Lot1092, Block 9,
Miri Concession Land District
Jalan Merpati, Miri, Sarawak

So wanting to try their new menus I went down with Aya & Alif this morning. We reached the place at about 10am. Well, I didn't really read thoroughly at the advertisement. I missed the 'time' part, because it says those new dishes were only available from 12noon - 3pm. And I came at 10am!

Lazy to go around to another eatery, I parked my car and we ate there. Plus Alif will soon be sleepy because he had missed his morning nap, so there was no time to loose.

As usual I ate my favourite until now and that was 'Curry Mee'(RM5.90). It is curry with a piece of drumstick in it, sliced 'Dried Tauhu', sliced 'Baked Potatoes'and for garnish there were sliced red chillies and sliced 'Daun Bawang'.

I tried their new drink 'Iced Lemon Lychee Drink'(RM3.00). This is iced lemon juice (very mild) with some sliced lemon in it and they put a couple of lychee fruits in it.

Aya ate 'Nasi Lemak Special' (RM6.90). In it there were a round bowl shaped of nasi lemak, an egg, a piece of fried chicken, potatoes with gravy, the nasi lemak sambal of course, plus there were some fried peanuts, fried anchovies and for garnish, one keropok, and some sliced cucumber and carrot.

Aya drank 'Iced Lemon Tea (RM2.10). It is tea with some sliced lemon in it.

As for Alif, he ate not one of these half boiled eggs but he finished two!

Alif busy looking at the crowd of people around him

Also when paying earlier on, they gave us a 'Chop & Sign' card. Each time if we come to eat at 'Kaya & Toast' and the meal is worth more than RM10, our card will be stamped. 8 times being stamped will allowed us 1 free meal, either it is 'Nasi Lemak Special' or 'Curry & Mee' or 'Sausage French Toast'.

The 'Chop & Sign' card.

Anyway, we went home feeling full and satisfied. I still wonder how were the new dishes that I missed :p

Did you try any of them?


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Monday, July 20, 2009

105. Today's Briskwalk

This morning I went for a briskwalk around my housing area. I started off about 6am, it was still a bit dark. When I passed one house the dogs inside it's gate started barking. I sweared in my breath. Hishh... I was ready with a 'tongkat' in my hand. I briskwalked with it all the way. I reached the shoplot area at about 620am. I passed by the shoplots, most of them were still closed. I guessed they open about 7am or so. I think the earliest people were those selling at the 'Tamu' area.

We have our own 'Market' building, where they sell all types of vegetables and other food to cook.
Here, some of them who had opened and lay out their things waiting for customers to buy.

Now beside this building just outside there were a lot of sellers selling jungle products. You can find all sorts here. They sell as early as 6am, closed and went home around noon.

Here the early sellers already waiting for customers.

Some of them were just preparing to lay out their goods for sale.

I continued my walk and reached home at 630am, feeling sweaty and a need to drink.


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