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Sunday, August 1, 2010

321. Buah Terap

I was at 'The Pasar Tamu' this morning and spotted these fruits. I guess they only sell these when it is fruit season. I told myself,' dah lama sik makan buah tok eh, cuba beli sigek (satu) lok'. So I asked the man who sold these how much one cost. He said these were from Bekenu, some cost RM3, some RM4 and some RM5. But I didn't like the look of these because they weren't looking very fresh. So I walked on and saw this lady selling three of these fruits. When asked she told me RM4 each. I said I was hoping she'd sell RM3 for one. After a minute or two discussing with her friend, she finally agreed to give me one for RM3.

I need only to buy one. The children do not like this fruit. They do not like most of these local fruits, others for example like 'Chempedak', 'Nangka' or 'Tampoi'. I think the younger generation weren't exposed to these fruits a lot. When I was small, my grandfather has a piece of land full of these local fruits!

Buah Terap or Buah Tarap

This one looked a bit fresher, the one I bought for RM3

It was easy to open this fruit when it was ripe, just tear the skin and the inside looked like this. All you have to do was just pick one with your fingers and put it in your mouth to eat the flesh and took away the seed.

LOL...all eaten by me!

When I was small my aunty used to fry the seeds in a pan over fire without adding any oil. Later when cooled, I ate them like peanuts. This time I didn't do it of course, as I was already full with the 'buah terap' ha ha...

This is an exotic fruit known especially in Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak. This fruit came from the same family as the 'Nangka' and 'Cempedak' but the tree resembles the 'Sukun' tree. Like 'Durian', when ripe it also emits a strong odour but it tastes err... splendidly delicious! If I am not mistaken the scientific name for it is Artocarpus odoratissimus (notice the word 'odora' in it? - for odour?).

Besides just eating the ripe fruit, you can also enjoy 'Cucur Terap' (the same way you makes 'Cucur Cempedak').

Even when it is not ripe yet, you can cook it into 'Masak Lemak' or 'Curry'. Just cut away the skin and the middle part of it and slice the fruit into thin slices before cooking.

(This picture is from the internet)


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ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah:

It seems i have succesfully promoted to be the memmbers of "old generation" club.. :).. i love all fruits especially mentioned in your entry...Terap, nangka, cempedak dan keluarga mereka..

How i hope every body else dont like it so that i can finish them all by myself (like what you did.. It would be a bless for me)

How bout durian, rambutan, manggis? I also love them.. I dont know which fruit i dont eat.. Its only that i should control myself to avoid overheated.. :)

and mangga, salak, mata kucing bla.. bla.. bla... and the list goes on.. :)

Thanks Mak Isah for still with me .. (are you?... :)

TK said...

Tak pernah tengok buah ni..
Rasa macam buah apa??

Puan Isah said...

Salam Ummu, ha ha ha 'promoted' indeed! waduhh..semua buah Ummu makan, macam Mak isah semua mak isah nak makan he he...
Durian? itu yang top list buah yang mak isah suka!
Bila makan durian siap duk bersila dengan satu botol air sebelah mak isah LOL...
Of course Mak isah still with you my dear :)


Puan Isah said...

TK.. buah ni memang hanya dapat disebelah Sarawak saja...rasa nya..ermm..lemak, manis bila dalam mulut dan ada bau tersendiri.

Rasa nyer TK kena datang ke Sarawak kalau nak rasa sendiri he he...mudah-mudahan :)