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Saturday, October 31, 2009

180. Saturday in KK

So we are going back to Miri tonight at 9pm flight. We had to be at the airport 2 hours before though, because we are using Air Asia.

Today we were quite tired as we had been walking and walking in plazas & wismas window shopping for the last 2 days. So this morning we were lazing for a while in our room before going out again for a short spree at some of the supermarkets nearby.

Aya lying on in one of our unmade beds reading this morning newspaper.

Noormy spending sometime with her 'facebook'.

I decided to ask the front desk how late we can check out of our room as our flight is quite late. We will take a taxi at 6pm to the airport.

Will post again soon...


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Friday, October 30, 2009

179. To KK

My last post was last Sunday, and then Monday came, things began happening so fast.

Tuesday came, by Wednesday night I was in Kota Kinabalu

It was like this...

I couldn't sleep very well on Sunday night and got worsen by Monday night. It was one of those days when a mother worry too much about her children. And I did worry about Aya and Nono who had decided to go to Kota Kinabalu for a holiday all on their own. They have been once to KK but with me and now they are going on their own. I must be seeing too much 'Criminal Investigation' on tv, I saw a recent one about 2 young girls who went to India and got held captive by some Indian gangsters.

So, with that reason I ended up going with them again this time. Call me stupid huh?

Any way, all things arranged, we are now staying at 'Best Western Kinabalu Daya Hotel' in KK. We arrived on Wednesday night at 1030pm. We were late arriving and what we needed at that moment was a good clean up and a good bed to sleep.

My first impressin of our room was small but after 2 nights there I began to like the place. I'd say a ten for their good hospitality even though the food was just 'okay'. I am talking about the buffet breakfast of course.

Coming back to the room we were staying in. I like it's bathroom best. It is small but they decorate it in such a way that it looks bigger than it was.
I like the tiles near the sink

I like a clean toilet whenever I stay in a hotel. It is first priority to me.

Next to the toilet the shower room is divided by only a glass wall. They put this instead of putting up a shower curtain and I think it was a good idea.

Well, Wednesday night we arrived late so there was not much to do except clean up and ate some sandwiches that I brought from home.

And then tucked ourselves in these beds...

Today I am still, yes, we are still in KK...

And there are more to tell and more pictures to post soon...

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

178. Stepping Stones

My feet!

Yes for quite a while I had not been to 'City Fan'. Today I went with Aya. I wanted to exercise my two feet on the stones. And I wanted to give my two feet some more exercise even after the foot reflexology I had yesterday morning. And I did. The stones (as you can see in the picture) are of many types. Many types means the stones were arranged differently, more protruding means more pressure on the soles of one's feet. So here at City Fan there were different patches of the stones. It is advisable that you step on the not so protruding ones when you start and then go to the more protruding ones when the soles of your feet feels much 'warmer'. I said warmer because you will be surprised after you step on the easier stones, you will feel more comfortable stepping on the more protruding stones.

Try it. Not only elderly people come to step on these stones, I noticed there were younger people too, even the children seemed to love doing it. It should be fun for the family to try it!

I felt much better after half an hour doing it. I sweat too and that is a good sign to me. The sole of my right foot wasn't feeling as painful. So I should go there whenever I can :)

Since we are on the subject to Miri City Fan, let me talk a little about it. Honestly, I feel proud of this place.

It is a 10.4 hectare park which includes a promenade, parkland, an amphitheater, musical fountain, a library and cultural center and some various gardens. It is a nice place to stroll in cool evenings after a stressful day at work or housework. On weekends like today 'City Fan' is a popular place with people and their families.

Some views of the place..

The Seahorses are mascots of Miri town

The photos above are courtesy of this website Read more of Miri City Fan.

Have a wonderful evening.


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

177. One Of Those Days

Of late I seemed to be eating a lot of 'Roti Canai' & 'Kari Kambing' at the usual 'Al-Asna Restoran' in town. However, this morning I was a little wee disappointed with their service.

I arrived there and sat down at one of the tables inside the shop. I looked at my watch and saw it was 9.45am. I usually sit down under a turning fan when it was a hot day. Like I did this morning. As I entered the shop the Indian man behind the roti canai counter said,' Hello kakak, mau makan apa?' I said,' Satu roti canai double'. Then I sat down and waited for one of the girls to ask what drink do I want. No one came. When it was 10.05am, I raised my hand and one of the girls looked at me and I said,' Satu teh, kenapa tak ada orang tanya saya o..?' My roti canai arrived and I had to wait another 8 minutes for my drink to arrive. Pretty disappointing. I know it was still early and all the girls were busy with something but asking the next person at another table who arrived later than me, was a little too much. Hmmm... am I getting too sensitive? I said to myself loll...

I know it is all right to laugh about this now, but it wasn't at all so funny then, you know...plus I was pretty hungry and very thirsty at that time.

Anyway, I left the shop at 10.30am after phoning June and head to my 'usual' reflexology shop at Bintang Mega Mall. I had a total blissful feet massage done by June for a whole hour there. While massaging my feet, June chatted cheerfully about herself to me. On their LSD screen 'G.I.Joe' was playing. It really made my day. I forget what happened earlier on.

I left the shop at 12.15pm. Now to go up to Parkson Grand to buy Zu's flask. She've asked me to look around and buy one for her.

As I was heading towards the entrance to Parkson, I saw quite a number of promotions going on at the ground floor. One was a kiosk selling some badges, keychain & lockets in conjunctions of the 'Breast Cancer Awareness'. A lot of leaflets were also handed out. This was organised by the 'Breast Cancer Welfare Association' and buying those items means indirectly donating and proudly supporting women with breast cancer in Malaysia. This is good, I said. I bought a keychain and a locket. Very cute too.

The keychain & the Locket

Having got Zu's flask I headed to the car park and later head for home.

It was 2pm when I arrived home.

That's my day.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

176. A Cold Case

I had just updated my mozilla fox & was reading this news at BBC about this MURDER CASE. Imagine, a cold case of 14 years solved. The murderer was then only 20 years old when he killed an innocent 30 year old mother of two.
It reminds me of all the cold cases that I saw and still a great fan of CI (Criminal Investigation) on Astro tv. Watching all these cases always alert me that they can happen anywhere, to anyone, even me.

Be safe.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wheww... I spent half of the night watching 'You Think You Can Dance' on YouTube. This is the latest season and I love this young guy Joshua Allen. He caught my eyes the minute he walked in for the audition in Dallas. I mean I watched him on AXN of course, he he...

Can you imagine some one so foreign can dance the Indian dance? And it was a dance from my favourite Indian films called 'Om Shanti Om'. He partnered well with Katee. They have chemistry and makes a brilliant dance couple!

Just watch!

And here they were doing a beautifulll...Contemporary


Monday, October 19, 2009

174. MarryBrown & Today's Routine

Today is back to routine like any other Mondays. The only thing is, I went out with Alif sending Noormy to work using Joni's car earlier at 130 this afternoon. Halfway to Marriot & Spa we stopped at Morsjaya Servay. Do you know that 'MarryBrown' has opened a small branch there? This has made it easy for me to get the 'Porridge' from there. The bigger branch at Bintang Mega Mall is always crowded with people and until to this day I have not gone there. Too long a queue.

If you want a quiet moment eating 'MarryBrown' go to Servay Morsjaya early part of the afternoon. It will be a little bit more crowded after 4pm or 430pm.

The Porridge was for Alif actually and instead of eating there like the first time, I 'tapau' it home this time.

One Shoplot of MarryBrown at Servay Morsjaya, ground and first floor.

The Porridge RM3.90, no tax.

My routine for today were :-

1. Plan something for Aya to cook before she goes to work. Today, I helped her cooked some tinned 'Sardine'.

2. Let the 5 cats loose and cleaned their littler bins.

3. Laundry.

3. Breakfast with Alif.

4. Bath Alif.

5. Alif's morning nap.

6. Hang clothes on the lines.

7. Lunch.

8. Sent Noormy to work.

9. Back, get the dried clothes from the lines.

10. Alif's afternoon nap (As it is now).

What did you do today?


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

173. Going Out

It's Sunday evening, everyone are out, I feel like going out too... to 'The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf' at Bintang Mega Mall. I'll go early and be there until Aya come off from work at 1030pm.

And that's what I did, been here since 30 minutes ago. I brought along a flask of homemade hot 'Nescafe' so I will just order 'Turkey & Melted Cheddar Cheese' which I had wanted to eat. I know the place don't allow outside food, I just thought a flask of drink is all right. Besides, I ordered some of their food he he...

I found a comfortable seat, took out my BENQ and plug in the plug into the socket and on my laptop. I wanted to blog in peace and concentrate in it for a couple of hours. A bit difficult if I am at home doing it at this hour, because there will be the 'Bulletin Utama' at TV3 on full blast. The thing is I could have done blogging this afternoon but I slept almost the early part of the afternoon. Same on Saturday too, I slept in the afternoon and did not go out at all. I felt tired towards the weekend but today feels invigorated.

Turkey & Melted Cheddar Cheese RM17.00

You can see the melted cheese? The only thing is... too much melted cheese makes the taste too salty. Luckily I have my flask of hot nescafe with me, otherwise I couldn't finish the whole bread he he...
I'll try some other dishes on the gourmet corner next time.

You can imagine how comfortable I am lol... makes me not want to get up and leave...legs up on a chair and my back is stuffed with cushions :)

I hope you are enjoying yourselves too on this nice Sunday evening.


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

172. Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali to friends and Malaysians, may the light shines on us regardless of race & religion.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

171. A Function

We (Noormy, Zu & Alif & myself) spent almost the whole day at Parkcity Everly Hotel Miri last Sunday. It was to attend a charity event organised by the 'Soroptimist International Miri'. The function was held at 'D'Pavilion', an 'okay' function but the turnout was poor. Most of the tables were empty, we had one table all to ourselves but I guessed most of the tickets were sold. We were the onlookers that day.

So maybe I'll just show off some pictures which I managed to take during and before the function. Well, the function was no different from any others, there was the 'Sorotimist Pledge' being read by the members, then a welcome speech by the organising chairlady bla bla bla...only then some few activities were fitted in.

Noormy & Alif looking bored before the function.

Before function and activities started...

Zu getting into queue to get her nails manicured for only RM10.

Noormy too had her nails manicured.

I had a go too in the 'Tarian Poco-Poco' . Hmm... it looked easy but mind you, it's not!

Foodwise, we were served Brunch. These were an array of fruits at the very end table. I didn't have time to snap the main menu as I was too busy eating, lol... I was too hungry as I didn't take breakfast before going there ha ha...

Cold Iced Kacang Cendol

Some Salads

Tired but happy...

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

170. An Afternoon Snack

Oh, so quenching right?

That was 'Limau Kasturi & Asamboy Juice', especially good to drink on a hot day.

Limau Kasturi & Asamboy Juice

If you want an afternoon snack, drop by at 'Stall No.5' just behind the 'Sin Liang Supermarket' in Miri. This stall is my favourite. There are lots of other stalls of course.

Air Buang Panas. That's what it is called, supposed to be good to take away body heat.

Rojak Sotong with Dried Tauhu.

Rojak Sotong with Kangkong.

I can't live without chillies, and chillies it is that I asked to eat with those 'Rojak'.

If you are in Miri, try it there. It is cheap and the 'Taukeh' is generous with the food and clean with the preparation.


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