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Monday, December 28, 2009

212. Eight Times

Today was quite a hectic day for me. Hectic means I was out driving too often. At 130pm I sent Noormy to work. And at 4pm, I drove down to town wanting to have a haircut. So I was at Dewie Saloon for an hour. When done I looked at my watch and saw it was almost 530pm. I called up Zu and asked if she and Alif would like a car ride when I got home later. She said yes, so I drove home. Aya was off so I asked her to come along too.
By 6pm all 4 of us got inside the car and I drove to town. My first stop was at the Imperial Mall Boulevard Supermarket counter as I wanted to claim my RM20 voucher which I can't claim anymore by next year. Much to my disappointment my boulevard membership card has expired (which I don't know, as the expiry date will only show in their counter's computer). So, I had to pay RM10 in order to renew my card and claim the RM20 as well ha ha...

My throat was asking for a drink so I drove to 'Muara Restaurant'. In the end we were all eating 'Nasi Lalapan' as well.

Nasi Lalapan means a plate of rice served with this - a plate of 'Paha Ayam Goreng' with some 'Ulam-ulam' like cabbage, boiled 'Pucuk Bandung', sliced 'Tauhu Goreng', 'Tempe Goreng, boiled 'Long Beans' & sliced cucumber. All these were eaten with 'Sambal Belacan'.

Together with rice they also serve a bowl of soup with it

It was just plain soup

Situation at dinner would have been so good if not for the mosquitoes biting at my feet! Aya said next time we go eat there when it is daylight loll...

Anyway we arrived home around 9pm. I quickly cleaned up the kitchen sink of dirty plates then went upstairs to take a good shower and afterward rest for a while. I would be fetching Noormy from work later at 12mn.

That would be 8 times driving to town & back home.


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