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Friday, December 23, 2011

430. Alif's Usu Birthday

On Noormy's 22nd birthday  we stayed one night at Marriot & Spa Resort Miri. It was fun doing it with the girls and especially Alif my only grandson. 

He refers to the hotel at his 'Usu house' ha ha...reason, Noormy works there. He prefers this hotel rather than the one we stayed in KK.

See...there he was up and sitting on the bed he shared with his mom Zu, watching Disneys channel at Astro. 

Then he will go to the other bed and cuddled up with his 'Usu' (aunt) for a while.

Zu cooked some food to bring to the hotel and eat in the room that evening. I told Zu, let's cook and bring some food for Noormy when we checked in at 12noon. Noormy would be hungry after her night duty the night before and she had checked in earlier that morning after off duty from night shift.

Well,  Zu cooked homemade fried chicken wings...
Zu cooked fried Bihoon

Not enough of those Zu ordered room service for these food ha ha...memang kuat makan!

Besides getting an angpow of RM200 from us, Noormy got a new watch as well.

The beach at Marriot & Spa Resort Hotel has quite a view...

Alif with his mom Zu enjoying Korean music over his headphones near the poolside.

Alif after a swim with Auntie Aya.

Around 8pm that night birthday girl was out with us having dinner.

Eating her favorite dish, 'Lamb Chop'!

This 'TomYam' dish which I had was delicious!

 Zu's dish 'Bihoon Soup' was not as good.

Rise and shine early in the morning, after a good night sleep.

But the rest were lazy bumps LOL...

So, quietly Noormy and me...we ordered room service for breakfast...Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Chicken Fingers and my favorite Marriots' Bubor'

Then it was time to go back home after check out from the hotel.

Alif asking 'When he can go to his Usu's house again??

Happy Birthday Usu!



Small Kucing said...

mmmm sedapnya all the food especially the chicken wings

Puan Isah said...

Small Kucing - And chicken wings are Mak Isah's children also!

Do enjoy this Christmas season with friends dear :)

Have a good holiday!

[tErOmPaH bIrU] said...

Happy belated birthday Noormy :) best nyaaa dpt lepaking kat Marriott cam ya.. Ingot la kmk org geng2 pernah lepaking sekali ri ya.. Paling best dpt swimming kat pool sia hehe.. Ingin agik lah :D bilaaa ohhh hihi...

Puan Isah said...

thank you biru...dah padah ngan Noormy tek :D

auk best lepak kat Matahari Pool ya. Ada peluang gi jumpa Noormy kat front desk lepak gik kat Marriot ah, he he..