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Friday, April 22, 2011

404. A Nice Lunch

My soupy dish today was 'Sayur Cangkok Manis, Kobis and Karet Masak Lemak'. All vegetables... :)

Hubby can't eat without something soupy so since I have some leftover cabbage and one carrot in the fridge, I decided to mix in some sayur Cangkok (cangkor) manis as well.

My Sayur Cangkok Manis, Kobis and Karet Masak Lemak

To prepare :-

1. Cut all the vegetables, washed clean and drip dry in a sieve.

2. Keep aside.

To Cook :-

1. Saute 3 moderate small red onions, 3 garlic, 2 red chillies and half a tablespoon of belacan (shrimp paste) - (all grounded).

2. When aromatic, add in a cup of water. Let boiled.

3. Add in the vegetables.

4. Add in a packet of Cocolin Coconut powder (diluted in water).

5. Add some more water same level as the vegetables.

6. Let boiled under moderate fire.

7. Add salt or if you want some ajinomoto to taste.

8. Eat while it's hot with white rice.

Early this morning a fisherman friend gave hubby some 1 1/2 kilo of very fresh squids (sotong). I didn't want to keep it too long in the fridge so I cooked it immediately. But myyy...don't I hate cleaning these squids, all the ink also came out ha ha...

Sotong Masak Kicap

Like I always said, bila masak kicap semua pun laku! and so easy!

To prepare, of course after cutting them up, I cleaned and drip dry in a sieve.

To Cook :-

1. Saute sliced one big onion, 3 garlic and 2 red chillies (sliced).

2. Add in half a cup of water.

3. Add in half a cup of dark soy sauce (kicap).

4. Add in a tablespoon of sugar.

5. Add in the cut squids.

5. Stir well and quickly.

6. Add a pinch of salt and ajinomoto to taste.

7. As soon as boiled place in a glass bowl or plate.

8. Eat while hot and enjoy the crispiness of the squids.

We had a nice lunch. Hope yours went well too :)



TK said...

Wah..meleleh air liur tgok lauk sayur cangkok manis Mak Isah.
Mak Isah, congratulation nak dapat menantu lagi..Happy for you!!!

Puan Isah said...

Mak isah memang tau TK suka dengan makanan macam ni :)
Kalau makan dengan sambal belacan & cencaluk lagi sedap he he...

Thank you dear TK for your nice wishes. Insyallah mak isah kena terima another SIL :p

You have a nice wonderful weekend!

reanaclaire said...

Puan, you memang pandai masak.. now i lapar already!

Small Kucing said...

The sotong masak kicap looks yummy..

Puan Isah said...

Claire, ishh...tengah malam pun you lapar ha ha.. :p

Puan Isah said...

Small Kucing - yes the sotong was yummy and crispy to bite :)


waoo..looks so yummy..i want to taste it :)

Puan Isah said...

CREATIVE MIND - Hello there khadija :) thanks for dropping by.

He he..looks yummy? would love to share it with you.

Have a good weekend my dear

Luciana said...

Mak, masak lagi ni..bila nak bungkus,hehehe...

Puan Isah said...

Luciana ni...suka dia kacau mak isah he he he...

Have a nice Monday dear :)