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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

356. Asam Pedas with Fresh Turmeric

I didn't want to waste these.

They are turmerics, which hubby brought back home after his drive up to work outstation in Kpg Iran, Subis and Niah last Monday. Usually I use turmeric powder to cook anything with. So today I decided to cook my 'Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal Hitam' with this, instead of it's powdered form.

I didn't have any pineapple in my fridge so I decided to use my stock of dried 'Asam Gelugor' (dried tamarind) for the sour taste.


Okay, the preparation is the same as my usual 'Asam Pedas' except this time it was fresh turmeric instead of powdered form and dried 'Asam Gelugor' instead of pineapple. And I used soaked dried chillies instead of fresh red chillies.


1. Ground 5 - 8 soaked dried chillies, 1 tablespoon belacan (shrimp paste), 6 red shallots, 4 garlic, 2" ginger.

2. Ground 2 1/2" turmeric.

3. Crush 2 stalks of lemon grass.

4. Saute all the above ingredients 1, 2, 3 in a pot.

5. Add some water (Let it boil under moderate fire like above to let all the saute ingredients to well cooked).

6. When boiled, I add in 4 moderate sized dried 'Asam gelugor' (Let it boil again to let the sourish taste to come out).

7. Add in salt and ajinomoto to taste.

8. Add in some cut 'Ikan Bawal Hitam'.

9. Add more water (according to how much soup you want). Bring to the boil.

10. Taste again for salt.

My share of 'Asam Pedas Ikan Bawal Hitam' using fresh turmeric. I like to eat the head part :p

Almost nil I used fresh turmeric. Today I found out fresh turmeric gives the fish soup a more aromatic smell :)

But Noormy still favor my 'Asam Pedas' cooked with pineapple.

After lunch hubby came home bringing not two but three plastic packets of these fresh young corns.

Let me think what to cook them into tomorrow :) any ideas?

Fresh cut young corns


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Kak Rosaliza said...

salam puan isah...bestnya asam pedas

reanaclaire said...

Looks good..i love assam pedas!

Puan Isah said...

Salam Rosa, hai lama tak jumpa, a'ah asam pedas :)

Puan Isah said...

Thank you Claire, it was good. So..you eat makanan pedas too!