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Saturday, October 2, 2010

338. Can You Imagine

I like 'Adidas'. I like 'Adidas' bags and I wear 'Adidas' Outdoor Shoes when I go out.

I have a couple of 'Adidas' bags.

I bought this one about 3 years ago, am still using it today

Aya didn't like the color of this bag but I do, it was because it is almost like dark green color ( I like anything green).

The other thing I like about this bag is inside it there are a lot of compartments and zipped pockets.

I can put my important keys and my ASB (Amanah Saham Bumiputra) bank book in the zipped pockets.

Of course I cannot afford to lose these two important items. What I like about it too, it was because it has a matching purse, with a different price :)

With it's matching purse which I am using as well

I sometimes change to using either with these 2 bags as well. Like above, this dark blue bag on the right is a sling bag while the one on the left isn't.

My favorite walking shoes, I bought this pair 3 years ago in KL! And I am still using them LOL...imagine that!

Yeah yeah, I am the sporty type and I like to dress sporty, not err...the feminine lady with some high heels. I do like high heels but I only use them if I really need to...maybe to functions or parties, not that I always go to one :)

So, if you meet me in town or anywhere, I prefer to use this sort of walking shoes plus socks, jeans and a t shirt :)

I prefer this pair of shoes because they are broader at the front, to accommodate my big toes or broad front feet :p

And beside comfort, the bags and the shoes last longer!

Now can you imagine what Mak isah wearing when she goes out? he he....


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TK said...

Now I can imagine Mak Isah when she goes out :)
Unfortunately, Ionly have one adidas sport shoes yg dah tercabut tapaknya..
reminds me I need a new sport shoes!!

Puan Isah said...

can imagine ha ha...

ntah le TK, nape mak isah suka pakai sport shoes bila jalan2, rasa comfortable sangat!

how r u dear? hope you're doing well there...