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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

412. My Other Delights

See what I have been doing during the weekend and until now...

Reading and watching Korean and Chinese dramas :p

Actually these DVDs belong to Noormy my youngest daughter. All my 3 girls love watching Korean and Chinese dramas. Especially Noormy. End of each month she will buy one set (one story consisting of several DVDs) of either Korean or Chinese dramas, especially Korean.

Most of the dramas are of course, love stories but I see those that have some work challenges in them. For example like the drama called 'Pasta', it was about a girl who dream to become a Pasta Chef one day.

So far I have seen all these - Master of Study, Pasta, Personal Taste and a Chinese story called 'Zhong Wu Yen'

And now I am watching this one 'Becoming a Millionaire'

I love reading too.

Right now in between time I read this book. I am sure most of you know or have seen it. The latest editon of 'Dr Mahathir Mohamad' . In his own words writing about 'The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad'.

I was lucky. This book was selling RM100 but I could get it for RM80, 20% less.

Just sharing my other 'delights' during the weekend with you :)

Have a good week!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

411. Chicken Sambal Sos

My Chicken Sambal Sos

Usually I am not in favor of chicken cooked with tomato sauce, unlike my children they love it.
This time I cooked it a bit more hot and add some Ideal Evaporated milk in it.

It was delicious!

To prepare :-

1. 1 whole chicken, I usually keep away the breast meat and cut up the rest into moderate size cubes.

2. Clean under running tap water, drip dry in a sieve. Put aside.

3. Slice up ginger, half 1 large onion, half 1 large red onion, 3 garlic.

4. Blend them up in an electric blender.

5. Saute the blended ingredients in a pot. Add a little water & let simmer for 2 minutes.

6. Add 2 tablespoons of blended dry red chillies in.

7. Add some Rempah Tumis & 2 or 3 tablespoons of Bawang Goreng (fried onions, which you can buy in packets nowadays).

8. Add 3/4 tin or a full tin of Tomato Puree and half a tin of Ideal Evaporated milk in.

9. Stir, add a cup of water and let chicken cooked.

10. Add sugar and salt to taste.

P/s. Add more of the blended dry red chillies if you want it hotter.

It's a beautiful day outside, have a Wonderful Weekend Everybody!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

410. White Radish & Vegetable Balls Soup

My White Radish & Vegetable Balls Soup

Some people says that White Radish Soup tends to stink up the whole kitchen while it is simmering. But not me, I like it's smell. It does have a particular smell.

Today, after eating too much curry and meat and chicken I made up my mind to eat something soupy and vegetable - White Radish plus some vegetable balls Soup.

I did have a packet of vegetable balls (looks like fish balls) in my fridge, so all I had to buy was a piece of White Radish.

This one piece of White Radish cost me RM2.36

It's getting more expensive now. I remember in the old days when I was in the Nurses's Hostel, nobody wants to eat white radish for lunch. It was considered cheap vegetable.

But now, it's not everywhere you can find this vegetable. And I had begun to love eating this white radish soup :)

Anyway, I pat myself on my back saying that all vegetables are also expensive nowadays he he...

Okay to cook, it is so simple.

To prepare :-

1. Skin, cut thinly the white radish, washed clean and let them drip dry in a sieve.

2. Cut the vegetable balls into halves. Wash under running tap water and let dry as well.

To cook :-

1. Skin a 2" ginger, cut into 2, one piece sliced thinly and the other half ground it with 3 garlic.

2. Sliced thinly 2 garlic as well and place it together with the sliced ginger. Put aside.

3. Saute the grounded ginger and garlic.

4. Add in the sliced ginger and garlic too.

5. Add a bit of water and let simmer for 2 minutes.

6. Add in the sliced white radish. Add more water probably same level as the white radish.

7. Let cooked until soft.

8. Add in the cut vegetable balls.

9. As soon as boiled add salt to taste.

This time I did not add any white pepper as I wanted to taste the white radish more. The white pepper will disguise the taste.

Eat it hot with white rice!



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

409. Making Chicken Curry

While I was in Kuching, my SIL who was before a chef at the Merdeka Hotel taught me her way of making 'Chicken Curry'.

How it came about was, I tasted her 'Beef Curry' during breakfast, eating it with 'Roti Canai'. It was very tasty, so I asked her to cook me 'Chicken Curry' instead of 'Beef Curry' to bring home.

Today I cooked my 'Chicken Curry' the way she did.

My Chicken Curry

Ingredients are one large onion, one large red onion, some ginger and 3 garlic (sliced roughly) and then..

blended with a little water...

Pour a little oil in a pot, when heated pour in this blended ingredient. Let it boiled while stirring under moderate slow fire.

Add in some 'Rempah Tumis', some 'Curry Leaves' and 2 stalks of Lemon Grass. Keep stirring once in a while as to not let too dry. You may add a little water to avoid doing so.

When aromatic, add in the cut one whole chicken parts ( washed clean).

Add 2 tablespoons of blended dried chillies.

Add 3 - 4 tablespoons of powdered 'Curry Babas'.

Add in a packet of Cocolin Powdered Santan or fresh santan (coconut milk).

Let it boiled until the chicken are cooked.

Add in salt to taste.

As easy as that! :)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

408. My Weekly Helper

This lady is my helper who comes to clean my house once a week. She does the major cleaning of course he he... like cleaning my upstair and downstair toilets, cleaning and mopping my kitchen floors, clean my wall tiles, my big mirrors on the wall, my ovens, refrigerators and so on and on...

She's a good lady, trustful and obedient. She is an Iban (race) and lives at Kpg. Lusut, a five minutes walk to my house.

She has been working for me for almost 3 years. Sometimes when she comes she will bring something like chillies, bamboo shoots or pumpkins which she has planted. And most times when she leaves I will give her something to bring home either for her kitchen or for her young daughter.

So I was particularly pleased when she came last Thursday to do cleaning after my trip to Kuching. My kitchen certainly need another pair of hands to do cleaning then.

When I took the above picture of hers, she asked me what am I going to do with this picture? Is it to show to my friends she asked. I told her I am going to write a little about her and put her picture in my blog.

She smiled.

I really appreciate her help with the cleaning in my house.


Monday, May 16, 2011

407. Together

I can see my girls and boy misses me after I came back from Kuching.

I know I speak as if they are still small but even now they are adults and working and being a housewife, they still missed me :)

So each one of them wanted my time.

My boy will want me to sit with him while he comes back to eat his lunch (he lives out). Zu being the eldest and at home will chatter about Alif and talked about what she cooked.
Aya will complain no one will wake her up in the morning for work and how tired she was to do laundry when coming home from work. Noormy will say how she cried just because she missed me.

And for the last one week I spent my time going out with one after another. Aya brought me to Ta kiong at Merdeka Mall to shop for groceries, Noormy brought me to eat Lamb Chops at Siamese Secret restaurant, Zu and Alif were out with me at Bintang Mega Mall, Farouk talked or text me on the phone.
Even hubby wanted me to go breakfast 'Mee Kari' at our 'usual' shop. I think he misses the 'Mee Kari' ha ha..

What I did was get everybody to eat together at home. So yesterday I cooked 'Laksa Sarawak' for lunch. That way we all could be home to eat it. Hubby and Farouk came me home for lunch then leave again for work.
I like the idea they be home and communicating to one another. I like to see them joking and laughing.

Having Laksa Sarawak at home

Brunch or Lunch Time!

Zu tucking in

Alif also wanted to sit at the table next to his 'Ngagah' (aunty Aya) not to eat but enjoy seeing You Tube of Upin & Ipin

Towards end of the day, Kuah Laksa Sarawak pun hampir habis!

Mak isah feels nice getting my family together again! It's a good feeling of love :)

Have a Good Day Everybody!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

406. Hi

Hi Everyone!

A big apology from Mak isah...as it has been a long time since my last update.

Still...I do hope many of you still come to visit me here, if not to read my latest entry, you still can read some of my old entries.

With that Mak isah sincerely says a thousand thanks :)

I hope all has been well for you as well as your families there...my dear blogger friends!

Mak isah has been to Kuching to visit my mom in law. She is well at her age of 87 and Mak isah and hubby misses her a lot. We always made it a point to visit her at least a couple of time each year.
This recent visit was quite special because visiting Kuching with hubby will also enable him to rest his left knee which has been paining him quite a lot recently. Away from Miri will be leave from work for him. Mak isah only wish his leave was longer than it was.

So let Mak isah share some photos with you? :)

Mak isah MIL who is 87 this year. She is a Chinese converted. So my hubby can speak the Hokkien language very well. Mak isah speaks very little he he...

Mak isah MIL's house in Kuching

Her passion? Flowers... all around her house... When she was stronger she plant them herself, now a gardener comes once a month.

Mak isah SIL, who cooks, look after the house and MIL. She is a very nice person. Mak isah likes her a lot.

Orchids from MIL 'back of the house' garden

This visit to Kuching was even more special because Mak isah has the privilege of meeting one of Mak isah blogger buddy, USRAHFATIHAH and her family. She, her hubby and her 3 pretty little girls came to visit Mak isah.

It was special, even though it was just for about 20 minute and a couple of hours before Mak isah due to go to airport back to Miri.

Thanks Ummu...for your kind gesture. Hope we can meet and spent a longer time next time.

Mak isah MIL is like a mother to Mak isah as now both Mak isah parents are in heaven.
I will always cherish the times I've had with my late mom. And for my MIL and for all those of you mothers out there 'A Very Happy Mother's Day' ( hope it is not too late to wish).

Love you all, Goodnight!