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Sunday, September 19, 2010

334. Brisk Walking again

With all the rich food during Hari Raya, I kind of feel bloated and uncomfortable so I decided to resume my exercise routine again - briskwalking at Cityfan ( my usual exercise place). I went last Thursday and yesterday, Saturday. Today I am off and felt much better :)

Miri Cityfan is a nice place to brisk walk in the evenings. Others come here to jog or just walk with families and children.
It is called Cityfan because it is a unique fan shaped (when viewed from the air) urban civic park. It is a safe place to exercise and walk because there are a number of security guards with trained dogs around the place.

Some of the settings one can see at Miri Cityfan :-

This is where I brisk walked and some people jogged or just walked.

The pathways runs under shady big trees near the ponds

Children busy feeding fishes in the pond

Or you can just sit down and have a chat or eat titbits where you can buy at nearby stalls

This is on the other side of the pathway. In the middle, below there is a flat platform. This is usually used for stage shows or concerts.
Children enjoyed playing there too

This is one side of the above picture. Just imagine that the pathway for my briskwalking goes in a large square shape.

And for someone as old as me, I can do 4 rounds of brisk walking non-stop LOL...

I feel much better already :p

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reanaclaire said...

wow..Puan,i also wanna walk la... after a weekend of makan nonstop too.. i feel like bloated.. kenyang!

CikLilyPutih said...

alamak lama tak jogging.. harus kene buat nie

Puan Isah said...

You are right reanaclaire, same here! I just NEED to move these muscles :)

Puan Isah said...

Ha ha saya tak larat jogging CikLily...briskwalk je :p