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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

258. I am in KK!

Hey there! :) I am in Kota Kinabalu. Three of us! Myself, Aya & Nono.
We arrived KK this afternoon at 1230pm with Air Asia flight.

Right now feeling very very tired LOL..We went out the whole day and just came back to the hotel at 820pm.

Ok...I need a good shower then laze in bed after the delicious 'Bakso' we ate at the night market earlier on.


Delicious Bakso depends on the Bakso balls, they should be tasty and that will make the whole bowl of Bakso delicious! We think this man's bakso balls are homemade.

And eating Bakso with hot, hot cili padi was just heaven!

And they lined the bowl of Bakso with a plastic sheet sheet. After use they just throw away the plastic and need not wash the bowl for the next person. Clever :)

I am blogging using Cititel Express WIFI right now, charged RM10 for 24 hours.

We checked in, earlier on in the afternoon at this hotel called 'Cititel Express' & was given a Superior Triple room on the 12th floor!

This hotel is new, the counter people said, only opened last year 2009.

Before paying and checking in, Noormy asked the counter people if she could see the room first, so I went up with her.
First thing I wanted to see was the bathroom, I am particular about that :p It was okay and has a good shower room.

The beds looks comfortable and are comfortable :)

And a flat screened Tv

Okay la tu!

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