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Saturday, June 16, 2012

447. When Frying Fish

MI doesn't like frying fish. That's one thing in cooking that MI hates. It makes my kitchen messy and there's cooking oil smell everywhere he he...

When Zu my eldest daughter have not moved out yet, MI always ask her to fry the fish and MI will cook the other food. If not her, then hubby will do the frying.  And he's good at it. Good means the fish doesn't got stuck to the oil when you try to get it out. But still, my kitchen got messy.

Lately Zu has moved out, so now MI is 'minus' one 'pembantu'.  Today I have to fry some 'Ikan Pasong' because MI wants to eat them fried :p

MI started to think hard how hubby does it. MI noticed he always uses very little oil and the fire very low. That's exactly what MI did, and Wallaaaa...no more sticking to my pan. But still messy :(  even when MI placed some old newspaper around the pan.

MI cooked the rest of the food first,  cooked 'Sayur Petola' & the ' Beef Soup'.  All done, then MI got ready to fry the fish.  I like to use lots of  'Adabi Turmeric Powder' over the fish and some salt.

I think hubby uses less oil than MI did ha ha...
MI made the fire low, and really made the cooking oil hot before placing the fish in.  The fish took 'sometime' to get fried.  So at the same time MI did my laundry.  MI will know if one side of the fish is cooked, that's  when I could easily scoop it to turn to the other side.

Hishh, macam belajar memasak dalam kindergarten pulak.  Tapi betul ni...before MI uses a lot of oil for frying, macam 'deep fried'.

Tapi kalau goreng macam ni, less oil, more economical, sedap tah pulak, lebih garing!

              "Ikan Pasong Goreng'

Bila dah ada ikan goreng macam ni, MI tak nak Sup dah...makan kering jer...
Dengan nasi panas, sayur petola dan ikan goreng dah cukup !




Ummu Fatihah said...

Assalamualaikum mak isah,

Hanya satu perkataan...


Small Kucing said...

Lol 2 x 5 with me. I tak suka goreng mengoreng ni. kawan baru bagi says one Happy Call Pan. belum "opening ceremony" to dengar khabar hcp ni vagus untyk mengoreng. tak de asap.

Puan Isah said...

waalaikumsalam Ummu,

Selamat Pagi :) Thank you! Thank you!

Puan Isah said...

Small Kucing - LOL sama la kita :D Aih betul takde asap??

Let me know bila dah ada hcp tu kuar nanti!