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Saturday, May 21, 2011

411. Chicken Sambal Sos

My Chicken Sambal Sos

Usually I am not in favor of chicken cooked with tomato sauce, unlike my children they love it.
This time I cooked it a bit more hot and add some Ideal Evaporated milk in it.

It was delicious!

To prepare :-

1. 1 whole chicken, I usually keep away the breast meat and cut up the rest into moderate size cubes.

2. Clean under running tap water, drip dry in a sieve. Put aside.

3. Slice up ginger, half 1 large onion, half 1 large red onion, 3 garlic.

4. Blend them up in an electric blender.

5. Saute the blended ingredients in a pot. Add a little water & let simmer for 2 minutes.

6. Add 2 tablespoons of blended dry red chillies in.

7. Add some Rempah Tumis & 2 or 3 tablespoons of Bawang Goreng (fried onions, which you can buy in packets nowadays).

8. Add 3/4 tin or a full tin of Tomato Puree and half a tin of Ideal Evaporated milk in.

9. Stir, add a cup of water and let chicken cooked.

10. Add sugar and salt to taste.

P/s. Add more of the blended dry red chillies if you want it hotter.

It's a beautiful day outside, have a Wonderful Weekend Everybody!



Small Kucing said...

Nampak senang...LOL

reanaclaire said...

yes, putting evaporated milk is more healthy.. :) good idea!

アンゼエリン said...

Hmm,healthy cooking with Evaporated Milk than Santan....I heard some of them using Coffee Mix!

Puan Isah said...

Small Kucing - memang senang je tu he he..try it, you might like it and it's cooked with evaporated milk :)

Have a good day!

Puan Isah said...

Claire..you're right there! And I am trying ha ha

Puan Isah said...

Angeline..wow, wonder how that taste ah..I mean adding in coffee mix :)

Merryn said...

ah.. so instead of santan we use evaporated milk? great idea.. i love the fact that tomato puree is added into it too.. ethan will love it but then again, ada cili so kenot! :D

Puan Isah said...

Merryn sweetie, then just omit the blended chillies ok, then it won't taste hot :)

It will be called 'Chicken sos' !

And instead of just adding tomato puree, tambah sikit tomato paste. it will be as delicious.