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Sunday, October 21, 2012

456. Fitting In

I do not know when it was that I really sat down and thought about how I looked in front of others.

One thing, I know very well that I was gradually putting on weight since...I do not really know exactly when. Subconsciously aware of it, I tried briskwalking and it was on and off.  And the weight is still creeping on me. I am someone like when I have set doing something and enjoyed it then it will just go on and on. So why didn't I go on and on about my briskwalking? I didn't enjoyed it!  I felt that I had to do my briskwalking to lose weight. Which is just isn't me .

A week after Hari Raya Aidil Eid, Noormy my youngest daughter messaged me from work and said,' Mom, help me. I really really want to lose weight. Can you find some aerobic classes going on in town? I really don't like what I see when I stand in front of the mirror.' So off I went. I just had to help her.  She wants to lose weight and look good in her wedding attire in the near future.

I am very familiar about aerobic classes and how I think it should be conducted. There weren't many in town, not like in the olden days...my days :D It seemed such a long time ago (when I was working full time)  since I last did my aerobics.

I came to this cardio and dance fitness class who called themselves 'Misa Luvi Cardio and Dance Fitness Centre'. I like it and the 3 girls who are sisters running the studio are very friendly. And the payment is reasonable. Of all 3 places the I went I like this one.

Well, to cut the story short not only Noormy and Aya goes there now.  I do too LOL..Three times a week.  And has been going there for the last 2 months.

Regardless of my age(can you imagine me a Senior dancing with all these young girls?)  , I find I enjoy doing aerobics and dancing. It made me feel young and more energetic. Losing weight just flow with it. I didn't think or worry too much on that aspect because I know I am losing weight gradually now. 

So for those of you out there..who has been wondering where MI has disappeared to. This is what I have been doing. Fitting my aerobic classes into one of my everyday regime just like cooking for the family.

I needed time to get my perspective right ha ha...

Below is one example of the dance routine that we do at the studio (as shown in the video). I hope you can view it.

If you can't, just go to your YOU TUBE, search for MISA LUVI, definitely you can find this studio that I go to.

So if you are in Miri, come and join us. Let's have some fun while losing weight!

This studio is for everybody regardless of age!

Love you all!