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Monday, September 20, 2010

335. Sneak Peek

Okeyyy...a 'sneak peek' into my kitchen during 'Hari Raya' and following the 'Laksa Sarawak' that I cooked during 'Hari Raya' :p

I like my kitchen to be spacey and not have too many furniture around. I find it easier to move and walk around.

This first picture is my kitchen area, a dining table with chairs, near it, a sink with a mirror above it to wash our hands and further up are my natural gas stove as well as oven. I have 2 exit doors from there, one door to my right and another door to my left.

And that's Zu helping me peeled up some eggs for my 'Laksa Sarawak' he he...

This is the window near my dining table. You can also see my black oven and microwave oven there :)

That's a little bit of views of my kitchen. You can compare these pictures to my last year's Hari Raya' kitchen pictures (click on kitchen pictures) if you like :)

This year's theme I still chose brown, mixing with white and red (more of maroon) color for the kitchen and my living room. I used simple, cheap, affordable but comfortable furniture and stuffs. It was not a total makeover but just a little spruce up on my part. Things are too expensive nowadays, isn't it? :)

Only my curtains are new this year (of course they will be changed to the previous year's set) once Hari Raya is over so these new curtains can be re used for next year's Hari Raya. I only changed to new curtains after 2 years. Do you do the same thing? :)

My maroon curtain with brown teardrop patches design on it.

Actually this is a space for Alif (my grandson) or for any visitors who has children to sit around. I put no table here, just stools and a tv in front. So, while the adults ate and talked, their children can sit here and watch cartoons.

It looks like this :)

And on top of the tv, I placed some goodies for the children to bring home.

So, on the right, of the tv space, is this sitting room, for the adults to sit of course. As you can see, the curtained door in the middle, is to my kitchen earlier on.

Remember my thrifty buy of photograph frames last year? I placed them here, adding some more family pictures to it... right next to my old antique desktop, near the door to my kitchen.

Mak Isah feels kinda proud of my humble kitchen and living room. I am sure you are proud of yours too!

Once again, thankss for joining in the tour :)


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reanaclaire said...

Looking at your house makes my house look so empty.. :)

mNhL said...

I like the curtains. Very nice.

Alice Phua said...

Wow, nice cosy home. I shudder to think about all the cleaning and arranging that I'll need to do for Chinese New Year next year, some more with a toddler who loves to mess things around. Currently, in my home, it looks like as if angin taufan sudah melanda. My little boy's toys are everywhere. Ask him to pick up his toys, he buat tak dengar, and I sudah penat bercakap.

Puan Isah said...

I don't agree to that statement reanaclaire, I think you are someone who prefers a lot of space and no clutters that is all. I still believe each woman prefers should decorate or have her house the way she wants it - because that's the way she feels most comfortable and at 'home' in it :)

Puan Isah said...

You do? wow...thanks mNhL :) You'll be surprised if I tell you how cheap per metre it cost me he he...

I like it too :)

Puan Isah said...

Thanks Alice :) LOL...angin taufan sudak melanda. Take it easy, by the time next year's CNY comes, Juan Or will be bigger and wiser than today he he...
btw, I saw him feeding his whistling animal candy with your honey stars lol...smart!

I have my 3 year old 'cucu' at home too, that's why I NEED to give him a space in front of the tv to play and watch cartoons :)