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Saturday, August 28, 2010

328. One of Those Days

The hot sun torching hot, Puasa time and heavy traffic on the road, this was how it was almost each time I went down to town these days.

Yesterday, 1230 noon, I was right behind this white saloon car on this 2 lane road. In front is a traffic light. Do you see that 'Kenari' car on the left and the black car in front of it trying to cross over to our lane? Frustrating isn't it? Sometimes the cars just shot from behind, with or without signaling and cross over your lane to get to the right side!

This always happens on the roads in Miri. At first there are 3 or 4 lanes and then the road narrows down to 2 lanes. Most of the roads in Miri are like this. I guess nowadays there are a lot of cars in this town so those 'old days' 2 lanes road were mostly re constructed this way.

And during this coming festive season, even with the 2 recently constructed 2 'Flyovers' do not seem to help much. There are traffic jam almost everywhere.

This was already on a 2 lane road waiting for the traffic light to show 'green' in front. On the left was the Bintang Mega Mall building, so those of you who are in Miri should have guess where I was then.

What I was doing in the middle of the day driving? Hish, I was going to 'Piasau' area to go to a Plastic warehouse to buy some clear plastic containers to store my cakes in, then found out they did not have the ones that I wanted. And I had to go back to this town area shop (which was nearer) to be able to get them!

I know, I know... I shouldn't complain so much. I am sure the traffic jam in your town or city is much worse than in mine :p

It's just one of those days...

Do have a nice day everyone!


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Merryn said...

I am often at home during the day as I just dislike being caught in the jam under the hot scorching sun :D

Puan Isah said...

Clever girl! Usually kak isah don't choose to go out during peak hours, unfortunately that day kak isah had to LOL..