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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

431. Eating on Boxing Day

Last Boxing Day was my 60th birthday. I know..this is a past dated post but December has always been a very special month of the year for me. It is my youngest daughter (Noormy) birthday, my Persian cat. Wiwi's birthday and especially it is my birthday month! ...and well, now can I imagine this? I am 60 years old!

Yet..my heart still remains as young LOL..

This year's birthday I spent a day out with Aya my 3rd daughter, who was off on that day. I planned the day just doing nothing.

Yet both of us ate so much on that day :D

We ate 'Sushi King' at Bintang Mega Mall, sat there for hours eating and talking comfortably.

Sushi that we ate... ( I hope you like sushi)

I ordered this 'Vanilla Icecream Shake' . I was so thirsty and it was delicious!

We both drank a whole jug of this hot 'Green Tea'

Some more sushi.. these 'Golden Eggs' was so filling...

I like this one, it had a taste of crab eggs, some salmon, rice, cheese and mayonaise, stripped cucumber and wrapped with seaweed skin.

Just imagine, we sat in the sushi restaurant from 2pm until 4pm. Before that we were at Servay Hypermarket shopping for jeans, slacks & jackets with hoods (which I can't find any cheaper in Miri).

At 430pm we drove to Permymall near Emart a good distance from town. Permymall is a new supermarket which has a big 'Giant supermarket' in it.

My legs were aching and my buttocks were sore due to walking and walking in the buildings.

It was 630pm when we both decided to go back. But not before we stopped at the new 'Singapore Chicken Rice Xpress' restaurant near the Permymall entrance and
ate all these....

Both of us drank Hot Tea and Iced Barley water.

Gosh, weren't we so very full!


[tErOmPaH bIrU] said...

biar betolll.. 60th birthday kah?! :)
Mak Isah ROCK LAHHH ;D sik da alu jak cam 60th.. siyesss!!! :D

Apa2 pun, Biru doakan semoga rahmat dan kaseh sayang Allah Taala ya akan sentiasa bersama Mak Isah.. semoga Allah kurniakan kesihatan yang terbaek utk Mak Isah.. panjang umor.. murah rezeki.. selamat dan bahgia dunia & akhirat :D


Puan Isah said...


hisshh..rock indahh..

Makasih sayang, atas doa restu Biru ya..

Love owes :D