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Monday, January 9, 2012

433. My Favorite Fruit

For the past 1 week my kitchen has smells of only DURIAN the King Fruit!

I think it's Durian craze in Sarawak. How about in the Semenanjung, I wonder? :D

This is among one of my favorite fruits, although none of my family members eat this fruit as much as I do ha ha... Can you imagine the smell of Me now?

As Aya says,' Oma and her Durian!' :p

I cannot resist these...can you??

I love them raw... and except for Noormy the rest of the family only love them made into Fried 'Tempoyak'.

So I did that too... Do you eat Fried 'Tempoyak'?
This afternoon too I had opened up 5 more Durians and made some more 'Tempoyak' . Hubby came back from Bekenu & Niah and bought some more of it. In Miri town they are selling by kilogram, that means weighing and it can goes up to RM15 - RM20 per kilo. With skin and all! But if you go to these rural areas you can buy 4 buah Durian for RM15 only.

And hubby is good in bargaining :D

So let Mak isah open up this January of the New Year 2012 of the Dragon with the King Fruit.


p/s. To make 'Tempoyak, just peel off flesh of the Durian into a container, add salt and sugar to taste. I keep my container of Durian out for a day before storing it into my fridge.

To fry, in a pan of some hot cooking oil, add some grounded small red onions, some garlic and red chillies. Add some anchovies or even fresh peeled prawns.

Add the amount of Tempoyak you need and stir well. Add salt & sugar to taste.

Enjoy with your other dishes.


Small Kucing said...

I like it raw too...i mean eaten fresh...not make into pastry or food.

Puan Isah said...

Niceee...sama la kita Small Kucing :D

EmbunRosaliza said...

Assalam opuan isah, bestkan durian saya sangat suke, kat semenanjung pun musim durian dan tersangat murah, ada juga yg jual per kg

mira said...

Mama Isah..
Bila nak makan sama nie.
want to meet u in person laaaa.. :)
lets make a date! :)

Nur68 said...

As'salam Mak Isah

it's my top favourite fruit, can eat it raw and cooked. But I have yet to make a durian cheesecake, recipe dah ada tp 2 - 3 jak nak molah.

Have a nice day Mak Isah. Love n hugs..

[tErOmPaH bIrU] said...

wahhh.. tempoyak laaa!! nyum.. nyummm :D
sangat suka musim durian coz dpt makan durian ngan tempoyak goreng dengan suka hati nya hehe..
Kalu ada tempoyak goreng mesti Biru carik telor hitam.. suka makan 2 menu ya ngan nasik panas~ panas~ ;)
dah sudah! lapar sudahhh~ haha..

Puan Isah said...

Walakumsalam Rosa! Apa kabar? Selamat Tahun Baru.
Saya pasti kalau kat semenanjung musim durian jugak, mesti amat murah dari yang ada disini kan? :D

Wah Rosa suka durian jugak! seronok!

Puan Isah said...

Mira sweetie, hish, mak isah bila2 pun available ni, call jer..kan mira ada hp # mak isah?

Makan durian sama-sama he he.. :D

Puan Isah said...

Nurrr...wahhh...durian cheesecake! mesti sedap! Tolong kongsi resipi kat blog Nur boleh tak?

Mak isah kalo kena mengena dgn durian semua ngapp punye!

Jangan tak buat kek tau!

Love you bunch my dear :D

Puan Isah said...

Auk Biru, mak isah seminggu minggu tok dah makan tempoyak goreng ngan nasi, pa lagi makin bulat jak rasa badan eh he he...

O...makan tempoyak ngan telor hitam? Pandei juak biru makan telor hitam ya oo...ya mak isah makan dengan hirisan halia & sos tomato.

Mak biru mesti ada molah tempoyak masa tok kan kan? :D

Salam sayang.