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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

209. Sushi Time

Once in a while we would go and eat Sushi at the Sushi King restaurant at Bintang Mega Mall. At the entrace it has a huge signboard saying Sushi King.

Signboard at the entrance of the restaurant.

Going there this evening was initiated by Aya. She longed to eat sushi she said so 5 of us went, that's myself, Aya, Noormy, Zu and Alif, Zu's 1 year 9 months boy.

These food has been quite new to me so I will try to describe as much as I can. I have been to the restaurant 3 times. The types of sushi were priced according to the colour of plate they were in.

Golden Balls RM4 per plate colored light pink (so far these are our favourite)

Tomago RM2 per plate colored blue (these were egg omellete over the rice)

Takoyaki RM6.90 this was ordered by Zu, very delicious and it was scallops balls with cheese over them

Kappa Maki RM2 per plate colored blue ( rice with fillings of cucumber and sesame seeds wrapped in seaweed)

Kanpyo Maki RM2 per plate colored blue ( rice with seasoned watermelon fillings wrapped in seaweed)

Free flow of hot chinese tea

I ate those that I have mentioned above but I didn't know the names of some others that Aya, Noormy or Zu eaten. Definitely the golden balls were still our favourite.

So, by the time all were done you can see how high those plates were.

See what I mean? All stacked up after counting the plates and then waiting for the bill to come.

A grinning Alif enjoying his time with mom and aunties

Alif with his mom Zu

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