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Sunday, January 29, 2012

436. I See Korean Dramas

These 3 Korean CDs aren't original but they are worth seeing. They are good stories & clear. Noormy my youngest daughter bought them for me. Cheap, about RM20 per CD.

So you can imagine how much time I spent seeing them LOL.. one story contain around 4 - 6 cds inside. And each cd consists of 6 episodes.

Do you like Korean dramas? Mak isah does, very much. This is one of my past time when in the house.

For example like this cd called 'Scent of a Woman'. Quite a box office, with handsom Lee Dong Wook & pretty Kim Sun Ah starring. And they both even went to KL!

This CD called 'Baker King, Kim Tak Goo' tells about a little boy who wanted to be a Baker and excel at it and not only he became a king in baking but excel in expanding his father's business later on.

Mak isah loves sword fighting, ninjas and warriors too. This one ' Warrior Baek Dong Soo' especially, is about how a small boy who was born with some bone deformation grew up to be a great warrior through fights and difficulties. This story has a Korean legend in it which makes it more interesting.

So what do you watch on a Sunday like this? or during your movie time?

Happy Sunday!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

435. Breakfast

This morning hubby suddenly asked if I want to go out breakfast with him. Of course I want :p

He said,' Dah 2 minggu kita duak sik breakfast luar kan?' (means we hadn't gone out for breakfast for the last 2 weeks).

I said,' Auk la o...ingat juak dirik'. I smiled.

It was a nice feeling. He even remembered we hadn't gone out sit together, breakfast for the last 2 weeks! :D

Correct. He is always busy with work (I know which he loves) and Mak isah busy within the kitchen area and if I do go out it is together with the girls.

I am not complaining of course. I know even though both of us busy with our own work, each day, at any time of the day, we still let each other know where each of us going and with who.

Now, shouldn't life be like that? He he...I know you'll start thinking when you read this.

Anyway, it has been a 3rd time hubby asked if we can breakfast at Kaya & Toast, Miri. I know he likes to eat the new menu they have there.' Laksa Sarawak.' He likes the atmosphere there too, cosy he said. And Mak isah don't cook 'Laksa Sarawak' that often.

Kaya & Toast Laksa Sarawak

Hubby enjoying his Laksa. I had Laksa too, with Tea as well.

The queue this morning wasn't long, thank goodness. Other times I see many office workers come to this place for their breakfast.
Try this place if you want to try their new menu 'Laksa Sarawak'. Their 'Laksa Sarawak' is far much tastier compared to the other eateries in Miri.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

434. Paku Tumis Belacan

One of the food that I ate on Boxing Day was this. Sayur Paku. That costs RM6.50. This is one of the vegetable menu that they serve at Permymall SCR Express in Miri. Rather expensive for a plate of vegetable?

Down here is a plate of the same vegetable dish called ' Paku Tumis Belacan' and this is worth RM5.

I bought 3 tompok for RM5 but selling at RM2 for 1 tompok. Bring home and cooked it myself. Wah, puas makan & makan panas-panas he he...


p/s. This year 2012, Mak isah finds nak makan luar (eat out) memang mahal!

Monday, January 9, 2012

433. My Favorite Fruit

For the past 1 week my kitchen has smells of only DURIAN the King Fruit!

I think it's Durian craze in Sarawak. How about in the Semenanjung, I wonder? :D

This is among one of my favorite fruits, although none of my family members eat this fruit as much as I do ha ha... Can you imagine the smell of Me now?

As Aya says,' Oma and her Durian!' :p

I cannot resist these...can you??

I love them raw... and except for Noormy the rest of the family only love them made into Fried 'Tempoyak'.

So I did that too... Do you eat Fried 'Tempoyak'?
This afternoon too I had opened up 5 more Durians and made some more 'Tempoyak' . Hubby came back from Bekenu & Niah and bought some more of it. In Miri town they are selling by kilogram, that means weighing and it can goes up to RM15 - RM20 per kilo. With skin and all! But if you go to these rural areas you can buy 4 buah Durian for RM15 only.

And hubby is good in bargaining :D

So let Mak isah open up this January of the New Year 2012 of the Dragon with the King Fruit.


p/s. To make 'Tempoyak, just peel off flesh of the Durian into a container, add salt and sugar to taste. I keep my container of Durian out for a day before storing it into my fridge.

To fry, in a pan of some hot cooking oil, add some grounded small red onions, some garlic and red chillies. Add some anchovies or even fresh peeled prawns.

Add the amount of Tempoyak you need and stir well. Add salt & sugar to taste.

Enjoy with your other dishes.