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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

327. A Homey Simple Occasion

Yesterday hubby brought home these fresh sweet corns from Bekenu (a small town about 50' drive from Miri). So, apa lagi, I immediately go and rebus (boil) them in a pot of water after sprinkled some salt in it. I just love sweet corns!

My sweet corns in water just before boiling

Coincidentally, yesterday was Aya's 30th birthday. During iftar (evening meal when Muslims break our fast during the Ramadhan month) we had quite a feast. Aya came in 15 minutes later after attending a meeting at her work place. And when she came into the kitchen door we sang a birthday song for her LOL...
then asked her to join in the eating!

Spread on the kitchen dining table were KFC Bucket, Fried Beehoon, Syrup Water to follow with chunks of Ice Cubes, Pisang Pisang (the bananas' name :p) and My Sweet Corns!

Plus Coleslaw to take with Bread and Mashed Potato from KFC

The corns were delicious and sweet! And if hubby buys these foodstuffs from Bekenu or Niah area he will get them cheaper than in Miri. He drove to these areas on Mondays and Wednesdays for work.

During iftar, unlike others, we usually eat a lot of fruits rather than eating sweet 'kuih' and drank plenty of fluids. After that, then we eat our dinner.

That was the first time KFC Bucket was brought to the table this Puasa Month and as it was Aya's birthday, why not? :)

Dinner will be always simple like everyday. Yesterday was 'Sup Sayur Sawi' and ' Ikan Temenong Goreng'. Unfortunately, all of us were full after eating the KFC chickens so the soup and the fried fish were left untouched not until 'Sahur' (an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting during the month of Ramadhan).


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ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah:

Salam Ramadhan. Can help myself to repeat the same thing. I looovvve jagung too..

And since i love most of your favourite food, I would suggest a dish for you which so far i didnt read about it yet in your blog.

How bout bubur pisang? Just in case you didnt know what it is(which i doubt), the banana to be boiled with egg, sugar and kayu manis.. I have this for my berbuka and sahur these few days and it taste really good..

Lady of Leisure said...

salam puan Isah.. dah lama tak beli jagung dulu kalau beli jagung suka gaul dengan kelapa parut and some sugar.. :)

Puan Isah said...

Salam Ummu, I know you do :)
Mak Isah jarang buat bubur pisang sebab tak berapa 'laku' among my children, hanya mak isah and hubby yang makan LOL...
Tapi...bubur pisang campur dengan egg and kayu manis? hmm..ni first time la mak isah dengar. Betul sedap eh? Ummu buat mak isah nak cuba jugak ni he he...selalu nya mak isah hanya taruh santan, sugar and pandan.
'Yummy' tu cam sedap bunyi...thank you for sharing dear!

Puan Isah said...

Lady of Leisure, ni first time la dengar makan jagung dengan kelapa parut and sugar. Sedap? Tabiat pelik saya, kekadang makan durian pulak dengan kelapa parut :) Next time bole cuba makan jagung dengan kelapa parut.

ummufatihah said...

Salam Mak Isah..

Yess.. Finally i have a dish which Mak Isah didnt taste yet.. :)..

Actually i prefer this type of bubur pisang because it didnt have santan in it... So, we can take it as much and as frequent as we want.. Maybe your juniors would prefer this version of bubur pisang..

I called my mum for the Ori Recipe.. :)

1. Tanak air dan gula bersama sedikit cengkih, kulit kayu manis and biji pelaga
2. Bila air menggelegak put in pisang yang dipotong. Rebus sehingga pisang masak.
3. Sementara itu, pukul (ringan) telur dan gula ( think sedikit sahaja gula and dont know the rationale behind it)
4. Put in the beaten egg dan biarkan sekali menggelegak and its ready to be served.....

Mine would be served cold (after fridge/ with ais batu)

note: our bubur uses pisang kepok/ and sometime pisang tanduk.

Hope you'll love it as i love it very much..

Puan Isah said...

Finally LOL...
Thank you Ummu, dah cook pun...I like it!

And thank you for calling your mom!