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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

329. 2 Simple Recipes

When the weather is so hot and Mak Isah (that's me) berpuasa... I didn't really feel that hungry, compared to being that soooo... thirstyyy!
So all I want for iftar was just plenty, plenty of fluids, fruits, cold deserts and a soothing soupy dish!

So yesterday I decided to try this banana desert that my dear blogger friend Ushrahfatihah ( I called her Ummu) introduced to me.

It was the first time I tried cooking 'Bubur Pisang with Rempah' so that's what I am going to call it. How to cook it I will just copy and paste what Ummu has written for me in her comment in my previous post at 'A Homey Simple Occasion'.

So Ummu dear, if you do not mind, this was what I cooked and called it my 'Bubur Pisang with Rempah'. Thank you for the recipe. On your advice, I put it in the fridge after cooking and ate it cool! :)

Bubur Pisang Rempah (btw, Mak Isah used 'Pisang Pisang' instead of the types of bananas mentioned)

Sliced 'Pisang Pisang'

To Cook :

1. Tanak (heat) air dan gula bersama sedikit cengkih (dried cloves), kulit kayu manis(cinnamon stick) and biji pelaga(cardamon).
2. Bila air menggelegak (boils) put in pisang yang dipotong. Rebus sehingga pisang masak.
3. Sementara itu, pukul (ringan) telur dan gula ( think sedikit sahaja gula and dont know the rationale behind it)
4. Put in the beaten egg dan biarkan sekali menggelegak and its ready to be served.....

Mine would be served cold (after fridge/ with ais batu)

note: our bubur uses pisang kepok/ and sometime pisang tanduk.

Thanks Ummu...for introducing Mak isah this cold desert :)

Okay! As for dinner...I didn't feel like eating rice so I ended up cooking a soupy noodle soup :)

My Simple Noodle Soup

I called it simple because it was simple to prepare.

All I need was...

1/2 kilo yellow noodle
A cup of Minced Beef
RM1 worth Sayur Sawi (sliced)
Bawang Goreng (fried onions) for garnishing
3 garlic (sliced)
1/2" sliced ginger (optional)

Sliced Sayur Sawi

Bawang Goreng (fried onions) I always keep this in stock for garnishing my soups

To cook :

1. Saute sliced garlic and the sliced ginger in a pan. When aromatic, add in the minced beef and stir well until cooked. Keep aside.
2. Boil some water (how much soup you want) in a pot.
3. When boiled add in the garlic, ginger and the beef that was kept aside earlier on.
4. Bring to boil, add salt, ajinomoto and a bit of pepper to taste.

To prepare a bowl of Simple Noodle Soup :

Boil some of the yellow noodles in hot boiling water.
When soft, sieve and place in a bowl.
Add in some of the cut Sayur Sawi over the noodle.
Pour the hot soup over the noodle.
Garnish with some 'Bawang Goreng'.

Serve hot and best eaten with some ketchup containing sliced cili padi!



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ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah:

So hows the Bubur Pisang Berempah? Look delicious to me... :)

And dont know whether its really i have similar taste with you or it is the fact that i love foods (like you..:)...

But... I simply love that simple mee rebus... :)

Puan Isah said...

Salam Ummu! The bubur was good! sooo cooling to the throat. Don't know either LOL..maybe we both have similar taste and we are people who loves food!

Mak isah 'rangkak' eh...petang ya dah juak makan bubur pisang makan mee rebus gik! ha ha ha...