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Sunday, April 10, 2011

400. A Walk on The Stones

We were at the City Fan this evening. To walk on the stones.

At 4pm hubby said,' Let's go walk on the stones at City Fan'. Hubby just recovered from his swollen left knee and didn't jog for the whole week. What he used to do was jog at the Outdoor Stadium then went over to City Fan walked on the stones.

Today we just walked on the stones. Zu and Alif also tagged along.

I need to wear my socks if I walked on the stones. It was too painful without them. But walking on these stones sure feel good, like massaging the soles of my feet.

Hubby can walk barefooted. I am glad to see he is walking without his 'tongkat' now.

This was how the stones look like. You can choose to walk on the small embedded stones or the larger ones. There was quite a lot of people and children around this evening.

Zu brought Alif to sit near the fish pond looking at the fishes. Alif enjoys this type of outing.

And of course we all end up at the 'Cendol and Rojak' shop after wards.

Have a Nice Evening Everyone!



Small Kucing said...

geli lah to walk on the stones.

Puan Isah said...

Small Kucing - Yes that too, that's why I use socks. Feels much better.

My guess is, you don't like having your foot massage? Geli? :D

Tapi Mak isah suka..kalau orang massage my foot, boleh tertido he he..

Nur68 said...


Happy to see you and your hubby doing some exercise. I notice your blog is more beautiful & accessories pun makin kacak...

Take care...

Puan Isah said...

Walaikumsalam w.b.t. Nur, hubby memang rajin exercise, hanya Mak isah yang malas sikit :p

Mak isah happy he is his old self now.

Wow, thank you for your kind words over Mak isah blog ni..your words made me happy & will try my very best to keep it clean and updated as well.

Have a good day at work my dear :)

Come again.

Merryn said...

i like to walk on stones. so cantik the stones at kak isah's place. so besar the area! i'd love that! :)

Puan Isah said...

Merryn, you do? Kak isah pun suka..bila kena kat sole of my feet especially kat part ngilu2 tu...sedap rasa nya..memang terapy!

Thanks dear, this place is called 'City Fan in Miri', big park, you can google to read :)