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Sunday, December 20, 2009

208. Soon Celebrations

If you are in town at any supermarkets now, you can see decorations of the on coming festival seasons, that is Christmas & Chinese New Year.

Christmas is just around the corner, on the 25 December. Though Chinese New Year is to be celebrated in February 2010 ( I think), one can already see, feel that celebration coming because the decorations for both celebrations are sold together now. You can see this by looking at these 2 pictures below. Christmas trees and the round yellow and red or multicolor flowers are sold beside each other.

That was what I saw when we (hubby & myself, Alif with his mom Zu) went to the Mall today. Alif really enjoyed watching the people and the decorations around him.

Alif sitting and being pushed in the food trolley.

Now these are 'Namseng Mandarin Oranges' a symbolic noting that the Chinese New Year celebrations is coming. They are much smaller than ordinary oranges. They look cute and easy to peel. And I am sure everyone not only the Chinese wants to buy and eat them. That include me, I find them sweet and delicious.

Namseng Mandarin Oranges

Soon it will be another year gone and we are entering 2010...hopefully a better year and a blessed one.

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