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Sunday, June 10, 2012

444. Insyallah

Today genap dekat 2 bulan MI tak masuk blogging. Betul-betul rasa bersalah ni.... :)

But MI is still the same, alive and kicking.  MI owe you all ONE big apology for not coming here and letting you all know MI is fine ok.

For that, MI so very sorry.

MI still love you all!

p/s.  First thing MI did just now when first entering  here, was to change the image of this blog.  Doing it , MI made a promise to myself that this time MI will go slow in whatever MI does from now on..

Do take care, MI will see you in the next post?  Insyallah..

This is MI favorite cake. It's called 'Kek Hati Pari', a popular cake in Sarawak & this was baked by MI eldest daughter ZU. MI loves eating slices of it with a hot cup of tea in the evenings :)



Small Kucing said...

Welcome back mak isah ;)

TK said...

Miss u mak isah!

Ummu Fatihah said...

Assalamualaikum Mak Isah,

Tiba mu amat ditunggu.. :)

Tak apa Mak Isah. That's life. We will have our own priority for others especially our love ones but as the time goes, we will always come back to our own personal passion.

So, biar jarang- jarang menjenguk kat sini, asal jgn berhenti terus.

We all love you Mak Isah... :)

Nur68 said...

Assalamualaikum MI

I missed you and your postings MI, kamek balit Miri last cuti gawai..thot of saying hai to you but you were so quiet I was wondering apa kabar MI owh...Alhamdulillah..good to have you back....kamek pun dah slow blogging...so many things at the moment...

Take care MI...n keep on blogging ya...

Love n hugss....

Puan Isah said...

My dearest blogger friends, Oh dear, my eyes were filled with tears just reading your comments here saying you all miss MI. Sooo niceee to know :D
Thanks dears, for the very warm welcome back!

Puan Isah said...

Small Kucing - MI always notice you'd be the first to comment and even though MI didn't comment on your blog, you always does here in MI blog. MI thinks that was really BIG of you to do that.


p/s. MI admit MI seldom commented in most of the blogs MI blogwalked, MI read them and only commented when necessary or appropriate. ONE THING for sure is MI always, always enjoy reading them!

Puan Isah said...

TK! Did you and family enjoyed the school holidays?
MI doakan semuga TK dan keluarga sentiasa didalam keadaan sihat dan ceria :D

MI miss you too TK,

Salam Sayang.

Puan Isah said...

Waalaikumsalam Ummu, faham benar Ummu dengan perasaan MI ye, terharu MI ni...
True, blogging is one of MI great passion since starting this blog. Pabila tak sempat2 jenguk kat sini, rasa bersalah betul MI.

Alhamdulillah..rupa-rupa nya kawan2 blogger faham dengan MI.

Terima kasih Ummu for the LOVe.

Puan Isah said...

Waalaikumsalam Nur, Aduhhh..betul Nur datang ke Miri? Sayang tak kesempatan ketemu Nur.

Lain kali email je kat MI di blindperfect@yahoo.com MI akan bagi hp # k :)

U2 take care yea, dan terus kan blogging selepas 'so many things at the moment' tu dah reda sikit he he..

Huggs dear Nur