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Monday, September 27, 2010

337. A Happy Birthday

My children asked me,' Ma, what shall we do on Pa's birthday?'. I answered,' He likes to eat at SCR (Singapore Chicken Rice) Restaurant, so we invite him to eat there'. I know hubby didn't like sitting in big expensive restaurants where we have to be on guard on our eating ethics, so I suggested this moderate affordable eating place. Plus, if we go out he loves eating SCR.

Mak Isah feels this post is a little bit personal than the rest, nevertheless Mak Isah still wants to share...so bear with Mak Isah ok :))

Aya & Noormy took the time to buy a birthday cake for their dad

'Baca doa' & singing a birthday song, wishing a 'Wish' & blowing the candle

Makan Time :)

'Singapore Chicken Rice'

The Chicken that goes with each plate of rice

Thai Sauced Bean Curd

Chicken Nuggets

Seafood Baby Kailan

One for the Album, Zu and Alif

My 4 'Jewels' :)

My Doted Grandson :)

Thank You for Sharing!


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reanaclaire said...

Such happy gathering! Happy Birthday to your husband... sure he looks happy..

Lady of Leisure said...

salam mak isah.. happy birthday to your husband.. moga sentiasa diberkati Allah..

ummufatihah said...

SAlam Mak Isah...

So sweet...

Saya suka tengok keluarga Mak Isah.. Doakan saya pun diberi Allah peluang untuk menikmatinya suatu hari nanti... Melihat anak2 dewasa dan cucu yang comel... And not to forget, a very sporting better half.. :)

Luciana Gunawan said...

Happy Bday to your hubby Puan..all the best !!!

Cake tu mcm sedaaappp je... ;)

mNhL said...

Happy B'day to your hubby.

That's a nice family gathering.

CH Voon said...

Happy birthday to your husband!

Happy family :)

mira said...

hi mama isah!!

Happy birthday to ur hubby! :) semoga panjang umur ya.. :) May God bless him and his family. Take care mama isah.. am now in labuan nie.. working here a week.. penat..:( be back this friday. :)

Puan Isah said...

reanaclaire, it was :)
Thank you for the bday wish. He wasn't only happy but also laughing shyly ha ha...why? because as soon as he sat (we asked him to come a bit later) we all sang him a birthday song with eyes from the nearby tables looking he he...

Puan Isah said...

Salam Lady :) Thanks dear for the bday wish and doa.


Puan Isah said...

Salam Ummu :) Terima kasih..

Mudah mudahan...mak isah sentiasa doakan Ummu diberkati dan diberi Allah peluang SETIAP HARI untuk menikmati betapa nikmat nya hidup dalam sebuah keluarga yang bahagia, bertolak ansur dan erat diantara satu sama lain...

Sporting? he..he...a'ah..setuju..memang sporting :p

Puan Isah said...

Thank you Luciana :) for the wish.

My 2 girls are chocolate crazy, so they only want to order anything chocolaty he he...that's 'Double chocolate cake with berries'. Those dark round balls are real berries. Everything on top of that cake can be eaten except that red rose ha ha...the cake sedap and chocolaty!

Puan Isah said...

Thank you mNhL :) yes it was a nice family gathering.

Puan Isah said...

Thanks CH !

Puan Isah said...

Hi Mira dear!
Thank you for the wish sweetie :)
In Labuan? Hey you take care too over there ok? Come home safe,

Don't work too hard!

TK said...

Happy to see your happy family :)
Happy Birthday to your hubby!!
Gambar2 Mak Isah pun cantik2 dgn camera baru!! Really worth buyinglah camera tu!

Puan Isah said...

Thank you for the wish TK :) About the pics you really think so?? Err mak isah baru2 belajar ambil gambar ni...ada tips bagitau mak isah ok?

yea mak isah suka sangat ngan camera mak isah sekarang, v user friendly...

have a nice weekday!