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Saturday, November 19, 2011

426. A Small Radio

This morning Mak isah woke up early. I was trying to go out by 8am, to drive Aya's car to the car wash station beside 'Warung Puteri'.

When hubby came home from night duty, he said he wanted to go with me. I said okay. We had breakfast at Warung Puteri restaurant and waited while Aya's car to be washed.

On our way out, hubby suddenly asked if we can drive around town to look for a small radio for him. He wanted to play radio as well as music while he work as a driver during the day. He wants to listen to some music so he wouldn't be so lonely while driving his lorry.

Oh by the way if you are wondering why he 'came home from night duty' and 'as a driver during the day', it's because he have 2 jobs. At night he is a 'Night Supervisor' at a Petrol Shell Station and during the day he is a lorry driver sending fresh 'Hj Mos' chicken to the rural areas like Bakong, Niah & Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort Miri. I don't know where he has the energy but that's what he does. And Mak isah can see he likes what he is doing.

Back to the radio, he doesn't like having earphones plug into his ears when listening to radio and he wants me to get Cliff Richards and Elvis Presley old time favorites for him to listen to.

So, I thought a small radio with an antennae will do just fine. As for his Cliff Richards and Elvis Presley songs, I definitely need to download the songs from my laptop for him. For that I need a radio which has a 'USB' plug?

After an hour and a half scouring some hp shops (it's where you can get small radios you know) he finally agreed to buy this one (in this picture).

There are so many shapes and colors, a long one, round like a ball, like a triangle and comes in red, black, pink, yellow or purple.

This radio is white in color, square shaped, about 4 inches square and 5 inches tall. Cute and small kan? Oh when this picture was taken, it is charging, you can see the radio wire going to my laptop USB.

We have tried to look and play some radio stations earlier while in the car and with the antennae, the receptions are good.

Here in this last picture you can see the USB Host hole, where he can plug in his pen drive full of his Cliff Richards and Elvis Presley songs for him to listen later on.

On the way back I asked him if he is satisfied with his small radio. He said yes. I am glad :)

Happy weekend everyone!



eugene said...

That's a real cool small radio lah,, so canggih also..

Your husband must be a very hardworking man,a dotting father and a loving husband,please tell him that I respect him for that,,seriously, and may God grant him good health always,,,,

Small Kucing said...

i think i saw this somewhere before.

Puan Isah said...

Eugene, thank you :) that's all we both wanted at this age, good health. Money, we can look for it. As I can see it, hubby works because he finds it more satisfying rather than solely for money.

So far we are both grateful that God has granted us such a meaningful life and a great family.

Mak isah prays you have happiness & love in your family each day.

Puan Isah said...

Small Kuching - You did? Mak isah very sure Shah Alam area has more designs for this sort of radio :D