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Thursday, May 19, 2011

410. White Radish & Vegetable Balls Soup

My White Radish & Vegetable Balls Soup

Some people says that White Radish Soup tends to stink up the whole kitchen while it is simmering. But not me, I like it's smell. It does have a particular smell.

Today, after eating too much curry and meat and chicken I made up my mind to eat something soupy and vegetable - White Radish plus some vegetable balls Soup.

I did have a packet of vegetable balls (looks like fish balls) in my fridge, so all I had to buy was a piece of White Radish.

This one piece of White Radish cost me RM2.36

It's getting more expensive now. I remember in the old days when I was in the Nurses's Hostel, nobody wants to eat white radish for lunch. It was considered cheap vegetable.

But now, it's not everywhere you can find this vegetable. And I had begun to love eating this white radish soup :)

Anyway, I pat myself on my back saying that all vegetables are also expensive nowadays he he...

Okay to cook, it is so simple.

To prepare :-

1. Skin, cut thinly the white radish, washed clean and let them drip dry in a sieve.

2. Cut the vegetable balls into halves. Wash under running tap water and let dry as well.

To cook :-

1. Skin a 2" ginger, cut into 2, one piece sliced thinly and the other half ground it with 3 garlic.

2. Sliced thinly 2 garlic as well and place it together with the sliced ginger. Put aside.

3. Saute the grounded ginger and garlic.

4. Add in the sliced ginger and garlic too.

5. Add a bit of water and let simmer for 2 minutes.

6. Add in the sliced white radish. Add more water probably same level as the white radish.

7. Let cooked until soft.

8. Add in the cut vegetable balls.

9. As soon as boiled add salt to taste.

This time I did not add any white pepper as I wanted to taste the white radish more. The white pepper will disguise the taste.

Eat it hot with white rice!




Small Kucing said...

I like the smell too. Normally I would put some meat or chicken and dried squid into it.

reanaclaire said...

I like the smell.. in fact i just boiled soup with it a couple of days ago.. white radish is an antioxidant.. cleanses our body...

Pete said...

White radish make the soup really sweet! nice!

Puan Isah said...

Small Kucing - Yes, putting in it some meat or chicken will make the soup even sweeter and tastier.

I can eat a pot of it myself he he..

Puan Isah said...

Yes Claire, Kak isah cannot imagine how some people says it stinks ha ha..in fact Kak isah loves the smell..even to the point of smelling it first on the spoon before 'hirruping' the soup :D

Antioxidant..cleanses our body..that's terrific, loves it :)

Puan Isah said...

I think so too Pete :)

Been dropping at your blog, loves it!

Anonymous said...

memang sesuai selera kita, hehehe ;)

Puan Isah said...

Luciana, setuju, memang sesuai!

Have a wonderful weekend,hugs to your lovely doter yea? :)