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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

424. Greetings!


Mak isah sure all of you are looking forward to the weekend :) Yes, especially for those of you who are working ya? But, for Mak isah..it is a weekend each day he he...

For example like today, it's a weekday but I went out the whole afternoon, not a worry to have to sit in the office, be in a meeting or be at a counter to serve customers like I used to in the old days...A'aahhh what a bliss!

Going out today.., it was nothing much. It was only having an afternoon tea at Noormy's favorite hangout called 'Warung Puteri'. I think I talked about this shop here in my previous post.

As in that post, I also sent my car to be washed while sitting in the shop.

Myself, Noormy, Zu and Alif my grandson went there to eat these...

These were chopped hot fried chicken wings & fried 'Cucur Sayur', Noormy, Zu & Alif's favorites.

And these are my favorites, fried sliced tauhu & fried 'Cucur Keladi' (Yam)

They taste delicious dipped into these chilli sauce mixed with blended groundnuts

To avoid having no table to sit and not enough of the items we wanted we made sure we were at the shop between 3 to 4pm because by 3pm all the food were just fried and we can choose whatever we want to eat. After 4pm there will be a lot of office people going there to have their drinks before going back home.

In other words if you go there after 4pm or late you will be waiting to queue up with the others to get serve OR most of the items fried have finished.

Almost every afternoons the shop are packed with people.

We were home at 630pm.



CikLilyPutih said...

goreng keladi? dah lama x makan...

Anonymous said...

whoaaa makan goreng2 stuff wif coffee, hujan pulak...sememangnya best :)

[tErOmPaH bIrU] said...

ohhh.. sia duhal nyaaa 'station' Mak Isah ;)
kmk jarang 'ngeteh' kat sia.. biasa 'lepaking' kat Kaya & Toast (pg~ptg) ngan Sembang-Sembang (mlm) jak.. pernah dengar kwn2 cerita 'nyucur' sia best tapi sik pernah ncoba gik.. boleh la ncoba tok kelak kedong Mak Isah dah say so :D
nie tauk da jodoh pertemuan tertemu Mak Isah kat sia ohhh :))

Puan Isah said...

CiklilyPutih - Suka keladi eh? Byk orang tak suka...tapi Mak isah suka.

Puan Isah said...

Luciana, sememangnya best makan cucur panas2 waktu hujan he he

Puan Isah said...

Biru, cuba la lepak juak kat sia...bena ya..nei tau ada rezeki kita bertembung..bole recognize mak isah sik? :P

O..kaya & toast..mak isah jarang gi sia kecuali pagi kekadang. Makan half boiled eggs he he..

Apa biru suka makan kat sia?

[tErOmPaH bIrU] said...

insyaallah.. pasti kan singgah ke sia kelak.. ingin rasa nak nyucur juak ;)
rasanyaaa dpt Biru kenal Mak Isah ;D
da sekali hr ya.. Biru tertangga Mak Isah masa kat traffic light area Sunflower sia.. Mak Isah tengah stop, rasanya kan nuju ke area Servay.. Biru waktu ya dr area Krokop nak nuju ke jln tepi stadium.. rasa2nya Mak Isah dr area Taman Awam sia balit jogging :))
Kaya & Toast?.. Biru suka Nasi Lemak Ikan Gonjeng extra sambal.. Peanut Butter Toast ngan Kaya Butter Toast.. yummy~ lapar hehe..

Puan Isah said...

Salam biru, Aihhh...da nangga mak isah eh? he he..jgn salah orang ya :p hish, lain kali biru kenak tegur mak isah dolok ah, sebab mak isah memang sik kenal biru ah. OK?

Auk cuba2 nyucur sia mun ada masa lapang. Sik cuba sik tau :)

Ooo..dish ya nok di suka biru di kaya & Toast, mauk juak mak isah cuba2 :D