'Simple Moments are Sometimes the Best Moments'

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

443. Makan Kering

Makan kering today...sebab lazy Sunday :D

MI cooked simple 'Sauced Boiled Eggs' (above) and below...'Tumis Pusu Sayur Kacang Panjang'.

Malasss betul MI hari ni...

Have a Great Sunday! Love you all!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

442. Nokia Asha 303

Remember I was contemplating on these 2 hand phones here last September?

Well, I didn't buy either of them. Instead I was presented with this surprised gift from my 2 darling daughters! Aya & Noormy. Yesterday evening :D

They shared their money to buy me this new NOKIA ASHA 303 :D

What can I say?

All I can say is this,' I would not trade that feeling of sheer joy when receiving the hp from them for any one of those 2 hps that I was contemplating'.

That sheer joy feels so different isn't it?

Thank you my dears :)


Sunday, March 11, 2012

441. This Cute Little Gadget

On last Valentine day, hubby bought me two items, this gadget and a new 7L rice cooker. He said the big rice cooker is to be used if we have more people eating.

Now this cute little gadget above is quite useful. It easily fit into my small kitchen. I had wanted to own one quite a long time ago. But I don't know what to call it LOL.. rice cooker cum steam? But it has other functions too.

See... it can cook porridge (which I had tried) and it taste good, it can bake some cakes, cook brown rice, sticky rice, white rice and quick cook.

But I mostly use this gadget to steam. And I cook my rice in another smaller rice cooker. Since March, Zu my eldest daughter & hubby with Alif have moved to their new home so now I am left with only 4 persons in the house. Farouk only comes home for lunch so that's only 5 of us. Even my ration of cooking for a day has decreased he he...

Steaming one 'Ikan Bawal' will take only 15 minutes.

My ready made steamed 'Ikan Bawal'...

Next to go in would be this to be steamed 'Chicken Drumstick' for hubby to bring to work for his night duty.

Done! In only 20 minutes!

I am sure some of you have this gadget in your homes. Do you have anything else that MI will be interested in? :P especially for cooking!

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

440. MI 's Chill Out

I think most of you are familiar with this eatery. It's 'Secret Recipe'. Except I don't know if there is really a secret recipe to each of the dish they offer here.

This particular one that I went to is on ground floor at Bintang Megamall in Miri. There is another branch of it next to 'Cherries Berries' near Servay Hypermarket and the newest of it's kind is at Permymall in Permyjaya.

I went alone. Just to chill out, ha ha..and I spent almost over 2 hours sitting there tucking in and enjoying myself. I know I know...most of you will think Mak isah crazy yea...chilling out alone and eating alone like that. But that's my idea of a 'chill out' he he...
Also crazy tucking into all those fattening high cholesterol thing ah? But please just for this time don't start lecturing Mak isah. I beg you :P

This month my eldest daughter and her husband and as well as Alif my only grandson has moved out to their new house at 'Taman Jelita', not far about 4 minutes drive in a car from Mak isah house.

So now I have 'most of the time' to myself when hubby, Farouk, Aya & Noormy work.

I have been craving to eat this particular dish ' Mee Laksa' at 'Secret Recipe'.

They use spaghetti instead of the ordinary mee we put into 'Laksa'. With lots of coconut milk and fresh prawns, squids, boiled egg and dried tauhu.

There is a small dish of 'Sambal Belacan' too. The 'Laksa' was served in a huge bowl with a big 'chinese' spoon and chopsticks to eat it with.
In the midst of enjoying tucking myself as well as enjoying observing people around me, it took me a whole hour to finish the one huge bowl :D Eating slowwwlyyy of course and enjoying every mouthful.

I washed my throat with this ' Iced Blended Chocolate with Whipped Cream'. Mind you, I finished this as well.

Bila dah habis , Aahh...yummy I said to myself.

It was then at 3pm and my eyes caught this picture on my table.
So guess what I did? Ordered a cup of hot coffee.

And one slice of this 'Lemon Cheese Cake'!

I entered 'Secret Recipe' at about 2pm and left at 4pm.

Ha ha...I don't think any of you pamper yourself with food like MI did?

Ssssshh :D