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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

229. I'm Back!

I was back in Miri on the 4February last. Today is already Wednesday 10February, how time flies!
When I came back, there was so many things to do and my timetable seemed to get disrupted each time I wanted to come here to write something ha ha...
At last, finally, I am here!

I hope everyone are fine and God Bless you sweet people who keeps coming back here and never tire reading my blog :)

Going back to the 4February, our flight from Kuching to Miri ran smoothly, but, as you all know each time we use Air Asia we just have to check in at the airport at least 2 hours before departure to get our boarding pass. And that's what we did.

But coming back to Miri the atmosphere seemed different. When we were on our flight going to Kuching we were so excited, going back this time we were very anxious to be home,safe and back to our own schedule and everyday routine. It was obvious on the faces of hubby and the 2 girls. He was already talking about his work and the girls could not wait to see their small nephew Alif and talk about their own work.

It was a nice wait at the airport though. Aya & Nono invited me and hubby to their ever favourite KFC there loll...

Hubby enjoying a drama at tv3 (you can't see the tv of course) at Kuching airport KFC

Me...eating a piece of chicken :p

Aya told me not to publish this pic of Noormy and her, because she wasn't ready yet she said, but I am going to go against her wish this time, I told her 'candid' means she looks sweet to me ha ha...

It's nice to be back,


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