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Monday, July 19, 2010

314. I am Back!

I have been missing for a couple of days, I know :p I have been crashing to bed early lately so missed the writing and the blog walking. I hope I wasn't missing a lot of things though he he...

But it's sure nice to be back!

When there is a lot of things on my mind and when I think I have to do so many things at one time , I feel I lost control of my life. Then I need to sit down to write things up - like ' Things I need to remember' or ' To do List' or even jot things down in my Standing Monthly Calendar.

Do you ever feel like I do?

So...to overcome this - this happens when I am too busy and I missed my 10 minutes meditation in the morning, I NEED to be ALONE and AWAY from the house, not for long, maybe just for half an hour or so :)

At 9am I sent Aya to work at Bintang Mega Mall, telling her I need the car today. Then I turned to 'Sylvia Road' ( traffic light at Dewan Masyarakat), you'd know where the road is if you are a Mirian, to come to this place doing 'Car Wash'. Yes... I was looking for a place which does car wash and which is situated near an eatery where I can sit and have a glass of 'Teh' panas!

I took this picture (below here) from where I was sitting drinking a glass of 'Teh' panas. On the right, (in this picture) there is a small road to go in, and behind it ( in front of the row of chairs) that's where the boys will wash the cars. After washing they will parked the cars (as shown in pic) for the owner to collect his or her car after paying.

The Car Wash Shop

And you'd know what I did while the boys are cleaning the car? Just what I needed, sit to write down all the things jumbled up in my mind!

Don't laugh...this was what I did, ate a bun, drank a glass of 'Teh' and wrote in my diary all the things and items from scraps of papers which I had scribbled on!

I sat for 45 minutes in the shop 're arranging' my mind LOL...
I felt good after that, feeling more 'organised' , paid for the tea then the car and later drove home.

Warung Puteri, the name of the eatery shop that I went to.

Now I am feeling so much better and 'bersemangat' to finish the day's housework and then sell 'Cendol' ! :p

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Mommy Ling said...

Ahaha...another thing i never do. Bringing the car myself for a car wash. Lucky me, every week, my office area has those on the go car wash cleaners dropping by. Just paid them to get my car wash.

By the way, Puan Isah, where is your stall located,who knows one day if i ever pass by your stall and i can have a bowl of cendol. I like cendol biasa..hahaha.

mNhL said...

Ohh....I will bring my car to wash at the car wash center too! I'm lazy to wash myself.

What a nice day you had. Bersemangat pulak! haha

Puan Isah said...

Wah Lucky You indeed Mommy Ling! Here mana ada those car wash cleaners service. I wish ada! he he...

My stall located in Taman Tunku, that's where I live :)

Sure la, you're most welcome!

Puan Isah said...

mNhL, I am lazy too! he he...rather sit than do the car wash myself :p

I did! and 'bersemangat' LOL