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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

228. In Kuching

I am in Kuching!

I've just came back having breakfast with a good friend Mariam. We went to BDC area, having roti canai and a glass of hot tea in a mamak's shop. After having not met for sometime so a long conversation followed, lol...

My good friend in Kuching

I came to Kuching by plane yesterday evening, with hubby and my 2 girls, Aya & Noormy. We came to visit my mom in law and just 'see' Kuching :)

Now I am back at my mom in law's house waiting for hubby and girls to dress so we can go to the 'Spring'. The 'Spring' is quite the talkabout in Kuching at the moment. It is the latest big shopping mall.

At the 'Spring'

Waiting to be served with 1901 hotdogs

1901 hotdog

One pretty view at the Spring basement

After lunch we went to the oldest part of Kuching town, the 'India Street'. I like stopping to this part of the town whenever I am in Kuching because here I can get good bargain for head scarves and some cheap perfumes. And I did :)

Before going back to my mom in law's house we didn't forget to stop by at the old market to eat my favourite 'Kacang Cendol' and 'Rojak Sotong Kangkong' there.

Kacang Cendol

Delicious Rojak Sotong Kangkong

That was 1 day spent in Kuching. We went back to my mom in law house at 7pm.



Temuk said...

Hi Isah
That will certainly happen when we go out shopping, sightseeing, or even jogging: we'll also be hunting for 'makan'! Especially those food items that are not usually found in our own place. Seronoknya tengok macam-macam makanan di Kuching! My niece is married to a Kuchingite who is very proud of the big size Kuching laksa. Their hariraya open house here will not miss the 'laksa besar Kuching' dish! Cheers!

Puan Isah said...

Hi Temuk
It's good to hear from you. Ha ha..you're right, it's like that especially with my family, hunt, hunt for food! Tell your niece I especially like the ayam panggang at Kebah Ria right near the jambatan. Oh yes, Kuching famous for it's laksa :) Have you been to Kuching?

Have a nice afternoon!