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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

207. Sayur Paku

This is the vegetable we called 'Paku'. I talked about another vegetable of the same family the other day which was called 'Midin' the other day. Well, today I cooked this the same way that I cooked the 'Sayur Midin'.

And it was delicious!

The 'Paku' after I cut them, ready to be washed and cooked.

Saute grounded chillies, belacan paste, 2 shallots and 2 garlic in some oil. When cooked, just add the washed 'Paku', stir well and when soft add salt to taste.

Today I added some small fresh prawns to these 'Paku'. And it even more delicious!


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Temuk said...

Hi Pn Isah
With belacan in it, the tumis paku must be very tasty! Would dried shrimps be a good substitute? I remember your posting on sayur midin. Just curious whether paku & midin can be cooked together. Do Sarawakians also cook paku or midin in coconut milk? Have a nice day!

Puan Isah said...

hi temuk, good to hear from you again.oh yes, very tasty cooked that way with belacan, tastier if eaten immediately! dried shrimps certainly would make a good substitute, better I think, just that I didn't have any in the house then :)
cooking paku & midin together, now that I have not tried ha ha..but cooking either paku or midin in coconut milk, that's rarely done here in Sarawak but I did taste once when I was in Gombak before. It was okay for me but if I do cook with santan at home I am sure the children won't eat the midin or paku. They are not used to.
This is interesting, thank you for bringing this up :)
Have a good day, take care :)