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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

408. My Weekly Helper

This lady is my helper who comes to clean my house once a week. She does the major cleaning of course he he... like cleaning my upstair and downstair toilets, cleaning and mopping my kitchen floors, clean my wall tiles, my big mirrors on the wall, my ovens, refrigerators and so on and on...

She's a good lady, trustful and obedient. She is an Iban (race) and lives at Kpg. Lusut, a five minutes walk to my house.

She has been working for me for almost 3 years. Sometimes when she comes she will bring something like chillies, bamboo shoots or pumpkins which she has planted. And most times when she leaves I will give her something to bring home either for her kitchen or for her young daughter.

So I was particularly pleased when she came last Thursday to do cleaning after my trip to Kuching. My kitchen certainly need another pair of hands to do cleaning then.

When I took the above picture of hers, she asked me what am I going to do with this picture? Is it to show to my friends she asked. I told her I am going to write a little about her and put her picture in my blog.

She smiled.

I really appreciate her help with the cleaning in my house.



ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah..

Its very true that What you give you get back.. :).. Nice lady will meet nice lady as well.. :)

Shenny's mommy said...

You are lucky, Mak Isah. Not everyone is as lucky like you, can get a good helper for home.

Puan Isah said...

Salam Ummu..

Thank you for your kind words.. :)

Have a good week ahead my dear

Puan Isah said...

Shenny's mommy - I am certainly very lucky to get a good helper.
She's someone I can trust that is most important thing.

Nur68 said...

Back in Miri in the 80's we used to have a helper, a distant relative of my mom, she was around during the birth of my younger brother(twins), I remembered that she was a small sized young lady then and she was so good with all the housekeeping work. Tubuhnya kecik tapi bila nya nyesah lampin berbesen jak ..as the twins were born in December which was the landas season then, you can just imagine the loads of washing that she had to do...luckily gas free masa di kem...so dapur kamek org masa ya nang bergantung dengan kain lampin my brothers..

We are still in contact with each other now but people like her is hard to find nowadays....

Puan Isah said...

Mak isah can imagine that Nur. It's true, nowadays Mak isah noticed it is hard to find a good helper for home.

Unless one is lucky to find a good one.

It is good that you are still in contact with each other.

Kem? Field Force camp you mean? :)

Nur68 said...

Mak Isah,

Yes...hehe..kamek anak polis bah, I grew up in Riam Camp and went to St. Columba's till form 5. Halfway, we transferred to Pujut Police Complex and then moved to Sibu and lastly Kuching in 1991...

Puan Isah said...

Nur, ish..du hal..

So now settling in Kuching la? sebab lama dah ninggal Miri tok he he..