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Friday, October 9, 2009

168. My Kitchen

I've said I will post some pictures of my kitchen so I will do this in today's post. I think no matter how simple is a woman's kitchen she nevertheless still will feel proud of it. Likewise :)

This is where me and my family sit for our meals. A big round table with a glass round plate on top of it which can be turned round and round like in a chinese restaurant. I bought the glass plate for a RM110 and the rubber disc underneath it (which enables the glass plate to turn) for RM80 at 'Add Sen Furniture Shop' at Taman Tunku.

Okayy.. one step backwards this is how it looks like. Further up there is another oblong table where I'd always like to keep it empty whenever I could so I can sit there to read the morning newspaper or cut up some vegetables while sitting :)

You can see my oven, the gas stoves; I have natural gas connected to my house and they are very cheap.
On the right is a sort of hotel sink with a mirror on top of it where we washes our hands after eating or what not.

You can see what's next to my gas stoves here. This is where I do most of my cooking, with 2 sinks and plates stacked up there.

Now back to the sink where we wash our hands, next to it is another window. Near it is a big freezer, an oven and a microwave oven. In fact if you look at the first picture on top, I have another big freezer too next to my big oven there.

A better view...

Those 2 pumpkins are real lol... hubby bought them on his way back from work when going outstation to Kpg. Iran (a small town near Niah) the other day.

These 3 refrigerators stand next to the 2 pumpkins and the oven and the microwave oven I mentioned earlier. I know...too many refrigerators? but I'd like to keep after meals food and not waste them. Besides my other foodstuffs of course.

These are the things I placed on top of the largest refrigerator. We can't live without eggs!

I always like to keep some handtowels handy too.

More hand towels on the middle refrigerator; some decorations.

On the 3rd refrigerator I placed a jar of candies and a radio. At times I'd like to have some morning music or news on when the kitchen is too quiet.

This cupboard stood on my left as I enter the door to that kitchen of mine. I do not have yet some closed cabinets on top of it so I have placed these items on top of it.

These few mugs are symbolic to me. Each reminds me of something I did or was involved in the past. I have a 'Sarawak Shell Sdn Bhd' mug which reminds me of my 21 years in service with the company, an 'Out of Bounds School' mug which reminds me of my 3 weeks intense training with the school, a 'MARA' mug which reminds me of my trip to the university during Aya's Convo., and a 'Mickey Mouse' mug to remind me of the Boulevard Supermarket's gift.

Thanks so much, for letting me share the views of my humble kitchen and living room (previous post) with you. Do have a nice day.


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