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Sunday, January 31, 2010

227. BBQ at the Pool

An hour ago the three of us (myself, Zu & Alif) came back from the hotel Marriot & Spa. We had a Sunday Pool BBQ at the Matahari Pool Terrace there.

It's something different having a bbq nearby a pool. It was nice too. Breezy and cool with the wind from the sea blowing.

This picture was taken on my leftside from where I was sitting, with the hotel pool and some part of the hotel building seen.

On my right are these views...towards the sea...

Now to the food... there were from right, beef, chicken franks, fish, chicken wings to be barbequed and thick chunk of minced beef for burgers. We just ask the chef to cook for us.

Wheww...for today I really forget my diet :p You see...BBQ meat!

and BBQ Chicken wings...

Black Pepper Sauce to eat those with...

BBQ fish, sprinkle some lemon juice over it and eat with ketchup

There were some extras like this fried Bee Hoon. In this plate...fried Bee Hoon, some fresh small local tomatoes, carrots with some salad cream

Icecream for desert

Oh I almost forgot about the BBQ Beef Burgers...Zu & myself ordered 4 pieces but we couldn't eat anymore so we brought them home he he...

We reached home around 220pm craving for rest.


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