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Sunday, September 27, 2009

159. Sushi King

If you are at Bintang Mega Mall, Sushi King has recently opened there. Once seated you will be served with a free flow of 'Green Tea'.

Green Tea

This drink looks so delicious that I ordered it.

Fruche Blueberry RM8.90

There are many varieties of sushi you can choose from. These were some that I tried.

Golden Ball RM4

Philadelphia Maki Rm4

Chuka Chinmiseason Scallops RM5

Chuka Iidako RM6

And this one I forgot to jot down the name, but by the plate colour which is pink it costs RM4

What's unique about this place is that the food in the plates goes roung and round and you can just pick a plate that you fancy and pays later by the colour of the plates.

And you have to know how to use the 'Chopsticks'. Even Alif learned how to get fed with a pair of chopsticks ha ha...

Try eating at 'Sushi King' if you're in Miri.


Monday, September 21, 2009

158. First Day of Hari Raya

First day of Hari Raya was such a busy day. That was yesterday. Besides receiving guests coming in the late morning I made sure we have a session of get-together among my immediate family for a 'Ziarah Session' where each of us asked for forgiveness among each other or says something positive and encouraging for the coming year. We did this session after the morning 'Hari Raya Prayers' and just before friends come to visit around 11am or 12noon on the first day. This practice has been going on since the children were small and they love it until today because during the session they still received their long awaiting 'angpow' from me and hubby :p

We started with Zu, our eldest daughter

Then it was Farouk, our second child

Sometimes a hug feels nice and warm

Then it was Aya's turn, my 3rd daughter

She's always as naughty :)

My youngest girl came next, Noormy

And the most 'manja' of all

Even grandson 'Alif' knows his share of 'Angpow' :)

Last but not least not forgetting 'Yours Truly' :)

Some family group photos...

We wish you a very happy Raya.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

157. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

To all Muslims & friends, have a joyous and peaceful 'Hari Raya Puasa'

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

156. KFC Iced Lemon Tea

I don't know why but suddenly for the whole day I craved to drink the 'KFC Iced Lemon Tea' ha ha ha... It was hot today and when one is fasting one craved for liquids more than food, especially me. I did taste the 'KFC Iced Lemon Tea' once and I find it very quenching and taste more 'lemon' than 'tea'.

I told my youngest daughter Noormy about it, and she offered to bike down to the KFC at Jalan Bendahara to buy me one. I think it was really sweet of her :) It was around 6pm when she rode down on her motorbike and it was at 645pm when she finally came back home. Not only she bought 2 cups of 'Iced Lemon Tea' for me but she also bought 2 sets of 'KFC Dinner Plate' for the whole family to share.

It was a feast with my family during 'Berbuka Puasa' this evening, besides all the KFC food, there were the food prepared by Aya and me too, like 'Ikan Pari Asam Pedas', 'Mushroom with Daun Bawang', 'Bitter Gourd' cooked with eggs and 'Fried Eggs with Baked Beans'.

I used to drink 'Iced Lemon Tea' elsewhere and find they weren't as good but now I find the KFC Iced Lemon Tea not bad at all.

KFC Iced Lemon Tea

KFC Dinner Plate


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

155. Frustrating

It is frustrating when I couldn't get in the Internet because 'Streamyx' is down for the last couple of days. IE just refused to open.

Right now I am catching when my Streamyx seems okay, as I am not sure when it isn't okay again.

I am using a wireless network connection and my other 3 girls are sharing one modem with me, so all 4 of us can't surf at all as well. I wonder if upgrading my streamyx will help at all or not.

Hopeful I can blog properly soon.


Friday, September 11, 2009

154. My Simple Ginger Beef

Besides beef cooked with Soy sauce or with Tomato sauce or made into soup, lately my family began to like eating 'Ginger Beef'. Hubby came home, bought so much beef for the coming 'Hari Raya Puasa' that I decided to cook some 'Ginger Beef' today. This is a very simple recipe of mine :)

My cooked Ginger Beef in a pot

Slice thinly 1 lb of meat, washed and sieved

Ground into a 'lesong' some small onions and some garlic. You can also ground some ginger if you want more flavour.

Sliced thinly some ginger

Heat up a wok and pour 2 tablespoons cooking oil. Add in the grounded ingredients. Stir. Add in the meat. Stir, focusing on browning all the redness from the meat. Add in some soy sauce. Cook until meat is tender, be sure not to run out of liquid so burning will not occur.

Mix 2 tablespoons of corn starch in a small amount of water at very end of cooking. Pour slowly and stir quickly.

Add in the sliced ginger and some sliced red chillies (optional).

Add salt and aji to taste.


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

153. Bersantai

I wanted to eat some 'Durian Puffs' and drink hot 'Teh' around 730pm earlier on. So, after a shower I asked my daughter to accompany me drive downtown. After buying the puffs at Bintang Mega Mall, we were in search for a good place to drink with it when my eyes caught sight of the sign 'Sajian Warisan'. I told my daughter let's try this place. We had both wanted to go to the eatery but never did in the past.

The sign, as I entered the gate.

Once I parked the car at the parking space, we walked inside another entrance to the eating place.

The Entrance inside the Parking Space

I noticed the sitting places are in an open space and they are quite cute, like this one in the picture below. It is like a 'Pondok' sort of, where you can take off your shoes and sit on the floor while eating (This was taken in dim light but if you click on the image to enlarge maybe you'd know what I meant :) I noticed they named the pondok like 'P4', 'P3', 'P2' and so on. Besides these so called 'pondoks' I can find other ordinary tables and chairs too. Both me and my daughter sat in 'P3'. I find the place breezy plus with a fan blowing and it was nice sitting down there talking while eating.

The 'Pondok' where we sat

We were both not very hungry so we didn't order any rice. Noormy ordered a 'Vanilla Shake' and ate 'Jellyfish Salad' and a plate of 'French Fries''

Vanilla Shake (RM4.00)

Jellyfish Salad (RM6.00). Sorry for the poor image, I focused it poorly.

The 'Sambal' to dip in the jellyfish with.

French Fries (RM3.00)

I drank a hot mug of 'Teh Tarik' , munched my 'Durian Puffs' and ate a bowl of 'Indonesian Bakso' .

Indonesian Bakso (RM5.50)

Now, that was a good ' bersantai' for both of us :)


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

152. Rock Biscuit

This 'Rock Biscuit' is among one of the first biscuits made for the coming 'Hari Raya Puasa' in my house. I'd like to have biscuits if homemade those the children and Alif would eat. Though I did buy 2 types of biscuits that I can add to the serving tray later on.

Rock Biscuits baked in the tray

This is one of my old recipes, hence why it is weigh in ounces instead of grams. Aya helped baked the other day.

7 ozs butter or planta
4 1/2 ozs fine sugar
1 egg
7 ozs sifted plain flour ( add more if you want the dough harder)
1 box black raisins
pinch of salt

Optional : Small paper cups

Cream butter and sugar until light. Add sifted flour and egg. Add salt. Mix well.
Add flour until the dough leaves the sides of bowl or able to be made into a round ball. Fold in the black raisin and mix well again.
With a fork dig and scoop a small ball of the dough into a paper cup. Continue to do so until tray is full.
Oven is preheat to 180 degrees. Bake for 20 minutes or until biscuits are slightly brown.

Cool and store in a glass jar.

Happy biscuit making for Raya!


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