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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

352. Mak Isah KK Summary

Mak Isah apologize for this late entry. Due to tiredness from walking and walking in KK, I really need some time to gain back my strength and come back to my normal routine when home ha ha...

How's you all been doing? Miz you all! and the usual blogwalking :)

I will just summarize about my 2 nights' trip to KK with my girls and my grandson Alif... or else you'd all will get bored reading and reading :p

Surprisingly Alif did well for his first trip on a plane. Though at first he clung to his mom's dress when he heard the loud noise the plane engine made when we wanted to board the plane, once seated nearest to the window inside he was all excited and noisy chattering in his language about the plane's wings and when it started to move. The return trip was even easier, he just boarded the plane as if getting inside our car at home :)

Alif, all smiles when we reached the hotel.

When tired he slept like a log

My girls enjoyed themselves

Walking and walking and walking

The hotel was comfortable...with this breathtaking view from the window

We went to 1 Borneo, just in time to catch this beautiful peacock? handmade with these colorful rice as Diwali was just a few days' away

Food was not difficult or expensive to find in KK but only if you know where to eat (that I found out).

We didn't really like the food the hotel Cafeteria has to offer so we prefer eating outside. One of the eating places that we went to eat was our favorite 'Bakso' .

Beef Bakso

Eating Beef Bakso at the Night Market (Aya & Noormy)

Only for RM3 per bowl! (Can you see the price? you may enlarge by clicking on this pic)

Bakso Perut, also for RM3 per bowl only

Have you ever eaten these while in KK? You should try it, they are delicious! Ate them with hot cili padi :p

Alif can't eat those so we brought him his own food and drink

One late afternoon I was craving to eat rice so we tried this new Cafeteria at 'Center Point Sabah'. We were already there in the building so we just went looking for a good eating place and met this 'Super Faezah Cafeteria'.

Super Faezah Cafeteria. It sure looked good with all the food and I was hungry and wanted to eat 'Nasi Campur'


After filling our stomachs with these....

Noormy's Plate of Nasi Campur

My Plate

I got the shock of my life when I saw the bill afterwards!

RM10 for Noormy's plate?? OMG, all my life I have not encountered a plate of 'Nasi Campur' that cost that much!

My plate was RM7, so was Aya's plate and Zu's cost RM6.50.

I vowed never to go back to that cafeteria again

The Bill

Then we 'found' this 'Restoran Annajah' behind our hotel area. Here the food were good and worth it.

Restoran Annajah & Katering

Each for only RM4.50...

Nasi Pattaya ( I can hardly see the rice underneath it :)

Nasi Goreng with 'Telor Mata Lembu'

Kueyteow Goreng

Nasi Campur

At a different shop, Aya & Noormy like this Japanese food called 'Japan Boat Takoyaki' (Fishballs with Cheese)

Our favorites, young coconut drinks!

Our last hour before checking out of the hotel, we let Alif sleep so he wouldn't be too tired later on.

Alif sleeping

This trip has been a different experience for me because Alif came along with us and I have all my 3 girls with me.

With Alif, our walks and window shopping were slowed down a bit. He refused to let his mom (Zu) bathed him. Only Noormy can coaxed him into going in the hotel shower room to take his bath.

Yet overall he has been behaving so well.

This is hardly the short summary that I promised earlier on eh? :)

Mak isah need to crash in bed now, hoping I can visit your blogs (which I had miz so much!) after a few hours sleep k :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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Globalized Dayung said...

I have been to KK and some places in Sabah. The food price is totally expensive compared to Sarawak. If you go to Kudat, the seafood is so cheap, near to the sea. Tawau & Sandakan quite expensive. In KK, I would go to Damai (20 min & near Likas) instead the KK center to find food.

reanaclaire said...

wow..really go jalan jalan cari makan, Puan... glad you enjoyed your holiday.. one thing though.. why do they put plastics onto the claypot? that is not so healthy, is it? esp with the hot soup too.. :)

ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah...

Alhamdulillah Mak Isah dan keluarga menikmati percutian dan kembali dgn selamat...
Selamat kembali berblog ya.. :)

asnah58 said...

Yeh seronoknya puan pegi bercuti. Teringat saya pada 1995 saya berada sebulan di kk kerana berkursus. Makanan yang di masak mahal sedangkan kalau beli sayur, ikan dan seafood sangat2 murah. Anyway i really enjoy in kk. Ada beli muntiara kah puan?

Mrs. Bee said...

Hi Puan..welcome back!!
nampak enjoy ni..good...good...
Cannot tahan see the bakso...errr...i like bakso too... :D

Temuk said...


Tumpang seronok cuti Isah, anak-anak & cucu. Eh, mengapa Encik Abang tak sama ke KK?

Memang seronok jalan-jalan makan angin & makan macam-macam makanan. Apa lagi kalau semuanya menyelerakan dan kosnya rendah.

Gambar-gambar kamera Sony (agak saya) tu amat terang & cantik. Have a nice day!

mNhL said...

Loved your girl's dimples!

Oh my...the nasi campur of RM10 is really cutting throat.

Shenny's mommy said...

Haha, the hotel's bed must be so comfortable that your little grandson slept so soundly. I believe this truly a great experience for him from this trip.

Puan Isah said...

Hello Dency! yes,after reading your comment, mak isah have looked up Damai near Likas. Never been there, will be stopping there to find out next year's trip in nov 2011. Mak isah will be staying at 1borneo & may take a taxi there. Thank you v much for the info my dear :)


Puan Isah said...

Thanks claire :) yea, not so healthly rite? mak isah don't know y, almost anything they serve are placed over a plastic sheet on a bowl or plate but once in a blue moon eating like that mak isah don't really mind la.

Puan Isah said...

Salam Ummu, apa kabar?
Alhamdulillah...iye, mak isah selamat kembali tapi cuti lagi kat umah, kena rehat sebentar, baru ni ber blog :)

Mak isah harap bisnes Ummu tgh maju ok :)

Puan Isah said...

Salam Asnah :) Ada beli, setiap kali datang KK ada beli seutas gelang mutiara tapi hanya untuk diri sendiri je...sebagai ingatan. Lagi pun isah suka collect gelang2 macam tu..

1995? lama tu..kini byk kedai dan building mengembang di KK, seperti 1Borneo. Cuba2 la datang KK makan angin :)

Puan Isah said...

Ha ha you love Bakso too Luciana? I do! makan hot hot with cili padi kan? :p
Thanks for the welcome back!

Puan Isah said...

HI TEMUK, terima kasih...encik abang tak suka gi KK. Tahun baru, isah kena pegi dengan dia ke Kuching je bulan Mei, kemudian jalan2 lagi dgn anak2 ke KK bulan nov 2011. Dah tempah tiket :)

Nak tinggal di 1borneo kali ni dan gi Damai sebab blogger Dency (KK) cakap kat situ makanan lebih murah.

right, isah pakai digital camera sony apa lagi he he...
terang? senang hati isah bererti ada sedikit kemajuan dengan 'isah tukang ambil gambar' ni :)

Thanks Temuk, u hv a nice day too!

Puan Isah said...

Thanks mNhL, I guess she inherits that from her Chinese grandma ha ha...

Right, RM10 per plate, cut throat kan? I wish I had a kitchen in the hotel ha ha..

Puan Isah said...

Shenny's mommy...yes it was comfortable. his mom had to tuck the comforter under his body to prevent him from slipping to the sides of the bed ha ha...but I doubt he knew he's in KK. The only thing he missed was his channel 613, kept asking when he has nothing to do. I avoid on the tv on our side of the room otherwise he gets hyper and won't sleep.

Like you said, it was a great experience for him especially when first boarding and getting off the plane :)

TK said...

Salam Mak Isah..
I tumpang mak isah jln2 ke KK.
Never been there..
I love Bakso so much!

Puan Isah said...

Salam TK! Lama tak jumpa :) TK apa kabar? Alhamdulillah Mak isah dah balik dari KK. Gembira TK tumpang jln dengan Mak isah he he... jika ada peluang TK ambil le cuti gi kat sana atau paling bagus jumpa mak isah kat miri!

Anak mak isah aya suka sangat makan bakso, hingga dua bowl sekali!

hugs to you

Sheila said...

salam Mak Isah
ever went to the pulau? im sure it will be more exciting bringing your family there. My in-laws(sarawakian) loves going there everytime they went to KK.
Also try the kelapa bakar & kerang bakar at Tuaran.. finger licking good.. :)))

Puan Isah said...

Hello Sheila! First, thanks for visiting Mak isah here. You're always welcome :)

Those are good tips, will try to go to Tuaran & the pulau next time.

Have heard of the pulau tho' but not Tuaran :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Afiqqah said...

Assalamualaikum Mak Isa.I was accendentally read your comments on this blog and I really enjoy reading it. I am a Sabahan and i felt sorry for you and u family for being charge of nasi campur with RM 10.00. But please do come again to Centre Point and try this restaurant. It's name NELTA CAFE & CATERING, Basement, Centre Point same row with that Cafeteria you had been eaten. The food is delicious, variety, clean, the price reasonable and the staff there are very freindly. I love to eat thier Umai, Ayam Mayonise (home made mayo), honey chicken, and seeweed, and healthy food Ala Kampong. Just would like to share with you if you happen to be here in Kota Kinabalu.

Afiqqah said...

Hi Mak Isah. I felt sorry for your bad experience being charge RM 10.00 for that amount of nasi campur. Actually Food Court at Centre Point is the busiest food court in town and the most popular in town as well. We normally love to eat at this Cafe in Centre Point. It's name is NELTA CAFE & CATERING, at Basement. It is same row with Super Faezah Cafeteria. The food is variety and the price is also much cheaper. We love to eat there because the food Ala Kampong, clean, and the staff also freindly. Pls try their ikan bakar cecah asam, umai, kerabu bilis, ayam mayonise (home made mayo), honey chicken, seeweed, variety of ulam and veg and plenty more menu's. I think they served 60 types of food. Hope this info benefits to all travellers who intent to come to KK.......

Puan Isah said...

Waalaikumsalam Afiqqah, thank you so much for recommending this Nelta Cafe at Sabah Centre Point. Memang mak isah often gi KK, hanya nak tukar2 angin kata orang. Will be going again in November this year.

I am glad you like reading my blog, do visit me again often.

Tried to click on your name for yours but no blog comes out.

You take care :)