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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

259. Still in KK

Finally, I did go to visit the Daiso Stores in KK. Now I could see the smart creativity of Japanese people. The stores sell all sort of stuffs ranging from kitchenware, makeups, stationery etc, etc.

This Daiso Store had just newly opened at the Palm Square Center Point Sabah

Noormy & Aya choosing a lunch box for Alif, their nephew :)

This is the other Daiso Store at One Borneo

I think I could have spent the whole day browsing at that store. All the things are so pretty to me :)

Credits to my blogger friend TK for introducing Daiso Store to me.

Turning to another pretty thing is us eating 'Egg Tarts' and 'BBQ Chicken Puffs'.

Sold at the same shopping complex is a small kiosk called 'Dotts Egg Tart'

And the egg tarts will be packed nicely in this box if you 'tapau' to bring home. And we did brought some back to the hotel :)

Aya likes the BBQ Chicken Puff but Noormy and I just love the egg tart. It is so delicious, and much much better than the ones I can get in Miri.

Time flies and the short vacation is over soon. Our flight back is later in the early morning at 655am!



TK said...

You are welcome. I nampak je gambar Daiso tu I became so excited. It's bigger than Daisos in KL. Happy for you youve found Daiso-my favourite store. Coincidently, semalam I bought egg tarts juga.The egg tarts you bought looks delicious. Besarnya..I suka sangat egg tart.

Puan Isah said...

Thank you dear.. :)

You've made my visits to KK more enjoyable now that I know there is not one but two Daiso stores there. Oh yes the stores are q big, tak puas2 mak isah. Pusing2, don't know what to buy first he he he...

These egg tarts I bought are yummy, try it when next you go to KK!

日月神教-任我行 said...