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Monday, April 12, 2010

250. The Pasar Tamu

The 'Pasar Tamu' near my house is only several minutes away if I drive my car and about 5 minutes away if I ride my motorbike to go there. Means very near :)

I'd meant to write about this 'Pasar Tamu' as I did promised one of my dear friends TK that I will one day :) I hope what I write here can also give all you dear friends and all who comes to visit me here, a vague if not a good picture of this 'Pasar Tamu' which I go to almost everyday he he...

Actually it is this pink building which is called the 'Pasar Tamu' but compared to that 'Pasar Tamu', most of us who lives in this 'Taman' usually shop the vegetables that were sold by most of the local people outside the building. See those people under those trees, with their umbrellas? That is where most of us went to.

This is the view from the other side of the road

Come nearer there are lots of vegetables here especially jungle products

Like this 'Midin' & 'Paku Pakis', this will cost RM2 per bundle

This is 'Umbut Kelapa Sawit', delicious to eat if cooked as 'Lempah Lemak' (with coconut milk)

Local fruits like bananas are an abundance too...and cheap

This is 'Ubi Kayu' or 'Ubi Bandung' (local Sarawak) as we called it here. Delicious to make into 'Kuih Ubi Kayu', simply boiled and even are processed into flour

I talked to the kind lady who sells these ubi kayu, and she showed me that if the leaves of the plant has a purple stalk like this, the 'Ubi' or the fruit will be more or less white in colour

And if they are white stalks then the 'Ubi' will be yellowish in colour

And the even the 'Pucuk' (young leaves) of the plant can be eaten raw with 'Sambal Belacan' (this I know how to eat :P

What I didn't know how to eat is this....

This is of the same group of 'Ubi Kayu' but one do not eat the fruits but their leaves...

The lady pounded the leaves into this....that will cost RM2, and she places some sliced ginger and some sliced 'Bunga Kantan' on it

I asked her how she'd cook it. She said,' just fry with oil and some grounded small red onions and garlic and a bit of anchovies...or can add some of these 'Daun Keladi' in, or it can be made into soup with some sliced chicken meat added to it'.

Daun Keladi

She even showed me the 'Alu' (the wooden pounder) and the basin that she uses to pound the leaves with, he...he...

Interesting eh? I thanked her for her kind information.

This lady is cutting some 'Umbut Lali' ( which I first seen this morning). She said they come from Ulu Baram.

She said to cook it, cut and just cook the inside of the sticks. Same with the 'Ubi Kayu' above, fry the same way with anchovies and if making soup add some sliced chicken to it.

Hmmm... I wonder how it taste :)


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TK said...

Thanks Mak Isah bawak saya jalan2 pasar tamu. I just love to be in a wet market. Donno when Im gonna visit Miri. I'm so glad to have a blogger friend from sarawak. Boleh tngok the other part of Malaysia which is so far away..Umbut lali tu Ive never seen before. Mak Isah shud try masak umbut lali tuh..hehe. Have a wonderful day Mak Isah. Nanti saya bawak Mak Isah jalan pulak ok...

Puan Isah said...

You're welcome TK...dah pun bawak TK jalan2 kat Pasar Tamu mak isah he he...Datang2 la ke Miri jika ada rezeki yek?
A'ah..mak isah shud try msk umbut lali tu...
Nanti lah!

mira said...

mak isahhhh

i know that umbut lali.. my mum is kenyah, from ulu baram.. well, when i was younger, it smelt like cockroaches, my mum used to fry it with lots of chillie, onion n ikan pusu.. i used to hate it. but then, now im craving for it.. kalau makan dgn nasi panas sedapp!! :P! hehehe... im in kuching now mak isah.. u just gave me the inspiration to balik kuching kejap.. jalan2 makan2.. lepas rindu.. hehehe weeeeeeeeeeeee..

Puan Isah said...

Smell like cockroaches? Wow tapi sedap dimakan yea? That's v intriguing & I am more curious to know how it actually taste now he he...
Betul la tu...the lady kata umbut ni datang dari Ulu Baram :) Nice to know your mom is a Kenyah.
A'ah...lepas2 kan rindu tu Mira...nanti baru balik Miri yek?

Hugs from mak isah & stay safe ok :)

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